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For anyone interested in learning React, here's my standard advice:
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9 weeks ago
Junos Pulse Issue
Uninstall/reinstall Pulse if it keeps saying "waiting to connect".
9 weeks ago
html5 - <video> plays in other browsers, but not Safari - Stack Overflow
Safari requires webserver to support "Range" request header in order to play your media content.
ios  video 
10 weeks ago
The mythical 10x programmer - <antirez>
* Design sacrifice: killing 5% to get 90%
12 weeks ago
Baby's first illness - Today's Parent
What to do if he is refusing to eat, etc.
february 2017
PHP: timezone_abbreviations_list - Manual
This was driving me nuts so I'm adding a note here.

Took a while to get the simple time zone abbreviation for a given time zone. If you have the name just do this:

$dateTime = new DateTime();
$dateTime->setTimeZone(new DateTimeZone('America/Los_Angeles'));
return $dateTime->format('T');

Will return PST

[red.: Or PDT is the current date/time is during Daylight Savings Time]
timezones  programming  php 
february 2017
Unlearning descriptive statistics
Instead of mean: median (sorted data) or mode (unsorted data)
Instead of standard deviation: interquartile range
Instead of z-score for normalizing data: percentile rank
Instead of skew: histogram
february 2017
Japan Society: Learning Japanese: Enhance Classes With A Listening and Reading Routine
This means making Japanese a part of your daily life, such as watching Japanese television shows on sites like Crunchyroll. From hit dramas such as I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper to classic anime such as Bakemonogatari, Crunchyroll gives access to videos more than a week old for free, or you can pay a monthly fee to access videos as soon as they are released, as well as HD video and streaming to almost any device.
january 2017
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