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Colleges Think Women Having Sex Is Dangerous. This Feminist Says They’re Wrong. -
Colleges Think Women Having Sex Is Dangerous. This Feminist Says They’re Wrong.
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Accountability Journalism: A Cost-Benefit Analysis - Nieman Reports
is no market mechanism that transforms impacts such as the value of lives saved by accountability journalism into equivalent subscription or advertising revenue. Yet assessing the impact of journalism is an important task in these days of cash-strapped newsrooms. While accountability reporting can cost media outlets thousands of dollars, it generates millions in net benefits to society by changing public policy. When “Deadly Force” won a Pulitzer, Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. noted it was “a classic case of journalism that matters. Its thorough, air-tight reporting, powerful writing and compelling presentation alerted our readers to an important human rights problem in their own city.” The problem then, which remains today, is how to fund similarly expensive stories whose reporting costs are concentrated on news organizations yet whose benefits are widely distributed across society. The greater availability of data may make accountability reporting itself more accountable, as interested observers can follow the causal chain that links new reporting to new
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