Normal temp with exergen forehead scanner? - BabyCenter
Above 37.2 is low grade fever

"Yes. The average range is 96.5- 98.9 c.
Some people will say anything up to 100.4 is acceptable but anything over 99c is considered a low grade fever and just needs watching."
fever  thermometer 
Fever and temperature taking - Caring for Kids
Normal tympanic temperature range: 35.8°C to 38°C
5 days ago
My Favourite Secret Weapon – strace – zwischenzugs
strace (or its Solaris equivalents, truss dtruss) is a tool that tells you which operating system (OS) calls your program is making.
strace  programming 
6 days ago
Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs – Actualize – Medium
Atomic CSS ignores these objects altogether and uses re-usable single purpose utility classes to style each element. So instead of something like <button class="search-form__button">Search</button>, you would have something like <button class="f6 br3 ph3 pv2 white bg-purple hover-bg-light-purple">Search</button>.
css  programming 
13 days ago
Blinds / Solar Shades: Are Hunter Douglas worth the price premium over budget brands? : BuyItForLife
Go with the private label products from They're usually chosen from the best manufacturer based on the product line. I'd suggest cordless cellular shades since they combine ease, safety, energy efficiency, and color choices. also happens to be the best deal out there for window treatments.
14 days ago
How to Fix a Gap in an Outside Door | Home Guides | SF Gate
if your door hinges are on the left side of your door and the gaps appear in the upper left side or lower right side of the door, you must shim the bottom hinge.
15 days ago
Understanding the npm dependency model
Well, dependency isolation works great when a package’s dependencies are purely implementation details, never observable from outside of a package. However, as soon as a package’s dependency becomes exposed as part of its interface, dependency isolation is not only subtly wrong, it can cause complete failure at runtime.
node  dependencies  programming 
17 days ago
How can I optimize GraphViz output width? - Stack Overflow
unflatten -f -l 4 -c 6 | ccomps -x | dot | gvpack | neato -Tpng -n2 -o extends.png; open extends.png
ccomps -x | dot | gvpack | neato -Tpng -n2 -o extends.png; open extends.png
20 days ago
Async operations using redux-saga – freeCodeCamp
- fork performs a non-blocking operation on the function passed.
- take pauses until action received.
- race runs effects simultaneously, then cancels them all once one finishes.
- call runs a function. If it returns a promise, pauses the saga until the promise is resolved.
- put dispatches an action.
- select Runs a selector function to get data from the state
- takeLatest means we are going to execute the operations, then return only the results of the last one call. If we trigger several cases, it’s going to cancel all of them except the last one.
- takeEvery will return results for all the calls triggered.
redux  programming  sagas 
20 days ago
Configure custom modules resolve folder – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform) | JetBrains
As a workaround I'd suggest marking 'app' folder as resource root - right-click it and choose Mark Directory As/Resource root
pycharm  javascript 
20 days ago
Redux nowadays : From actions creators to sagas – Riad Benguella
Let’s use Sagas instead of action creators to load todos:

import { call, put } from 'redux-saga';
function* loadTodos() {
yield put({ type: 'FETCHING_TODOS' });
const todos = yield call(fetch, '/todos');
yield put({ type: 'FETCHED_TODOS', payload: todos });
redux  sagas  programming 
20 days ago
Using redux-saga To Simplify Your Growing React Native Codebase
When I converted to redux-saga, suddenly my:

components became simpler
action creators pared down to next-to-nothing
reducers didn’t change at all
flow control was now isolated & testable
redux  saga  programming 
20 days ago
Redux Saga: The Future is 1975
These two libraries are particularly symbiotic, since React can be a pure function of state => view, only caring about producing the right presentational content based on state, and Redux is a pure function of action => state serving as the one source and controller of state in your app.
react  redux  sagas  programming 
20 days ago
Understanding Generator Functions & Using Redux Saga - YouTube
A saga is like a separate thread responsible for just side effects. Can handle and dispatch redux actions. Handles calling next for you.

Convention: Watchers and workers. Watchers watch actions and assign to workers. They are in main root saga. Workers process code and do actions.

takeEvery: Do worker saga every time action comes in.

takeEvery: Do worker saga every time action comes in, cancelling prior worker sagas in progress.

call: Runs a function. If it returns a Promise, pauses the saga until the promise is resolved.

put: Dispatches an action to Redux.

Others: take. fork, select, race, spawn, join, cancel.

- action creators are pure
- isolate side-effect code to a single area of the application
redux  programming  sagas 
20 days ago
AgileBits Blog | Terraforming 1Password
This is why so many companies today switched from updating their infrastructure manually and embraced Infrastructure as Code. With Infrastructure as Code, the hardware becomes software and can take advantage of all software development best practices. When we apply these practices to infrastructure, every server, every database, every open network port can be written in code, committed to GitHub, peer-reviewed, and then deployed and updated as many times as necessary.
terraform  programming 
21 days ago
When is it okay to spend extra money on items?
Use something daily, or for long periods of time at once? It makes more sense to spring more for it than it does for something you’ll lose only a few times a year.
spending  quality 
21 days ago
Tech and Culture Musings: The Three
1. If you're right, you have a holy duty to help others see it. 2. Can't make people do stuff, just communicate and enforce consequences. 3. Stop, listen, help people with what they need.
lessons  programming 
24 days ago
So you are a Senior Engineer. Now what? – Shem Magnezi – Medium
1. Technical skills 2. Improve company processes 3. Align with other teams 4. Mentoring
programming  leadership 
24 days ago
Nathan Barry on Twitter: "The number one rule for those creating anything worthwhile: It will take significantly longer than you think."
The number one rule for those creating anything worthwhile: It will take significantly longer than you think.
24 days ago
Laminate Flooring Installation Guidelines and Methods
A 6-Mil Polyethylene film over concrete subfloor is required or appropriate
25 days ago
Common Mistakes Installing Laminate Flooring | NALFA®
Cover all concrete slabs, regardless of grade level, with a non-recycled resin 6-mil polyethylene film as a vapor retarder.
laminate  flooring 
26 days ago
Reality has a surprising amount of detail
The direction for improvement is clear: seek detail you would not normally notice about the world.

If you wish to not get stuck, seek to perceive what you have not yet perceived.
problem-solving  reality  detail 
4 weeks ago
Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light
If you want to obtain blackout, blinds aren’t the way to go,
5 weeks ago
Where does Chrome save its SQLite database to? - Stack Overflow
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Profile 1/History
6 weeks ago
How to avoid missing chrome history due to duplicate urls? - Super User
datetime(visit_time / 1000000 + (strftime('%s', '1601-01-01')), 'unixepoch') as time, urls.title, urls.url
FROM visits
INNER JOIN urls ON visits.url =
ORDER BY visit_time DESC
6 weeks ago
What would you consider 'heavy' rain? - Sandaysoft
Damp - up to 0.1" (2.5mm)
Wet - up to 1" (25mm)
Very Wet - up to 2" (50mm)
Extremely Wet - up to 3" (75mm)
Exceptionally Wet - over 3" (75mm)
Once in a lifetime - over 4" (100mm)
6 weeks ago
How to prevent your pipes from freezing - Consumer Reports
If you plan to be away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.
7 weeks ago
Categorizing Your Backlog | Personal Kanban
So .. let’s try to build an explicit BACKLOG before the READY column
productivity  backlog 
7 weeks ago
Clean Up Your Backlog | Personal Kanban
Well, we can either clean them up or work them out.
productivity  backlog 
7 weeks ago
Are You Just Doing Things? | Personal Kanban
What you might notice in these four steps is that we didn’t prioritize our tasks, we didn’t make big plans, we altered the board to flow better and our the relationship to the work to be more focused.
7 weeks ago
Respect Your Backlog and Manage It | Personal Kanban
If your Personal Kanban is overloaded with tasks, find ways to group them into Features or Projects until it comes time to actually do the work.
7 weeks ago
Customer Review: Personal Kanban
Chapter 2 is a good how-to. Appendix A gives some case studies with useful variations. Chapter 6 has a section comparing personal Kanban to Stephen Covey's system (spoiler: kanban is better) and another about integrating kanban with David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) system.

The rest is mostly fluff. I don't regret buying it, but wow is there a lot of padding. At least the good stuff is concentrated in Chapter 2 and Appendix A rather than in paragraphs scattered throughout the book.
7 weeks ago
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