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"World Enough and Time" by Lena1987
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Complete. Starting with a letter found in his bedside table when he assumes the role of Headmaster in 1997, Severus Snape and Hermione Granger begin a strange correspondence. The new Headmaster is glad for the comfort of a confidant, but Hermione has just one problem: it's the end of 1998, and Professor Severus Snape has been dead for months. A story of time and second chances.
fanfic  author:Lena1987  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Epistolary  category:Changing_History  category:Romance  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Hermione_Granger 
july 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"Anticipation" by 2writers4spike
Summary: Having no idea how, Spike is back in 1977, reeling from a newly acquired soul. His focus is getting back to his own time and back to Buffy in Sunnydale until 1981 when he sees a newly born slayer. Can he stop the events that brought misery to her life?
fanfic  author:2writers4spike  universe:Buffy  length:Novel  rating:Adult  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Romance  characters:Spike  characters:Buffy_Summers  characters:Drusilla  characters:Angel  characters:Willow_Rosenberg  characters:Rupert_Giles 
june 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"Oh God Not Again!" by Sarah1281
(Harry Potter)
Summary: So maybe everything didn't work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he'd gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he'd have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn't have had to go back and do everything AGAIN.

Notes: A time travel story that doesn't take itself seriously.
fanfic  author:Sarah1281  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Humour  category:Hogwarts-era  category:Multi-Year  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Sirius_Black  characters:Hermione_Granger  characters:Ron_Weasley  characters:Neville_Longbottom  characters:Draco_Malfoy  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Remus_Lupin  characters:Luna_Lovegood  characters:Cedric_Diggory  characters:Percy_Weasley  characters:Dobby  characters:Fred_Weasley  characters:George_Weasley 
october 2015 by KerrAvonsen
"Fade to Grey" by Marianne Le Fey
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Unable to catch hold of anything in order to save herself, her mind clung to the one fact it knew to be unassailably true: something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Notes: This is very much a lost and found and lost sort of story, that had me crying more than once with the angst of it. But fear not, there is a hopeful ending. Not a hearts-and-flowers ending; that would be too unrealistic for someone like Severus Snape, and I appreciate that. I like the way this story is both linear and non-linear; that we arrive in the middle, not knowing what caused this amnesiac woman to appear in front of Spinner's End, grasping at fleeting clues like our protagonist herself. The amnesia also allows this story to avoid some of the common pitfalls of time travel stories: no lies of omission, no swooping in and fixing everything; instead, there is mutual need and mutual rescue.
fanfic  author:Marianne_Le_Fey  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:SSHG  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Amnesia  category:Romance  category:Angst  category:EWE  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Hermione_Granger 
march 2014 by KerrAvonsen
"The True Adventures of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Time Traveler" by Kathy
(Pride And Prejudice)
Summary: When Darcy is given the chance to change the past he takes it, but time is more difficult to alter than it at first appears. Soon he enlists the help of someone with whom his future should have been -- and could be -- entwined.

Notes: The premise of this story struck me as rather bizarre for a P&P story; one doesn't expect time travel in such a fandom. But I thought it would be fun, worth a try. And, yes, there were the expected shenanigans of mistaken identity, ridiculous disguises and hiding in awkward places.

But what makes this shine is the characterisation. Told mainly from the point of view of a Future!Darcy who never married Elizabeth, he has his own character growth that he needs to go through before his mission can succeed; he has his own ups and downs, his own devastating revelations, his own trust issues, his own sins that need forgiving; things that reflect canon but don't imitate it.

It's also fascinating to see the might-have-beens, the consequences for other characters such as Bingley as a result of Darcy's not marrying Elizabeth.
fanfic  author:Kathy  universe:Pride_And_Prejudice  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Romance  characters:Fitzwilliam_Darcy  characters:Elizabeth_Bennet 
july 2013 by KerrAvonsen
"To Shape and Change" by Blueowl
(Harry Potter)
Summary: AU. Time Travel. Snape goes back in time, holding the knowledge of what is to come if he fails. No longer holding a grudge, he seeks to shape Harry into the greatest wizard of all time, starting on the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley. No Horcruxes.

Notes: This is a Super!Harry story without being a Super!Harry story; because it's Snape who goes back in time, this Harry isn't "super" due to foreknowledge or experience. Harry isn't "cheating". Not only that, but there are plausible reasons given for why Harry actually had more potential than than we were shown in canon, and why he didn't reach it. Here, we have a Snape who intervenes at the right point, doing everything possible to help Harry grow and learn instead of being held back; not just to prevent the AU future in which Voldemort won, but for Harry's own sake. I love Mentor-Friend Snape stories. This Snape schemes and plots very well, but things are not too easy for him; his changes have consequences which are outside his control, and new factors come into play, both good and bad. There's world-building, new kinds of magic, as well as using things we know from canon in different ways. And Neville! This Neville is Harry's best friend, and a more loyal friend one could not find.
fanfic  author:Blueowl  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:Adventure  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Mentor  category:Friendship  category:Worldbuilding  category:Hogwarts-era  category:Multi-Year  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Neville_Longbottom 
january 2013 by KerrAvonsen
"Boomerang" by Ubiquirk
(Harry Potter)
Summary: If you fling yourself through time to change an event in your past, can you be certain which 'you' will come back? Thirteen months after the Final Battle, Harry enlists Hermione and Ron's aid in saving Snape using an untested device - a device with side effects.

Notes: I could guess what was going to happen in this almost from the start; that actually added to the tension, because I couldn't be sure which way it was going to end. For an SSHG story, this definitely had a good Ron; caring but oblivious, half jealous and half happy for Hermione. Angst? Yes, because the situation is such that no matter the outcome, something gained means something lost. Well done.
fanfic  author:Ubiquirk  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Short_Story  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:EWE  category:Time_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Romance  category:Angst  category:SSHG  category:Post-Voldemort  category:DH-compatible  characters:Hermione_Granger  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Ron_Weasley 
april 2012 by KerrAvonsen
"Absolutely Elsewhere" by Wallyflower
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Over the course of a week, Severus Snape solves a small mystery.

Notes: First, this is a cracking good mystery. Then there is good
characterisation, not just of Severus and Hermione, but a supporting
role from Draco too, with insights into all of them. Friendship and
attraction creeps up on Severus and Hermione, with enough caring that
each is more interested in the happiness of the other than of
themselves. Add to this a tablespoonful of snappy dialogue and a
sprinkling of pleasing turns of phrase, and you have yourself a treat.
fanfic  author:Wallyflower  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novelette  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:EWE  category:Post-Voldemort  category:Mystery  category:Friendship  category:Romance  category:Worldbuilding  category:Disguise  category:SSHG  category:SSHG2011  category:Unspeakable-Snape  category:Auror-Hermione  category:Friendly_Draco  category:Time_Travel  category:DH-compatible  characters:Hermione_Granger  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Draco_Malfoy 
october 2011 by KerrAvonsen
"Counterclockwise" by Georgina The Hyena
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Percy has lost all of his siblings and his father in the war. But with a cunning plan and illegal time travel, he may just get them back.

Notes: This story is unusual in a number of ways. It's Percy-centric. It's Percy-centric time travel.
It's an AU where the near-misses of canon... weren't near-misses. I'd forgotten how many near-misses there were.
It's also symmetrical: the time travel happens in the middle of the story; it comes full circle.

I like how Percy is portrayed here: desperately loving his family, missing them... and meticulous enough to make such a plan work.
fanfic  author:Georgina_The_Hyena  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novelette  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:DH-compatible  category:Hogwarts-era  category:Post-Voldemort  category:Multi-Year  characters:Percy_Weasley 
march 2011 by KerrAvonsen
"Drink Me" by Mrs Helene Snape
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Hermione has the unenviable task of cleaning out Snape's private laboratory. What could she possibly find amongst a dead man's possessions? More than she ever bargained for.

Notes: I don't wish to say too much for fear of spoilers. There is friendship and angst, sadness and hope, brought about by some intriguing magic.
fanfic  author:Mrs_Helene_Snape  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Short_Story  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:EWE  category:Post-Voldemort  category:DH-compatible  category:Potion  category:Friendship  category:SSHG  category:SSHG2010  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  characters:Hermione_Granger  characters:Severus_Snape 
july 2010 by KerrAvonsen
"For All Intents And Purposes" by RhiannonOfTheMoon
(Harry Potter)
Summary: A moment of inattention transports Hermione to one year after the fall of the Dark Lord, but with no way back to her own time. Her only clue is a small object that she finds between worlds. She enlists the aid of a young Professor - but he has his own plans.
fanfic  author:RhiannonOfTheMoon  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Long_Novel  rating:Teen  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:SSHG  category:Romance  category:Post-Voldemort  category:Pre-Canon  characters:Hermione_Granger  characters:Severus_Snape 
november 2009 by KerrAvonsen
"The Moment It Began" by Sindie
(Harry Potter)
Summary: If Snape could choose to live his life over, he would choose Lily over the Death Eaters. What if he got that chance?

Notes: One of the things I like about this story is that it isn't just a case of
changing one event and everything will be all right. Because in choosing,
one has to choose over and over again. The longest journey begins with a
single step, but then one has to take the next step, and the next step, and
the next. A relationship might be ruined with one word, but it isn't enough
to mend something broken, it has to be nurtured.

This isn't just about Snape's relationship with Lily, nor his relationships
with others, but however much Snape would wish that he could go away with
Lily and live happily ever after, the war against Voldemort is escalating,
and Snape finds himself in the thick of it. Often with history-changing
fanfic, the time traveller is made to be a superman, knowing things and
kicking ass. In this story, fortunately, it isn't at all easy for Snape. He
has his own demons to fight, as well as Death Eaters.

This is an epic, so set aside a lot of time for reading it.
fanfic  author:Sindie  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  series:Moment_It_Began  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  category:Changing_History  category:Romance  category:Marauders  category:DH-compatible  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Lily_Evans  characters:Sirius_Black  characters:James_Potter  characters:Remus_Lupin  characters:Peter_Pettigrew  characters:Petunia_Evans  characters:Tobias_Snape 
september 2009 by KerrAvonsen
"Shadows Of The Future" by Stormqueen873
(Star Wars)
Summary: Obi-Wan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young boy. As events begin to unfold, can he stop the future he knows from occurring? TPM AU, ObiAniQui bonding.

Notes: The premise is a familiar one; what if a character could go back and
re-live a key portion of his life and fix the mistakes he had made? Yet this
version of that trope is different in many ways. Not only is this "going back"
not deliberate, but Obi-Wan finds it difficult to believe it has actually
happened. Even more problematical is the "fixing mistakes" part, since he doesn't have
a clue what the mistakes were. Also, this being Star Wars, of course Qui-Gon is
going to notice the change in Obi-Wan...

This is a loving exploration of the characters of Obi-Wan, Quai-Gon and Anakin, and the familial bonds which tie them together. But this isn't a soppy story; there are lashings and lashings
of angst, with dollops of confusion, frustration, anger and humour. And we mustn't forget that
Palpatine is still plotting his evil plots.
fanfic  author:Stormqueen873  universe:Star_Wars  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Time_Travel  category:Soul_Travel  category:Changing_History  characters:Obi-Wan_Kenobi  characters:Anakin_Skywalker  characters:Qui-Gon_Jin 
march 2009 by KerrAvonsen
"1969 Prime" by Redbyrd
Summary: Prequel for 1969. In 2010, we saw an example of a possible timeline that was elimated by time-tampering. In 1969, we saw the way the timeline ended as a result of Hammond's note. What might the original timeline for 1969 have looked like?

Notes: This is a good rendition of a possible universe.
fanfic  author:Redbyrd  universe:Stargate  length:Novelette  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  series:1969_Prime  category:Episode_related  category:Time_Travel  characters:General_Hammond  characters:Jack_ONeill  characters:Samantha_Carter  characters:Daniel_Jackson  characters:Tealc 
march 2007 by KerrAvonsen
"Prime Minus One" by Redbyrd
Summary: Prequel to '1969 Prime'. Hammond sent a note because he received a note... but there must have been an original timeline before he knew what was coming -- before he met time travelers from the future.

Notes: Good prequel to "1969 Prime", though it can be skipped, I think. Unless you
*like* having a feeling of deja-vu...
fanfic  author:Redbyrd  universe:Stargate  length:Short_Story  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  series:1969_Prime  category:Episode_related  category:Time_Travel  characters:George_Hammond  characters:Jack_ONeill  characters:Sam_Carter  characters:Tealc  characters:Daniel_Jackson 
march 2007 by KerrAvonsen

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