Write Right, Wrong Right?
University of Woverhampton - early blog project on teaching and tutoring writing.
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november 2017
Eyeo 2016 – Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo
Art tech design artist – quoting Sophie Calle and other work on 'Following' and the nature of becoming real through being surveilled.
surveillance  art  technology  privacy  video 
june 2017
How technology disrupted the truth | Katharine Viner | Media | The Guardian
Too good to check – The digital advertising model doesn’t currently discriminate between true or not true, just big or small. As the American political reporter Dave Weigel wrote in the wake of a hoax story that became a viral hit all the way back in 2013: “‘Too good to check’ used to be a warning to newspaper editors not to jump on bullshit stories. Now it’s a business model.”
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july 2016
A few thoughts on the overuse of “I” in travel writing
"I asked Strempek-Shea what advice she might have for writers eager to make clear their “eye” without resorting to the shopworn “I” in their travel writing. “Be passionate about your project. If passion is driving what you’re writing about, I think your ‘eye’ will come through without going anywhere near the I.”" "At the same time as there’s no “I” in This Is Paradise, there’s very much an awareness of an authorial “eye,” or a distinct point of view. After all, any piece of travel writing is as much about the place of origin and the personality of the writer as it is about the place being visited, usually embedded in any number of tiny judgments being made about what the traveler is seeing and how the traveler is describing it. Even if we wanted to, we can’t stop ourselves from having these judgments, and maybe we shouldn’t. In fact, it is precisely these judgments that create flavor and texture in travel writing. The key is to show an awareness of them."
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november 2014
What Content Marketing Needs to Rule in the Post-Advertising Age
In a digital world where anyone can ignore anything, advertising must be as valuable to an audience as a good book, movie, or news story. It must simultaneously and unambiguously embody the brand that paid for it and measurably advance the brand’s business goals, including getting more people to buy and buy again. By all rights, content marketing should be the clear solution to this new set of needs. But the truth is that neither the traditional agencies nor the upstart content marketers can provide a unified advertising solution that meets the demands of the digital-first world.
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november 2014
Buyers want technical, accurate content | Gerry McGovern
What buyers want. Comprehensive industry/category surveys and studies (52 percent) Technical details about products and solutions (44 percent) Analyst reviews or recommendations (43 percent) Expert-originated content with supporting facts and research (35 percent) Content published by third-party sources (35 percent)
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june 2014
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