AWS Developer Forums: Unexpectedly high normalized instance ...
Let me clarify the Normalized Instance Hour concept.  We are not using Normalized Instance Hours to charge you for usage of Amazon EC2 and Elastic MapReduce.  You are charged based on the instance hours you consume.  For example, if you consume 2 hours of m1.large in US-EAST-1 region, you are charged $0.68 (2*$0.34) for EC2 and $0.12 (2*$0.06) for Elastic MapReduce.  You can review your bill on your Account Activity page ( and the prices for Elastic MapReduce are available here: .
We use Normalized Instance Hours for informational purposes only to help customers understand costs of their job flows on the AWS Management Console.   Normalized Instance Hours make it easy to compare relative costs between job flows that use different instance types.  For example, if you are trying to decide between two instance types for your particular work load, you can launch two job flows using different instance types side-by-side and see how many Normalized Instance Hours each job flow consumed.  Whichever consumed less is a better choice for your particular work load.
3 days ago
June | 2012 | KeeNote
I always think of Barbara Coloroso’s three considerations – don’t intervene if “it’s not morally threatening, it’s not unhealthy or life threatening.”
kids  coloroso 
22 days ago
How long does it take to pray the Liturgy of the Hours? - Liturgy and Sacraments - Catholic Answers Forums
Matins (Office of Readings) - 50 minutes
Lauds (Morning Prayer) - 35 minutes
Terce, Sext, None (Midmorning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Midafternoon Prayer) - 15 minutes each
Vespers (Evening Prayer) - 35 minutes
Compline (Night Prayer) - 20 minutes
prayer  catholicism 
4 weeks ago
8 Great Ways to Save on the Cost of Eyeglasses - Consumer Reports
7. Don’t Pay for Add-ons That Don’t Add Up
In our reader survey, half the respondents said they paid extra for scratch-resistant coatings, and 22 percent shelled out for coatings that offer ultraviolet protection.

But all plastic lenses already have an anti-scratch coating on the front of the lens, says Karl Citek, an optometry professor at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore. And most lenses nowadays completely protect wearers from harmful UV light from the sun without any add-ons. One more to skip: coatings that block blue light. The science connecting long-term exposure to blue light to damage to part of the retina is weak, says James Sheedy, Pacific University professor emeritus of optometry, who has studied the effect of blue light on the eyes. One add-on that he does say may be worth paying for is an anti-reflective coating. It reduces glare on the front and back of the lenses, making them easier to look through—especially at night—and also lets other people see your eyes better, he explains.
8 weeks ago
Redux vs. The React Context API
Redux supports the concept of middleware, which is a fancy word for “a function that runs every time an action is dispatched.”
redux  middleware  reat 
12 weeks ago
The 4 questions you should stop asking during your one-on-one meetings
Good questions:

"How's life?"
what they did that weekend, how their family is doing, how their personal side project is coming along, how they’re managing their workload

“What’s most frustrating about how X has been going so far?” Or, “Where do you feel you need more support in working on X?” Or, “Can you tell me about what’s been most surprising about working on X so far?”
Client problems, unforeseen issues with the product, messy team dynamics, unspoken personal frustration

Suggest something you think you can be doing to help. Then ask, “What do you think?”

“What do you think is the most overlooked area of the business?” or “Where do you think we’re behind in, that other companies are excelling at?”
12 weeks ago
Airbnb's Journey To A Service-Oriented Architecture At 1,000-Engineer Scale - YouTube
"Don't make technology the focus of your presentation. Focus on the business requirements and risk factors."
soa  presentations 
august 2018
Monkey Around - a Playground Round-up | The Whistler Insider
If you’re looking for a place that’s a little bit more low-key you should head over to the Tangled Tree playground in Creekside.  This little gem is hidden away on Franz’s trail across from Subway. It’s made in the same natural style as the Inclusive playground, but has the advantage of usually being pretty quiet.  It’s great if you have little ones, or just want to escape the crowds.

If you’ve ever been here in the middle of July you’d know that the summers here in Whistler can get pretty toasty.  That’s why on scorching days parents and nannies in Whistler know to head over to Meadow Park for the free water park. Your kids can work up a sweat on the jungle gym or tennis courts then cool down in the jets of water. You’d better watch out though – if you’re in range, you’re fair game for a spray down from one of the water cannons.  It’s a great park where you can spend the whole day.  Make sure to pack a lunch to cook up a family BBQ at one of the many picnic tables.  Getting there is a relaxed 4km bike ride in from the village on the valley trail.  You can check out the River of Golden Dreams on your way in.  With lots of parking and bus access it’s a great way to get away without going too far.
kids  whistler 
august 2018
The Wrong Abstraction — Sandi Metz
duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction
july 2018
javascript - React-Redux: Should all component states be kept in Redux Store - Stack Overflow
Using local component state is fine. As a developer, it is your job to determine what kinds of state make up your application, and where each piece of state should live. Find a balance that works for you, and go with it.

Some common rules of thumb for determining what kind of data should be put into Redux:

Do other parts of the application care about this data?
Do you need to be able to create further derived data based on this original data?
Is the same data being used to drive multiple components?
Is there value to you in being able to restore this state to a given point in time (ie, time travel debugging)?
Do you want to cache the data (ie, use what's in state if it's already there instead of re-requesting it)?
redux  javascript 
july 2018
javascript - Redux -- why is state all in one place, even state that isn't global? - Stack Overflow
I would like to note that we do not suggest that you should go all-in on keeping all state in Redux. When it leads to complicated code, don’t do it. For example, I wouldn’t put things like “is dropdown toggled” in Redux because it is completely irrelevant to any other component. – Dan Abramov Mar 11 '16 at 20:45
redux  javascript 
july 2018
B.C. court rules homeless have right to camp
The measures are similar to those in Maple Ridge, where city officials successfully lobbied BC Housing for rent subsidiaries and a temporary shelter, while working with outreach agencies to find housing for dozens of people in a tented camp on Cliff Avenue. The last tent was voluntary taken down this week, Mayor Nicole Read said.

“A lot of people were angry. How could they put tents up on a residential street,” Read said. “A lot of people in the community didn’t understand why the RCMP didn’t just throw them off the street.”

Read said the district went through a “tumultuous time” in dealing with the tent city. Officials had previously shunted the homeless camps around, but the members rebelled by calling the media and setting up a blockade.

About 50 of the 84 people cited in Maple Ridge’s homeless count last year have since been housed or given rent supplements, Read said.

Surrey, which brought in bylaw officials last February to dismantle a tent city in Whalley, said it works with social outreach workers to monitor homeless people, of which there were 403 in last year’s count. The city will have its first winter shelter since 2013 this year, with hopes of building a permanent shelter at a new site near Surrey Memorial Hospital.

“Our position is we want to find them housing wherever we can. If not, we move them along,” said Jas Rehal, the city’s manager of bylaw enforcement.

However, Langley City Coun. Gayle Martin argues the solution to the homelessness problem requires more than just shelters or housing, but should tie in social services.
homelessness  poverty 
july 2018
Editorial: Cities must provide shelter, or give up public spaces to homeless
This is hardly a great solution for those without shelter. They would be required to set up their tents each evening and remove them every morning.
homelessness  poverty 
july 2018
Here's when to shell out money for BC Ferries reservations | CBC News
Busiest days of week: Thursdays and Fridays
Busiest sailings: From Swartz Bay, the 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. sailings. From Tsawwassen, the 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. sailings. Morning sailings were more likely to get all vehicles on board.
Busiest months: August was the busiest month in both directions. September was the second-busiest month from Swartz Bay, while from Tsawwassen it was July.
Busiest specific days: From Swartz Bay: Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays in July and August, and the Thanksgiving and Canada Day long weekends. From Tsawwassen: Thursdays and Fridays in July, and the Thursdays and Fridays leading up to the Canada Day and Labour Day long weekends.
july 2018
936: Password Strength - explain xkcd
Bruce Schneier thinks that dictionary attacks make this method "obsolete", despite the comic assuming perfect knowledge of the user's dictionary from the get-go. He advocates his own low-entropy "first letters of common plain English phrases" method instead: Schneier original article and rebuttals: 1 2 3 4 5 6
passwords  security 
july 2018
A handful of Dorothy Day’s most profound thoughts on the Mass
“Besides, man’s first duty is to praise God, to adore him, to thank him."
june 2018
Find longest java class name
find . | grep -v Test | perl -nl -e 'if ($_ =~ /\/((\w+)\.java)/) { print length($2) . " $1"; }' | sort -nr | head -20
java  programming 
june 2018
The Secret to Love Is Just Kindness - The Atlantic
“There’s a habit of mind that the masters have,” Gottman explained in an interview, “which is this: they are scanning social environment for things they can appreciate and say thank you for. They are building this culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully. Disasters are scanning the social environment for partners’ mistakes.”

“It’s not just scanning environment,” chimed in Julie Gottman. “It’s scanning the partner for what the partner is doing right or scanning him for what he’s doing wrong and criticizing versus respecting him and expressing appreciation.”
june 2018
diff within a line - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
For color, install colordiff, then do: wdiff -n a b | colordiff
word  diff 
june 2018
Jake Archibald on Twitter: "HTTPS = "Is the response untampered & from the expected sender?" CORS = "Can I access the content of this resource?" CSP = "Only allow requests that look like this…" SRI = "Only allow content that looks like this…" CORB = "
HTTPS = "Is the response untampered & from the expected sender?"
CORS = "Can I access the content of this resource?"
CSP = "Only allow requests that look like this…"
SRI = "Only allow content that looks like this…"
CORB = "Don't allow my data into another origin's process"
programming  acronyms 
june 2018
Compare Side-By-Side - Packages - Package Control
Jump to next: Alt+Shift+Down, Jump to previous: Alt+Shift+Up
sublime  diff 
june 2018
How to profile memory usage in Python | Pluralsight
from guppy import hpy

h = hpy()

print h.heap()
python  memory  guppy 
june 2018
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