Stop / remove all Docker containers (Example)
One liner to stop / remove all of Docker containers:

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
10 days ago
What is the difference between Docker Service and Docker Container? - Stack Overflow
"With docker service you manage a group of containers (from the same image). You can scale them (start multiple containers) or update them."
28 days ago
How is Docker different from a normal virtual machine? - Stack Overflow
"+1 This should be the marked answer, whilst the other answers offer some clarification, only a bottom up low level explanation can clear up how this tech works, 'processes grouped in their own namespace = container'. Thank you so much, I get it now. "
28 days ago
What does a Director of Engineering do? – Connect the Dots – Medium
"The first is empowering the engineers I manage to make the biggest impact possible for the company while reaching their professional development goals."
4 weeks ago
One-on-One Meetings - Hey Managers, They're Kind Of A Big Deal!
"What if each of your employees could honestly say that you, as their boss, know what they are working toward, know what they are struggling with at work, know where they need support, and know where they want to be led and challenged? And beyond that, can say that they get time every week, one on one with you, to talk about how they can grow and develop.

"So those career questions, those personal questions, those I’m struggling with questions, those “how am I doing’ questions, those important questions that you need to help your employees navigate? Well those are all contained into that 30 minute time block."
4 weeks ago
Follow the Way of Love
"the vocation of every Christian to follow the way of love, even as Christ loved you (cf. Eph 5:2)"
4 weeks ago
How to use your to-do list to prioritize the things that truly matter - Todoist Blog
"After I had set up the routines folders, I only allowed real, genuine ‘improve my life’ type projects into my projects list."
4 weeks ago
How to stop to-do lists ruining your life | Science | The Guardian
"Or Warren Buffet’s scheme for achieving goals: write down 25, circle the five you most want to accomplish, then ignore – nay, actively avoid – all 20 uncircled tasks."
4 weeks ago
You Might Not Need Redux – Dan Abramov – Medium
Redux offers a tradeoff. It asks you to:
Describe application state as plain objects and arrays.
Describe changes in the system as plain objects.
Describe the logic for handling changes as pure functions.
react  redux 
7 weeks ago
Last-click is dead, long live the click; why last-click attribution modelling is so 2011
Businesses need some form of marketing attribution so they can figure out how to allocate their marketing spend.
11 weeks ago
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