WPP Cuts Sorrell's Pay, Puts Restrictions on Agency Expenses | Agency News - AdAge
The slash in pay follows WPP's first quarter earnings results; the company reported a 3% drop in North American like-for-like revenue in the first quarter of 2017.
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The People’s Perspective | 2017
Rural residents (48%) are less likely than suburban ones (60%) to recommend their school district to families looking for top-notch schools. And 53% of rural residents say that if Idaho spent more on its public schools the money would get lost along the way, compared with 42% of urban residents.


Idahoans are most enthusiastic (61%) to hear that charters “can specialize in teaching students who have specific interests and talents.” Forty percent strongly approve of encouraging successful charter schools to replicate in communities whose public schools are failing; another 33% somewhat approve.


Where funding inequalities exist, they want Idaho to do something about it. 3 in 4 say Idaho is responsible for making up the difference between poor and wealthy districts.
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The Media Bubble is Real — And Worse Than You Think - POLITICO Magazine
This isn’t just a shift in medium. It’s also a shift in sociopolitics, and a radical one. Where newspaper jobs are spread nationwide, internet jobs are not: Today, 73 percent of all internet publishing jobs are concentrated in either the Boston-New York-Washington-Richmond corridor or the West Coast crescent that runs from Seattle to San Diego and on to Phoenix. The Chicagoland area, a traditional media center, captures 5 percent of the jobs, with a paltry 22 percent going to the rest of the country


take it the way a social scientist would take it: The people who report, edit, produce and publish news can’t help being affected—deeply affected—by the environment around them

. Journalists respond to their failings best when their vanity is punctured with proof that they blew a story that was right in front of them. If the burning humiliation of missing the biggest political story in a generation won’t change newsrooms, nothing will. More than anything, journalists hate getting beat.
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The Museum of Failure in Sweden argues that real innovation requires failure — Quartz
“Learning is the only process that turns failure into success,” says West. “So if you don’t learn from your f*ck ups, then you’ve really f*cked up.” Simple as that.
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Half of Brides Want to Be Surprised With an Engagement Ring – JCK
A new wedding survey by online coupon service Ebates finds 49 percent of women prefer to be surprised when they receive their engagement ring.

By contrast, 15 percent said they’d want to pick out the ring themselves, and 28 percent preferred to go shopping with their intended and offer feedback. Only 6 percent favored an heirloom ring.
How a Wine Brand Advanced Digital Ad Measurement - WSJ
One of Constellation’s data providers—the group previously known as Datalogix, which was absorbed by the Oracle Data Cloud—agreed to offer up collected purchase data every week or so while the campaign was running. With the help of programmatic consultant Labmatik, Constellation also enlisted the help of Turn, an advertising technology company with a data management platform. A DMP is a kind of software that can collect and analyze data used to send ads to specific groups of people online.

Turn then “hacked its system” so it could reformat and ingest the data from the Oracle Data Cloud. The technology update enabled Turn to match data showing the anonymized identities and behavior of the people who saw the ads with the Oracle data showing the anonymized identities associated with households and people who bought Black Box in stores.

About every two weeks, the Black Box team got a report from Turn showing more anonymized detailed information about the households and individuals actually seeing the ads and buying the product. Based on those findings, Black Box got a sense of which kinds of people and households were responsive to the ads and which ad formats and frequencies were working. The brand could then adjust its ad plan accordingly and target people with similar attributes.
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Inside Activision’s 'Call of Duty' marketing playbook - Digiday
Hirshberg will reveal the new game and trailer in a live stream on CallofDuty.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On the same day, five billboards will go up in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Paris. There are unique codes hidden on the billboards for fans to find. The gamers can then piece the codes together and unlock them on a website. When the codes are cracked, gamers can unlock exclusive content related to “WWII” that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
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Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Shuttering at a Record Pace - WSJ
Based on the pace so far, the brokerage estimates retailers will close more than 8,600 locations this year, which would eclipse the number of closings during the 2008 recession.

Retail margins on average fell to 9% last year from 10.5% in 2012, according to consulting firm AlixPartners LP. Over that period, e-commerce sales increased to 15.5% of total sales from 10.5%.

“This is not the end of retailing as we know it,” Mr. Bines said. “People are not going to stop going to stores.”
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P&G Will Cut $2 Billion in Marketing
"This is what will be required in a slow-growth environment in order to grow markets and market share," he said. "When a consumer has an Irresistibly Superior experience with our products and packages, it raises their expectations for performance in the category. It makes it hard for them to go back to what they were using before."

Here's how it's measured: Instead of tracking "weighted purchase intent" scores in surveys, P
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Watch it while it lasts: our golden age of television
Golden ages come when a culture invents or re-invents itself. A golden age of television began almost 20 years ago when The Sopranos showed that cable audiences would pay to watch challenging new drama. The Sopranos was truly original; which made originality bankable — a wonderful conjuncture for creatives, but a temporary one. “Only when nobody knows anything does a creative industry bet on its creators. Golden ages come to an end when everybody knows something
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LinkedIn launches new targeting capabilities | Marketing Dive
LinkedIn has launched Matched Audiences, a new set of targeting capabilities that combine LinkedIn’s data with marketers’ own first-party data, the company announced in a news post.
The new tool includes three targeting capabilities: Website Retargeting, Account Targeting and Contact Targeting.
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Domino's shares pop on earnings beat, strong quarterly sales
Domino's revenue grew 16.9 percent in the third quarter versus the prior year, due to increased volumes and store growth, according to the company. Globally, the company opened 316 stores in the quarter.

The company also cited same-store sales as a driving force behind its revenue growth.

Domestic same-store sales for the company rose 13 percent in the quarter, marking the 22nd consecutive quarter of positive growth in the U.S.

Its company-owned stores in the U.S. saw same-store sales rise 13.8 percent, topping analysts' expectations of 8.3 percent. Domestic franchisee-owned stores posted same-store sales growth of 12.9 percent, also beating analysts' expectations of 9.2 percent, according to consensus estimate from StreetAccount.
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Ace Hardware reports record 2016 revenues, profits and patronage dividend
The 4.4 percent increase in retail same-store-sales during the fourth quarter of 2016 reported by the approximately 3,000 Ace retailers who share daily retail sales data was the result of increased customer count and average transaction size. Same-store-sales at these stores were up 2.5 percent for the full year.
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At 107, Tillamook Cheese still growing - - Capital Press
Tillamook’s revenues have grown by about 45 percent in the past four years, with profit growth exceeding that pace, Criteser said. The expanded earnings have come with expanded employment, up from about 650 four years ago to 850 this year in Tillamook and in Boardman.

In 2014, the company completed a 64,000-square-foot expansion at its production facility in Boardman allowing it to increase whey processing — a $95 million investment.

In addition, more than 1.3 million people visited the Tillamook Cheese factory in Tillamook — “About as many as the Space Needle,” Criteser said.

He said his goal has been to spread the power of the Tillamook brand beyond its cheeses to its ice cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt and other products. Already, products are now made with fewer artificial ingredients — notice the mint chocolate chip isn’t green anymore? — and new products, including Greek yogurts and ice cream bars are seeing success.
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Why Some Media Companies Are Pulling Back on the NewFronts - WSJ
last year’s events attracted 16,000 attendees (including ad buyers attending multiple NewFronts)

Doug Ray, president of product and innovation at Dentsu Aegis Network, said that when the NewFronts were started, big marketers needed help understanding the web video marketplace. That mission has largely been accomplished, he said, particularly as giant platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat have become video powerhouses.

“What clients are looking for is scale,” he said. “There are very few digital video platforms that can truly deliver premium video content at scale. Therefore, [are] the NewFronts, where you’ve got dozens of suppliers rolling out and having conversations with clients…really needed anymore?”

But since the initial 2017 schedule was released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in December, there have been a growing number of big name departures. BuzzFeed and Yahoo have dropped out, and recent participants like Stylehaul opted not to return.

To be sure, the IAB has had no shortage of new entrants. Twitter is hosting its first NewFront this year, as is the young-male focused digital media company Uproxx.
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Why educated millennials are leaving Idaho | Idaho Statesman
In-migration may be replacing the educated millennials leaving Idaho. About 3,500 more millennials ages 21 to 30 moved into Idaho than left in 2014, according to Census data compiled by Mansfield, including 1,900 from California. Idaho also gained about 5,000 people from migration in the 31- to 40-year-old age bracket, which includes older millennials.

Idaho also had a net gain of about 2,000 incoming residents with an associate’s degree or higher, according to the Census. Idaho ranks 18th among states for migration of educated residents, Mansfield said.

However, the data on in-migrants with degrees does not specify the incoming residents’ ages. A large chunk of those degrees could be held by the roughly 13,000 people ages 51 and older who moved to Idaho in 2014, Mansfield said.

Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article64390407.html#storylink=cpy
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Facts and data about the US Gov't. Note the reports at the bottom of the page
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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer launches USAFacts, using business principles for unprecedented government analysis
In a remarkable and unprecedented application of business principles to government operations, Ballmer today is launching a new non-profit initiative called USAFacts — releasing a series of detailed statistical reports on local, state and federal governments to show how the country is being run.
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Travel to the USA: Advice on etiquette, food and politics from WikiTravel — Quartz
Unless it is extremely crowded, leave about an arm’s length of personal space between yourself and others. On public transportation, it is considered invasive to sit directly next to a stranger if there are open seats available elsewhere. With the exception of handshakes, Americans do not like to be touched by members outside of their family and will respond aggressively if poked, pushed, or grabbed by a stranger. Unlike many cultures, Americans do not perform cheek kissing as a way of greeting strangers, and if they do cheek kissing at all, it is only with family members.


Adults should never approach or speak directly to children they don’t know. American children are taught to be wary of strangers and also many American adults are wary of pedophiles who are highly despised in the United States. If you have something you’d like to say to a child, address the adult he or she is with.


Many restaurants serve portions well in excess of what can normally be eaten in one sitting, and will be willing to box up your leftover food (typically referred to as a “to go box”). Do not feel the need to finish what you have been served.
… Cleaning your plate is a sign that you enjoyed your meal, and doesn’t imply that the host didn’t serve enough or should bring more.
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Franz Kafka - Wikipedia
God gives nuts, but he does not crack them
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Imaginative Ways to do Research - Videos
3 Facebook Research Hacks:

1. use metaphors to capture and refine an app's first impression. (People have a hard time giving actionable responses).
-how they can help capture a 'first impression'. Send a picture from the web that captures the experience of when they used their app for the first time. Ask: why did you pick that picture? they can help you re-think the problem.

2. use chat diaries to help you find the secret ways people use your product (e.g. an app) (People have a hard time remembering how they used something.)
-use messenger as the diary medium. you can ask questions and get them before people forget at the end of the day. Ask 6 people to join a 1 on 1 chat. Ping them 3x per day Ask: when last time you used, what motivated, how long did you spend? Collect screen shots, photos, feelings in the chat log. On the fly, dig into why.

3. use hands on exercises and activities to find deep inner-conflict behind a problem. which rocket ship is going to take off example.
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Kobe Bryant Pursues Second Act as Director - WSJ
“Everybody loves winning, but not everybody loves the process of getting to the win,”
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Music Producer Rick Rubin’s Malibu Oasis - WSJ
“There’s no distraction,” the producer says, “nothing to do but focus on work, enjoy nature and be at peace.” In Malibu, Rubin’s life, like his music, is about getting down to basics.

He’s since created a balance of work and life that keeps the two close enough for organic synthesis but not so close that they infringe on each other. “My house in town [in the Hollywood Hills] had a studio in it, and after that I decided it was too much,” Rubin says. “It’s fine if you’re single and your entire life is focused on the studio. But there’s something really healthy, creatively, about having separation.”

“Kanye keeps changing his house,” he says, referring to one of his recent collaborators. “At some point, if you have more ideas, then maybe they’re for a different house. Each house doesn’t have to be everything. It’s like an album.”
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Harry Styles Opens Up About Famous Flings, Honest New LP - Rolling Stone
"Who's to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy? That's not up to you to say. Music is something that's always changing. There's no goal posts. Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they're not serious? How can you say young girls don't get it? They're our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don't lie. If they like you, they're there. They don't act 'too cool.' They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick
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A McDonald’s Ad That Never Mentions the Name McDonald’s - NYTimes.com
The ads are part of the chain’s first unbranded marketing campaign, in which it is coyly asking people to search Google for “that place where Coke tastes so good.” The query, meant to capitalize on millions of search engine results that favor the fast-food chain, is central to the ads where association with the brand is limited to placing Ms. Kaling in a bright yellow dress against a red backdrop.
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eMarketer Releases New Programmatic Advertising Estimates - eMarketer
In its latest forecast, eMarketer estimates nearly four of every five US digital display dollars will transact programmatically in 2017, totaling $32.56 billion. By the end of the forecast period, that share will rise to 84.0%, leaving little doubt that buyers and sellers are continuing to invest in automated ad buying.
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How Brands and Agencies Are Fighting Back Against Facebook and Google’s Measurement Snafus – Adweek
Facebook and Google are poised to gobble up a staggering 60.4 percent—or roughly $50.1 billion—of this year’s $83 billion U.S. digital advertising market, with the remaining 39.6 percent split among all other publishers and platforms, per eMarketer. Moreover, a report from trade group Digital Content Next claims that 90 percent of the growth in digital spend between 2015 and 2016 went to one or the other.


the measurement concerns hinge on watchdog Media Rating Council’s 3-year-old viewability standard, which charges advertisers when 50 percent of a display ad is in view for one second—two seconds for video spots. The metric has become the de facto way publishers transact digital media, but platforms like Facebook and Google’s YouTube are notoriously reluctant to give out too much data to advertisers for fear of, some industry players allege, losing a competitive advantage and advertising dollars.


Later this year, Facebook plans to roll out three options for buying video ads. One option will use the MRC’s definition requiring that 50 percent of an ad is in view for two seconds while a stricter version allows brands to only pay for videos that are watched for up to 10 seconds. Finally, in response to lingering concerns from brands about paying for autoplay videos that are watched without sound, marketers can choose to only fork over payment for clips in which sound was turned on.
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Technology has eaten the world | VentureBeat | Business | by Darius Lahoutifard, 01consulting
On Friday, I looked at the top 5 quarter-end market caps for the first quarter of 2017. All five are technology companies. I went back 11 years to the same day and saw that on March 31, 2006, only one out of the top 5 market caps, namely Microsoft, was a technology company. The top market caps were rather diversified, including financial services, industrial groups, technology, and of course oil production giants.


Transportation is about to be revolutionized with self-driving cars. The construction industry is next with houses built faster, better, and at lower cost. Inside homes we are going to see connected and smart equipment everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see leaders in transportation, construction, and travel among the top 10 market caps within the next decade.
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The American Government’s Secret Plan for Surviving the End of the World | Foreign Policy
How America planned in the 1970s for the aftermath of nuclear war. First up: Chain of command. “If the Speaker of the House found himself the only surviving successor, he would acquire control of the government and its nuclear arsenal by offering the Pentagon a vocal verification of his identity using the term FLAG DAY. The president pro tempore of the Senate, next in line, was FOUR FINGER. The Secretary of State would authenticate his identity by calling himself FADE AWAY”
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Why Coke insists on copy testing | WARC
Inside Coke, people began to refer to the "One Number Score" as "The Creativity Killer", with the unfortunate conclusion that "only really simple, linear creative would be able to pass the test," Derrick reported – and "that if you did something that was really fun, outside of the box, and creative, there was no way you were going to pass."
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Taco Bell Orders Can Be Place on Slack with TacoBot Feature | Money
Here's how it works: After users add "TacoBot" as a friend on Slack, they can message it directly to place orders and pay. Users must also have an account on ta.co, Taco Bell's online and mobile ordering platform.
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How BK's Google Home Stunt Reflects New Audio Branding Era | CMO Strategy - AdAge
advocates that brands go further to create an audio style guide that can be used to create a consistent sound across everything from ads to on-hold music and the sound played at trade show booths. Brands run into trouble when they make these choices in isolation.


"If you ask Siri to order you a pizza, it doesn't doesn't reel off every pizza brand that is available. It just goes and does it based on some configuration that you have," Kelshaw said. Voice interaction is "going to privilege the leader or the default, or the pre-selected,"
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12 days ago
Move Over, Millennials; Generation Z Is Here
What will Generation Z be looking for in a workplace?

David: One thing is for sure, they will not be looking for the same things we saw Millennials look for when they started out. Millennials were all about finding meaning in their jobs and how best to make the world a better place. With Gen Z coming of age during the recession, they are putting money and job security at the top of the list. Sure, they want to make a difference, but surviving and thriving are more important. The cultures that can foster that are the ones that will win the war for talent with Gen Z.

Jonah: The cultures that he is referring to will be those where we can showcase our own individual talents. Being in survival mode has made us very competitive. In fact, 72 percent of Gen Z said we are competitive with those doing the same job. Where Millennials had more of a collaborative mentality with everyone pitching in and working together, we are more independent and want to be judged on our own merits.


More than technology, I believe my generation will bring an important entrepreneurial spirit to work. We will constantly look for ways to streamline processes and procedures.


Today it is known as a side hustle. From Uber driving to selling stuff online and beyond, Gen Z will for sure have side hustles.


Fifty-five percent of Gen Z feels pressure to gain professional experience in high school. Traditional industries are struggling with Gen Z because they are not on our radar. We are daydreaming out the window [about working] at companies like Netflix or Google. We aren't likely thinking about agriculture or manufacturing. Usually companies think about reaching out to college students or they offer internships. But innovative companies are looking for ways to partner with high schools to get on the radar even sooner.


However, most higher education institutions are still pitching an old value proposition to students to come find themselves at their college. This falls flat with Gen Z, where 61 percent said they need to know what career they want to pursue before they go to college.
12 days ago
How to keep advertising relevant? Go back to moving people
In our game, it could be said that we’ve all been guilty of thinking too much. But thinking about what? Working out how to remove ourselves from the equation? Working out how to sap the production process of any magic? Working out how to continue advertising’s much-hated role as interruptive force in people’s lives with precision annoyance? The truth is we’ve forgotten to do the one thing that advertising is really good at: move people. And I’m not just talking about moving consumers. I’m talking about us.
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The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Creative Brief – Chris Callahan – Medium
But more like, younger Millennials that are into doing stuff. Especially attractive ones because #attractivelivesmatter. Not ALL of them have to be white people but a few other non-whites are cool. Especially if they’re into white people stuff like Cellos and shit.
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The first decade of augmented reality — Benedict Evans
Do you wear the glasses all day, though, once they become small enough? If not, many of the more ambient applications don't work as well. You might, perhaps, have a combination of a watch or phone that's the 'always on' device, and glasses that you put on like reading glasses in the right context. That might address some of the social questions that Google Glass ran into - taking out a phone, looking at a watch or putting on a pair of glasses send a clear signal that people can understand in a way that wearing a Google Glass in a bar did not.
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As Soda Loses Its Sparkle, Coca-Cola Is Transforming Into a ‘Total Beverage Company’ – Adweek
Its “One Brand” strategy unites advertising for Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Life, under the “Taste the Feeling” campaign.

“Having different branding for Coke Zero and Coke Light was really ineffective,” Bayne said. “We were doing ourselves a disservice, and it made it difficult for us to support these smaller brands, globally. From a consumer perspective, it’s been very successful—we can see it in sales. We’re seeing a huge acceleration in our diets and lights business.”
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14 days ago
Treasure Valley apartment construction bucks national trend – Idaho Business Review
CBH Homes is now building seven out of 44 buildings destined for its Crimson Point Village in Kuna, with the first two already completed.

“We now have 44 separate opportunities to proceed or not. We also have the opportunity to sell each one if we choose to,” said Corey Barton, president and owner of CBH Homes, which has built three apartment projects since 2011 and has three more on the way.
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14 days ago
This is the Jeff Bezos playbook for preventing Amazon’s demise - Recode
Jeff Bezos on how to run a company so that it never gets tired. “Use the phrase ‘disagree and commit’. This phrase will save a lot of time. If you have conviction on a particular direction even though there’s no consensus, it’s helpful to say, ‘Look, I know we disagree on this but will you gamble with me on it? Disagree and commit?’ By the time you’re at this point, no one can know the answer for sure, and you’ll probably get a quick yes. I disagree and commit all the time”. We recently greenlit a particular Amazon Studios original. I told the team my view: debatable whether it would be interesting enough, complicated to produce, the business terms aren’t that good, and we have lots of other opportunities. They had a completely different opinion and wanted to go ahead. I wrote back right away with “I disagree and commit and hope it becomes the most watched thing we’ve ever made.” Consider how much slower this decision cycle would have been if the team had actually had to convince me rather than simply get my commitment.

I’m not against beta testing or surveys. But you, the product or service owner, must understand the customer, have a vision, and love the offering. Then, beta testing and research can help you find your blind spots. A remarkable customer experience starts with heart, intuition, curiosity, play, guts, taste. You won’t find any of it in a survey.
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15 days ago
Thinking Fast and Slow
“to reduce cognitive strain will help increase credibility. Ways to do this include: maximizing legibility, making the message simple, making the message memorable, choosing names that are easy to pronounce, and putting ideas into verse, if possible. Cognitive ease is associated with good feelings, which will make people more receptive to the intuitions of System 1


“System 1 is biased to believe certain things, and System 2 is in charge of doubting and unbelieving. System 2, however, is sometimes busy and often lazy. When System 2 is otherwise engaged, a person will believe almost anything that System 1 presents. Contrary to the rules of science, instead of testing hypotheses by trying to prove them wrong, people will seek data that is compatible with their current beliefs.”
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16 days ago
Stories | Idaho State University
Thanks to the contributions from Idaho Central, the ICCU Learning Center will have advanced capabilities. The center will function as a distance-learning classroom equipped with two projector screens, two televisions, microphones above every desk and two high-definition cameras mounted at the front and the back of the classroom. These cameras will allow live classes to be broadcast to other distance-learning classrooms on the Meridian, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls campuses. But, the space doesn’t just allow for lecture broadcasting – the equipment will also permit classes to be streamed live on YouTube, so students studying online can access a class from anywhere using YouTube or other applications such as Cisco Jabber. Applications like Jabber will also allow these students to not only watch the class but also participate in live discussions.

once a student in the classroom begins to speak, the microphone mounted above his or her head will automatically turn on and the camera at the front of the classroom will swivel and zoom to focus on the speaker- helping to increase involvement in the broadcasted class.
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17 days ago
Corporate ambitions: Amazon, the world’s most remarkable firm, is just getting started | The Economist
Yet Amazon’s shareholders are working on the premise that it is just getting started. Since the beginning of 2015 its share price has jumped by 173%, seven times quicker than in the two previous years (and 12 times faster than the S&P 500 index). With a market capitalisation of some $400bn, it is the fifth-most-valuable firm in the world. Never before has a company been worth so much for so long while making so little money: 92% of its value is due to profits expected after 2020.
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17 days ago
Blog | HumanProgress.org
This more prosperous generation, then, starts caring about such things as women's rights, animal rights, gay rights, human rights, and environmental degradation. "They start expecting more out of life than their parents did." All that is fine, of course, so long as the pampered youth in the West and newly empowered youth in the Far East remember that roughly 800 million people in the world, many of them in Africa, still live in absolute poverty and experience the kinds of existential challenges that only free markets can solve. Denying dirt-poor people access to cheap fossil fuel energy, for example, can mean a death sentence to a newborn child on life support in an electric-powered incubator in rural Africa.
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17 days ago
Study: Marketers Renew Interest in Cross-Channel Attribution - eMarketer
Almost 60% of US digital marketing and media practitioners polled in January 2017 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Winterberry Group said they expect to be engaged in cross-channel measurement and attribution this year.
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17 days ago
The hidden psychology of menu design | WIRED UK
Extremeness Aversion
The menu's costliest choice is a fillet, at £28.75, and its prominent placement ensures that it will be one of the first prices diners read. People have an inexact sense of value but are acutely sensitive to contrasts. The £28.75 price makes the adjacent Rib Eye (£21.75) and Filet de Boeuf au Poivre (£24.50) seem more reasonably priced than they would otherwise. Diners are also subject to "extremeness aversion". They shy away from the most expensive item – or the least expensive, for that matter. The Rib Eye and Filet de Boeuf are probably popular choices just because they're not the most expensive. Likewise, the second-most expensive bottle on a wine list tends to be a top seller.
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19 days ago
How Delta’s Focus on Customer Experience Turned a Bankrupt Airline Into a Powerhouse Brand – Adweek
The flying experience is amazing,” he said. “You’re going 500 miles per hour, 35,000 feet off the ground, with Wi-Fi, and somebody brings you food and drinks. If you compare the ’50s or ’60s to today’s

The challenge is to make every customer feel like one in 180 million versus one of 180 million—how do we personalize and customize, and humanize, everyone’s particular experience?” Mapes said. “We respond in ways we think can make things better, and then listen again, to see if we can refine things.”

“I can’t fathom how you could be an airline in an office tower in a downtown area when what’s really going on is out here, where the customers are,” Mapes said of the airport. “We’re over there quite a bit to tour the facility and talk to our staff about what we could be doing better. That’s where the insights lie, because they see it daily.”
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19 days ago
Who Needs Charters When You Have Public Schools Like These? - The New York Times
Beginning in 2004, Union started revamping its schools into what are generally known as community schools. These schools open early, so parents can drop off their kids on their way to work, and stay open late and during summers. They offer students the cornucopia of activities — art, music, science, sports, tutoring — that middle-class families routinely provide. They operate as neighborhood hubs, providing families with access to a health care clinic in the school or nearby; connecting parents to job-training opportunities; delivering clothing, food, furniture and bikes; and enabling teenage mothers to graduate by offering day care for their infants.
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24 days ago
What Ogilvy's 'refounding' says about the state of agency-brand relationships | Marketing Dive
The restructuring, announced in February and called a "refounding" by the agency, came from a realization that the consumer world is in a state of change spurred by globalization and the digital revolution, said Crampsie.

That change has been coupled with what she called a "new buyer" with a more diverse mix of talents and skills than ever before, which led Ogilvy's Worldwide Chairman and CEO John Seifert to lay out a vision that puts the agency's clients at the center of everything it does with a structure that makes it easier to bring its experts together to provide the agency’s best work.

Ogilvy's revamped structure is based around "groups" and "domains." The groups represent nine individual portfolios with a diverse mix of clients and employees across the agency’s core competencies including four departments: Account, Strategy, Creative and Program Management.

Those core competencies span across the domains, which Crampsie described as "communities of experts, running across all of the groups with a shared mission and ability to solve some of the most challenging issues facing our clients today."

The domains include:

Enterprise Branding
Digital and Innovation
Customer Engagement and Commerce
Influence and PR
Media and Distribution
And integrated function like finance, talent, business development and communications will also serve across Ogilvy’s enterprise
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25 days ago
NYTimes: An Idaho Town Bucks the Perception of Rural Struggle
“Our biggest challenge is that we have to find a way to keep the young in Idaho,” Mr. Ulukaya said.

Of nearly 2,000 rural counties in the United States, about 60 percent added jobs last year, while 40 percent contracted, according to federal figures. In such a brutal calculus, economists and local politicians said, little things add up fast: like being close enough to a big city, but not so close as to be crushed by the competition; having good access by air and highway for passengers and freight; and then having enough trained workers if and when new companies knock on the door
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25 days ago
A Mafia Boss Breaks a Code in Telling All - NYTimes.com
You never talk in a club, you never talk in a car, you never talk on a cellphone, you never talk on a phone, you never talk in your house,” he testified, saying that so called walk-talks, where two or more crime figures would carry on a roving conversation as they strolled the streets, were safest.
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27 days ago
UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it | The Seattle Times
The true common denominator, she found, is anti-globalism — deep suspicion of free trade, multinational business and global institutions.

“To be antiglobalist often included being anti-mainstream media, anti-immigration, anti-science, anti-U.S. government, and anti-European Union,” Starbird says.


The mainstream press periodically waded into this swamp, but it only backfired. Its occasional fact checks got circulated as further evidence: If the media is trying to debunk it, then the conspiracy must be true.


Your brain tells you ‘Hey, I got this from three different sources,’ ” she says. “But you don’t realize it all traces back to the same place, and might have even reached you via bots posing as real people. If we think of this as a virus, I wouldn’t know how to vaccinate for it
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28 days ago
Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2017: McKinsey Global Survey results | McKinsey & Company
Concerns: Trade / Regulatory Changes

Overall, executives are much more bullish about the global economy than they were for all of 2016 (Exhibit 1). Nearly half of them say conditions in the world economy are better now than they were six months ago—far surpassing expectations from six months prior, when only 28 percent expected improvements.


When asked about risks at the company level, the largest share of respondents say regulatory changes are threats to their businesses.


Fifty-two percent in North America predict trade between their home countries and the world will decline in the next year, compared with a global average of 35 percent.
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28 days ago
‘When I’m in the ring, I feel like I’m a goddess’: A boxer defies expectations | The Seattle Times
"When I'm in the ring, I feel like a goddess"


Her time to train at White Center PAL hinges on her career — Rojas recently got her degree in Culinary Arts from South Seattle College, and is on the hunt for more restaurant experience, which will affect her schedule.

For now, the challenge and support she gets at the gym over the past few years have kept her coming back.
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29 days ago
Ideo Studied Innovation In 100+ Companies–Here’s What It Found | Co.Design
Defining what innovation meant across many different companies was complex, but ultimately, Ideo found that the most important element is the organization’s ability to adapt and respond to change. In the end, Ideo identified six basic vectors that it says are instrumental to an innovative, adaptive company: Purpose, experimentation, collaboration, empowerment, looking out (i.e. staying informed about what’s happening in the industry), and refinement (the ability to successfully execute new ideas).


Everyone Should Feel Comfortable Challenging The Status Quo

Anecdotally, we’ve all heard that team members who are unafraid to challenge the status quo–which often means the leadership–are a surefire way to encourage new ideas. The data from Creative Difference backs that up. When a majority of team members who took the survey said that they felt comfortable challenging the status quo and acting with autonomy, the chances of a failed launch decreased by 16.67%.


Ideo’s data shows that the most innovative companies surveyed have between 25% to 57% of their employees working remotely, with an average ratio of remote workers at 41%. Teams with remote workers are 22% more successful in their initiatives compared to counterparts that are comprised of less than 15% remote collaborators.
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4 weeks ago
How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive - Bloomberg View
Utah has the highest rate of upward mobility in America, some of the best social services, and one of the smallest state governments. How so? Three things: A “cheerfully effective bureaucracy”; an engaged and supportive community; and the overwhelming moral and financial power of the Mormon Church. It is uplifting to see the American dream flourish in Utah, and depressing to think how difficult it would be to replicate these conditions anywhere else. The key is “cultural agreement”
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4 weeks ago
J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation offers specialized training to Joint District 171 schools - Clearwater Tribune: School News
As of the 2015-16 school year, 43 Idaho school districts were on a four-day school week–almost two out of every five districts. Nearly all were concentrated in small towns. Six of these communities, including Orofino, have been awarded the opportunity to think differently about leveraging their fifth day for K-12 student learning.
planning_JKAF  idaho  education  rural 
4 weeks ago
Advertising Week Europe 2017 - London [ 20 - 24 March ] / Calendar
There is no doubt that agencies are facing huge pressures from commoditisation, margin dilution, and time squeeze but shifts in client focus are also bringing new opportunities for those agencies that are ready to embrace change. The key dynamic of the report is framed in the context of systems (data, technology, efficiency, delivery at scale) and empathy (human insight, creativity, relational connection), giving us a spectrum of agency capability along which we have an increasingly diverse set of propositions ranging from 'full-stack' large consultancies to small, network orchestrating agencies. Around this sit significant shifts in agency operating, client engagement and remuneration models.
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4 weeks ago
US Economic Confidence Drops to Lowest Level Since Election | Gallup
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy tumbled along with the Dow Jones industrial average last week. Though still in positive territory, Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index (ECI) dropped six points to a score of +5 for the week ending March 26. This is the lowest weekly average since the presidential election in November.
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4 weeks ago
Q&A with Bill Flanagan | The Official Bob Dylan Site
It’s a rugged environment – people lead simple lives, but they lead simple lives in other parts of the country too. People are pretty much the same wherever you go. There is good and bad in most people, doesn’t matter what state you live in. Some people are more self-sufficient than other places – some more secure, some less secure – some people mind their own business, some don’t.
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4 weeks ago
SNL: Data Dispatch: Idaho Central top-performing credit union for 5th year in a row | SNL
Idaho-based Idaho Central Credit Union took the No. 1 spot for the fifth year running in S&P Global Market Intelligence's ranking of the 50 top-performing U.S. credit unions.

Established in 1940, Idaho Central operates 30 branches, all in Idaho, according to SNL Financial data. Among the top 50 credit unions, Idaho Central had the second-highest market growth — growth in member shares and nonmember deposits — at 27.1% in 2016, and the fourth-highest member growth at 17.4%. Idaho Central's operating expenses as a percentage of operating revenue dropped 3.95 percentage points year over year to 57.50%, better than the top 50 median of 62.99%.

The credit union's ratio of net charge-offs to average loans did increase 3 basis points year over year to 0.12%, but that was still below the top 50 median of 0.17%. In fact, the only metric where Idaho Central fared worse than the median was in loan delinquency, which came in at 0.39%, compared to the median of 0.34%.
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5 weeks ago
Malcolm Gladwell Wants to Make the World Safe for Mediocrity – Conversations with Tyler – Medium
I don’t know why American backlash cycles, it’s one step forward, four steps back that I don’t — maybe I’m naïve — I don’t see that in other cultures.

And I feel like what’s going on now in American life is a backlash that — maybe one reading is that there was the dominant liberal, intellectual culture in this country went too fast. Maybe we went too fast. We just have to learn to slow down. You can’t do everything you want in one generation. I’m currently pro-Obamacare, and so, changed.

GLADWELL: My current take is, it was a good idea, but you know what? Maybe it was a bridge too far. Maybe we should have done a little tiny smaller piece of it, and just mellowed out because, in part, that’s what we’re seeing now. The centrality of Obamacare in the current backlash narrative is so weird. It doesn’t make any sense. Many of the people who are against it are beneficiaries of it. This law is not this pox on American life. It’s managed to bring down . . .
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6 weeks ago
Tim Harford — Article — The Problem With Facts
One infamous internal memo from the Brown & Williamson tobacco company, typed up in the summer of 1969, sets out the thinking very clearly: “Doubt is our product.” Why? Because doubt “is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the mind of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy.” Big Tobacco’s mantra: keep the controversy alive.

Tempting as it is to fight lies with facts, there are three problems with that strategy. The first is that a simple untruth can beat off a complicated set of facts simply by being easier to understand and remember.

There’s a second reason why facts don’t seem to have the traction that one might hope. Facts can be boring. The world is full of things to pay attention to, from reality TV to your argumentative children, from a friend’s Instagram to a tax bill. Why bother with anything so tedious as facts?

There’s a final problem with trying to persuade people by giving them facts: the truth can feel threatening, and threatening people tends to backfire. “People respond in the opposite direction,”

Solution to fighting incorrect facts: CURIOSITY

"I wonder why...." Say something provoking that digs into a lie and just let it sit. That prompts the audience to look deeper.
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6 weeks ago
Are Malls Dying? – JCK
Malls have tried to combat traffic drops through a variety of measures—some not particularly praiseworthy, like tracking consumers who sign on to their Wi-Fi. But mostly, they are diversifying, reaching out to nontraditional tenants like doctor’s offices, dry cleaners, and grocery stores. Some are beefing up their entertainment options, like laser tag and carousels, turning themselves into de facto amusement parks.

As one veteran retail executive told The Washington Post, “There’s a mall in Palm Beach with two or three schools in it, a synagogue and newspaper publisher in it, and a place where you can buy a cup of coffee and doughnut. There’s not a single retail store in it.”

New malls are still being built, but many of them—like New York City’s Westfield World Trade Center, aka The Oculus (pictured), located adjacent to JCK’s new offices—are notable for being attractions in themselves.
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6 weeks ago
How has the Brexit vote affected the UK economy? September verdict | Business | The Guardian
How has the economy reacted to the vote to leave the EU on 23 June? Each month we’ll look at key indicators to see what effect the Brexit process has on growth, prosperity and trade in the UK
guardian  brexit  dashboard 
6 weeks ago
Meet your new MOM (Marketing Operating Model) | McKinsey & Company
The new Marketing Operating Model (MOM)

At a high level, an effective MOM is made up of three parts:

Integrated consumer data: Collecting data isn’t the issue—companies have plenty of it.

Decision making: With a complete customer profile in hand, companies can “score” customers based on specific criteria of value-creation potential, allowing marketers to prioritize which messages, offers, and experiences to deliver at which points in the decision journey.

Distribution platforms: Marketing-technology platforms are the last mile of the process.
marketing  mckinsey 
6 weeks ago
7 Types of Regression Techniques you should know
Regression analysis is a form of predictive modelling technique which investigates the relationship between a dependent (target) and independent variable (s) (predictor). This technique is used for forecasting, time series modelling and finding the causal effect relationship between the variables. For example, relationship between rash driving and number of road accidents by a driver is best studied through regression.
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6 weeks ago
Thank you for your support, which is more important now than ever | Katharine Viner | Membership | The Guardian
For while the business model for journalism is in crisis, so are the values to which the Guardian is committed: tolerance, equality and a belief in people’s ability to change the world for the better.
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6 weeks ago
Inside The Economist’s editorial meeting
The whole paper meets, and anyone — from the newest intern to the most senior editor — can put forward and write a leader. What matters is not a contributor’s seniority, but the strength and quality of his or her arguments.
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6 weeks ago
Grace Slick - Wikipedia
"All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire." In a 2007 interview, she repeated her belief that, "You can do jazz, classical, blues, opera, country until you're 150, but rap and rock and roll are really a way for young people to get that anger out", and, "It's silly to perform a song that has no relevance to the present or expresses feelings you no longer have."
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6 weeks ago
Ad Agencies Are Building Out Their Own Consultancies to Better Compete for Digital Dollars – Adweek
360i’s Maicon views developments differently. “Traditional consultants are valuable thanks to the myriad analytical frameworks they bring to the table, but tend to have a superficial relationship to the transformative power of creativity to shape client’s businesses, as they lack hands-on experience in this respect,” he says. “Great agencies have played a large role in the evolution of brands’ business for decades, and that should not be discounted. Plus, we move more quickly and cost-efficiently than traditional consultants.”
agencybusiness  consulting 
6 weeks ago
USAF eyes Boise, Alabama, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida for F-35 | Idaho Statesman
So far, talk about the next flying mission at Boise’s Gowen Field has centered on how much noise a new type of military airplane would make.

Some people who live near the Boise Airport — whose runways Gowen’s military pilots use — say putting high-speed planes such as the F-15 or F-35 in Boise will make their homes unlivable. Advocates of bringing a squadron of F-35s with 16 to 24 jets to Boise downplay noise concerns, saying F-35s would affect fewer homes than opponents predict, and that flying techniques or physical barriers could reduce the noise impacts on homes. These advocates include the Idaho Air National Guard, which would operate the aircraft; virtually all political and economic leaders in Boise; Gov. Butch Otter; and the state’s entire congressional delegation.
Politicians, economic experts and the Guard worry that missing out on the F-35 could lead to the end of military flying operations in Boise, putting a huge dent in the Treasure Valley’s economy. On the other hand, landing an F-35 squadron would be an economic boon. Bill Connors, president and CEO of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, pointed to Ogden, Utah, whose economy has benefited from an expansion of F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin’s facilities as well as the opening of related tech companies since the Air Force stationed F-35s at the nearby Hill Air Force Base.


“It replicates so much of the environments that we’re operating in today, with regard to combat operations,” Borders said. “I mean, I could show you pictures of Afghanistan and you’d think you were looking out in the high desert mountains south of Boise.”
planning_IDCommerce  boise 
6 weeks ago
Airbnb wants to handle your entire holiday with Trips | WIRED UK
Currently, Airbnb only handles your accommodation. With the launch of Trips, it will attempt to take care of every stage of the journey, with city hosts, experiences, guidebooks, events and travel basics added to a completely relaunched app. Activities range from truffle hunting in Florence to surfing in Los Angeles or adventure photography in Nairobi. There will be 500 hand-picked trips covering 12 cities, from Havana to Seoul.
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6 weeks ago
Doing Presentations
Thoughts about presentations, and tips for doing them well. Updated every fortnight or so. Consider this an alpha. Here's the RSS feed.
6 weeks ago
10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017 - MIT Technology Review
These technologies all have staying power. They will affect the economy and our politics, improve medicine, or influence our culture. Some are unfolding now; others will take a decade or more to develop. But you should know about all of them right now.
technology  thefuture 
6 weeks ago
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