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Do Non-Profits Criticize Foundations? Or Are They Too Frightened to Do So? | Cato @ Liberty
my job. I study comparative education policy, seeking to understand which policies are most effective in delivering the outcomes that families value. A key question within that field is to determine which policies lead most consistently to the “scaling-up” of educational excellence—which is to say the replication and/or imitation of best practices. Since that has long been a goal of donors to charter school networks I felt it important to determine empirically the extent to which their efforts were proving effective. It being an empirical study based on a large dataset (all the charter networks operating in the state of California) there was no way to predict the outcome prior to crunching the numbers. Nor was there any need for such a prediction. Contrary to the speculations of NCRP’s website visitors, my highest priority as a think tank researcher is not to avoid antagonizing potential donors, it is maintaining my personal integrity and guarding my reputation and that of my employer for producing reliable, useful empirical research. I am certainly not alone in holding these priorities among think tank scholars. With that observation in mind, dear reader, please contact me if you have another example in which a non-profit published work critical of foundations/potential donors. I will relay the results to NCRP in the hope that they may wish to make amends for their earlier baseless, question-begging speculations.
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december 2015 by Kirk510620
A Million Homes Taken Since Kelo | Cato @ Liberty
of households displaced by government action have been African-American, about twice that of the general population.  As concerning is that about 32% are households in poverty, again about twice the rate of the overall population.  If you’re poor or African-American, you are twice as likely as households overall to be displaced by government action.  Also concerning is that the annual average for families displaced by government action in the decade prior to Kelo is about half that witnessed after Kelo.  So despite the public backlash, takings are up not down.
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december 2015 by Kirk510620
Is U.S. Women's Soccer Getting Shortchanged? | Cato @ Liberty
S. Women’s World Cup team is back from Canada with victory in its players’ pockets, but not much else, to judge from media reports now unfolding. The question just above led a CBS Evening News story tonight about the gross income inequality between male and female professional soccer players—and in today’s battle between the sexes, few issues are more demagogued or more inflame the adversarial passions than inequality between the sexes. Indeed, we’re told that star goalie Hope Solo took a picture of one fan’s sign calling for equal pay for women athletes. Say no more. But more was said, and the facts speak volumes. It seems that the women’s team will split $2 million for their victory whereas the winner of last year’s Men’s World Cup team, Germany, was awarded $35 million. The prizes, however, are based on revenue, says FIFA, which runs the World Cups, and the facts here are stark: This year’s figures have not been released, but four years ago the Women’s World Cup brought in almost $73 million. The 2010 Men’s World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion. Those players got $348 million, or 9 percent of the total revenue. The women’s team got a higher percentage with 13 percent, but the bottom line was still much less, $10 million.
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august 2015 by Kirk510620
I am David Boaz, Cato Institute EVP and author of The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom. AMA! : IAmA
ogically libertarian, but as I consider running for public office in the future, it seems to me that so many of the positions I would like to espouse and advance are simply politically unfeasible. The Fed, for example, isn't just going to go away, not after almost a century of reshaping our economy to depend on it. In the same manner, attempting to privatize or phase out Social Security and Medicare would likely leave many Americans who depend on those programs in a painful situation. So I guess my question is: do you believe that a libertarian government could be politically effective? What policies could it implement that have widespread support while still enacting significant change? And should such a hypothetical government focus on macro-scale reform such as abolishing the Fed, or take "baby-steps?" permalinksavereportgive goldREPLY [–]LordZarkow 2 points 5 days ago  No Libertarian wants to burn a nation to rebuild it from the ashes. That is anarcho-capitalists. Attack the biggest and most flaunting points first. Be ideologically pure when in opposition, be pragmatic on implementation when in position of power - there is bigger things to attack then Medicare that would allow Medicare to go on for a long about no more costly wars? permalinksaveparentreportgive goldREPLY [–]David_Boaz[S] 4 points 6 days ago  Running for office may not be your best way to change the world. Maybe you should write, organize, make films, donate money, etc. But political change does happen, from abolitionism to the New Deal to civil rights to Obamacare. Libertarians in government can have some effect, and won't have as much effect as they'd like. At Cato we urge policy change in the right direction and try to stay within the parameters of political feasibility, while trying to broaden those parameters. permalinksaveparentreportgive goldREPLY
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february 2015 by Kirk510620
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