Panera's Mission for Transparency Goes Digital - QSR magazine
Keeping to its commitment to transparency, Panera Bread is launching “Food Interrupted,” a digital platform featuring videos that will take a look at everything that goes into the chain’s offerings along with a deeper discussion about different aspects of the food industry. This is the fast casual's first digital platform aimed at providing increased transparency in brand history.

Note: sep website vs landing page. Prob smart. On main site things like food of the day, menu, etc come above tile for this series
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ANA finds 'explosive' in-house agency growth | WARC
A survey of the trade body's members found that 78% of participating enterprises currently have in-house agencies – a major increase on the findings from similar research in 2013 (58%) and 2008 (42%).


For companies that have both in-house and external agencies, the in-house agency is handling more of the work in most cases,” it continued. And, most impressively, a third of that cohort kept over 75% of their work in-house.


Among the factors that reinforce the traditional model are basic tools (“If the capability and skill sets do not exist in-house, the work goes to an external agency”) and degree of difficulty (“More complex jobs go to an external agency”).
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Sherwood Forest gets a Robin Hood inspired facelift - Creative Review
Everyone has their own idea of Robin Hood,” says Cafeteria. “There is no singular depiction as that would become restrictive longer term and would overshadow the wider mission and experience of Sherwood. We didn’t need to reimagine the character, but we did want his story to feel a part of Sherwood’s.”

The name Sherwood Forest is set in a customised semi-serif font, Sherwood Sans, which is used as a headline font throughout the rest of the identity, and the logo is accompanied by the new strapline: ‘Where legends grow’.
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3 Predictions for the Jewelry Business in 2019 and Beyond - JCK
1. Lab-grown diamonds have the same potential to rock the industry as quartz watch materials in the 1970s.

2. Similar to what’s been going on with the watch industry, the jewelry market will begin to see a consolidation of independents.

3. You must actively promote a culture of experimentation and innovation.
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Sell-by dates – Quartz Obsession — Quartz
Poultry and sausage go fastest, just a day or two after the “sell by” date; pork and beef last for three to five days. Bread and dairy are good for about a week, and eggs for about a month. Save The Food has an exhaustive list of foods and how long they can be stored.
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• Median value of U.S. family owning certificates of deposit, by age, 2013 | Statistic
Median CD value held by US HH's by age:

Under 35: $4k
35-44: $6.3k
45-54: $10k
55-64: $25k
65-74: $31k
75+: $22k
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Are certificates of deposit worth it right now?
Rates on certificates of deposit are finally rising. If you’re looking to kick-start your savings strategy, consider adding CDs to the mix.

CDs are seen as safe bets for saving or investing since they are federally insured and returns are guaranteed.

While the national average rates rise gradually, online bank CDs have been skyrocketing. A NerdWallet analysis found that the average one-year CD rate across five online banks climbed from 1.46% to 2.20% annual percentage yield, or APY, in the past 10 months alone. That’s an increase of about 50%. (Check out NerdWallet’s list of the best CD rates available right now.)

CDs can work well in the following three scenarios:

Protecting savings: These may include saving for a down payment on a home or car. Whatever the goal, the money won’t be used for years and can stay safely out of reach in CDs. (If you have savings goals but don’t want to lose access to your money, consider high-yield savings accounts instead.)

Building short-term wealth: CDs with short terms, such as one or two years, can make sense if there’s a plan to later invest that money. For example, if you want to invest a large sum in the market, you might spread out when you buy stocks or funds over time using a popular investing strategy called dollar-cost averaging. The money waiting to be invested could go into CDs to earn more interest than it would in a regular savings account.

Ensuring returns without risk: Investing in long-term CDs is generally best for people, typically retired, who want to avoid risking their money in the stock market. They also want to stop their savings from eroding because of inflation.

1. Early withdrawal penalties. For that reason, it’s best to let CDs expire naturally. Another solution: find a bank that offers no-penalty CDs where you can withdraw funds without losing the initial deposit or interest.

2. Missed opportunities for higher rates later.

A good CD Strategy:
CD ladders can be a useful strategy in a rising-rate environment.

A CD ladder is a way to spread out a large amount of money into multiple CDs of varying term lengths, such as one year, two years and three years. When each CD expires, you either withdraw funds if you need them or reinvest in another CD.
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Terry Pratchett - Wikipedia
“Chaos always defeats order, because it is better organised”
— Terry Pratchett
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Proof of life: how would we recognise an alien if we saw one? | Aeon Ideas
“We can’t say whether the alien will have eyes, or limbs, or be green. That’s not the kind of prediction good evolutionary theory can make. But natural selection tells us that its forms, goals and evolutionary pathways are constrained”
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Ben Kay on data and advertising
Every time we let our work be mediocre we prove the efficacy of Facebook and Google’s self-serve model by allowing any client to put expensive dull agency work next to inexpensive dull Facebook work and considering the latter to be a no-brainer.
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Is the secret of productivity really just doing what you enjoy? | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian
How did Luhmann publish 58 books and hundreds of articles – plus, impressively, several more books after his 1998 death, thanks to manuscripts he left behind? Because, said Luhmann, “I never force myself to do anything I don’t like. Whenever I am stuck, I do something else.”


I’ve experimented with countless time-management techniques, but the results leave me forced to agree: by far the biggest predictor of whether something gets done is whether it’s fun to do. The secret of productivity is simple: just do what you enjoy.
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Adwoa Aboah: “Gurls Talk was everything I wanted at school”
Once she began to speak out about her personal story via Gurls Talk however, the model says she was shocked by the number of young girls and women who came out of the woodwork saying they either had been or were going through the same thing now.
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Video Swells to 25% of US Digital Ad Spending - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
This year will mark a milestone for digital video advertising in the US, according to eMarketer’s latest ad spending forecast. In 2018, video will grow nearly 30% to $27.82 billion. That means video ad spending will make up 25% of US digital ad spending.


Facebook will capture nearly one-quarter (24.5%) of all video ad spending in the US this year, at $6.81 billion (including Instagram). That makes Facebook the top social video ad platform in the US. We expect that dominance to continue over the forecast period, with double-digit growth through 2020. Not surprisingly, Facebook controls nearly 87% of US social network video ad spending.
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Glossary of Music Production Terms
The Continuum Music Studio has complied a Glossary of Terms for Music Producers and Audio Engineers. We have been getting a lot of questions as of late on the “technical” side of thing so we dedicated a day of our lives to making this for you! Enjoy!
2 days ago
working on a tight timeline, since the site had to be ready to launch when the faucet debuted at New York Fashion Week. That’s one reason why we decided to create a landing page within the existing Brizo site, instead of a separate microsite. But in retrospect, that was the right choice for this launch regardless of the time constraints.

Navigational structure: Since this landing page exists within the Brizo website, it doesn’t have any internal navigation. Instead, we structured the content hierarchy to guide users through the story. The pace of the motion design was deliberately timed to make scrolling through the story as engaging as possible.

Technical features: To build the experience as we envisioned it—with parallax movement, scroll-triggered animations and efficient loading of media elements—we used requestAnimationFrame, IntersectionObserver and lazy loading, along with other tools. These tools helped us deliver a stunning site without compromising load times or performance.
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How long do bacteria and viruses live outside the body? - NHS
Flu viruses capable of being transferred to hands and causing an infection can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours. Infectious flu viruses can survive on tissues for only 15 minutes.
Like cold viruses, infectious flu viruses survive for much shorter periods on the hands. After 5 minutes the amount of flu virus on hands falls to low levels.
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Funko CEO Talks Plans for New York, Los Angeles Stores
For us, it's about three things. We have to make cool products, we have to have experiences for the fans, and we have to have a social media community that's global,” Mariotti explained.
4 days ago
Nike’s Jordan Brand Is Using a Facebook Messenger Bot to Deliver Content – Adweek
The bot delivers content from the Air.Jordan blog, Jordan News and Jordan.com via weekly updates, and that fare is divided into three categories: shop, Air.Jordan and watch.


Beta-testing of the new Messenger bot began around the time of the National Basketball Association’s All-Star Weekend in February, and Nike said the bot is generating open rates of 87 percent, far outpacing the typical 15 percent to 20 percent it sees from emails.
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4 days ago
Renault Italy Is Selling a Limited-Edition SUV Through a Facebook Messenger Chatbot – Adweek
Renault Italy is bringing 100 of its Captur Tokyo Edition, a limited-edition SUV, to the market—and it will sell them for the first time through a Facebook Messenger chatbot.


The above video promoting the campaign tells viewers that “the only way” to get their “hands on” the 100 “pieces” (cars) is to “speak with him.” The “him” seems to be the same mysterious character alluded to in the release, although he doesn’t appear to be all that mysterious.
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Fueling the US economy's middle market growth engine | World Economic Forum
And while they may be small in comparison to the better known mega-caps, middle market companies invest heavily in innovation, devoting 8% of revenue to R&D.


And while they may be small in comparison to the better known mega-caps, middle market companies invest heavily in innovation, devoting 8% of revenue to R&D.
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Meet the New Chief Collaboration Officer: The CMO – Adweek
This collaboration goes beyond simply attending the same meetings or jointly plotting product road maps. CarMax’s technology and marketing product teams share the same office space; since 2014, the company has created some two dozen cross-functional agile teams featuring software developers, user experience designers, data scientists and product managers.


“We didn’t want to create a role that was about the marketing channel, but one that was about advocating for the customer across touch points,” he says. “Our chief digital officer, our CIO and I spend a lot of time thinking about how we bring the specialness of the co-op to people who are meeting us for the first time on their phone instead of inside one of our stores.


“The big question for us is, how can technology enable people to spend more time outdoors, instead of being a barrier? If that’s what we need to deliver, then let’s put people in proximity together to collaborate around that outcome.”


“In the past, my go-to partner was always the head of sales,” she says. “Today I meet regularly with our product, customer support, finance, design, product and people teams. CMOs have to be master collaborators as well as master communicators.”
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Harpic wins Jay Chiat Grand Prix | WARC
Harpic offered free matrimonial newspaper ads – as placed by women, and their families, seeking to find a husband – when these messages featured the words “Ghar mein saaf shauchalay zaroori”, or “Home must have clean toilet”.

The effort reached 13m people in the target states, and 30% of relevant ads included the brand’s five desired “status words”. Moreover, some 5m households that previously did not have a toilet in these areas built one over the course of the campaign.
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4 days ago
NFL and TV executives attribute higher ratings this season to new stars, a fading national-anthem controversy and a distraction from political rancor
Five weeks into the sea­son, the av­er­age TV au­di­ence for a game is 15.6 mil­lion, up 3% com­pared with the same pe­riod a year ago, ac­cord­ing to Nielsen. Rat­ings re­main 16% lower than in the first five weeks of the 2015 sea­son.


The top 15 shows for all of Sep­tember were NFL games, Nielsen data show, a sign that de­spite rat­ings ero­sion in past sea­sons, foot­ball still is the most pop­u­lar pro­gram-ming on tele­vi­sion.


This year’s games also have been his­tor­i­cally high-scor­ing and close, pro­vid­ing a boost. Teams are av­er­ag­ing 24 points a game, the most in NFL his­tory, while the av­er­age mar­gin of vic­tory of about 10 points is smaller than any since 1932. Eight games have al­ready gone to over­time, ty­ing the most at this stage since over­time was in­sti­tuted in 1974.
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Brands are moving to in-house programmatic: Is it the right choice? - ClickZ
40% of advertisers use in-house programmatic. There’s been an interesting shift toward more companies moving that way, versus a more traditional approach of outsourcing the work to a third-party agency.
4 days ago
My Fashion Philosophy
8) Pattern clash is fun to inflict on people, it is free attention. More generally: always be more interesting than my clothes, and keep the bar high by wearing really interesting clothes.

(10) Always compliment fabulous outfits when I see them in the wild, even if just a stranger passing in the street.  People do not find this creepy they love it.
5 days ago
Ad of the Month – USA: Cheerios | WARC
The brand’s spike in Ad Awareness also corresponds with the launch of sister product Pumpkin Spice Cheerios – featured prominently on social media – and Cheerios’ partnerships with The Today Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
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More than 18 years after O, The Oprah Magazine first hit newsstands, the title is getting its own digital site
“We felt we were miss­ing an op­por­tu­nity by not con­nect­ing daily,” said Kate Lewis, chief con­tent of­fi­cer for Hearst Mag­a­zines. The web­site will be led by Ar­i­anna Davis, digi­tal di­rec­tor.
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6 days ago
Ride-Hailing Firm Lyft Taps Joy Howard as New CMO
“Joy is a world-class mar­keter and un­matched brand strate­gist who’s go­ing to help take Lyft to the next level,” said Jon Mc­Neill, chief op­er­at­ing of­fi­cer of Lyft, in the state­ment. “Her mis­sion-dri­ven ap­proach to scal­ing brands aligns per­fectly with our vi­sion for Lyft.”
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6 days ago
Freshly Minted - Sun Valley Magazine Sun Valley Magazine
The acoustics in here are pretty sick,” Conrad said. Not much has changed upstairs since Conrad purchased the building. Willis tore down the original building, which housed a dive bar also known as The Mint and built a state-of-the-art sound system for the upstairs hall, which holds 369 music lovers.
7 days ago
Confidence in Higher Education Down Since 2015
Confidence at 48%.

Republicans and Democrats now show a 23-point gap in confidence in higher education, compared with 12 points in 2015.

No other institution has shown a larger drop in confidence over the past three years than higher education. The next-largest decline was a four-point decrease in confidence in the church or organized religion. Since 2015, there has been a five-point increase in confidence in the Supreme Court and four-point increases for the presidency and big business. On average, confidence in the institutions Gallup tracks annually shows a one-point increase in confidence since 2015.
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Data culture: Where organization meets analytics | McKinsey
1. Data culture is decision culture

Rob Casper, chief data officer, JPMorgan Chase: The best advice I have for senior leaders trying to develop and implement a data culture is to stay very true to the business problem: What is it and how can you solve it? If you simply rely on having huge quantities of data in a data lake, you’re kidding yourself. Volume is not a viable data strategy. The most important objective is to find those business problems and then dedicate your data-management efforts toward them. Solving business problems must be a part of your data strategy.

Jeff Luhnow, general manager, Houston Astros: We were able to start with a fresh piece of paper and say, “OK, given what we think is going to happen in the industry for the next five years, how would we set up a department?” That’s where we started: “OK, are we going to call it analytics or are we going to call it something else?” We decided to name it “decision sciences.” Because really what it was about for us is: How we are going to capture the information and develop models that are going to help the decision makers, whether it’s the general manager, the farm director who runs the minor-league system, or the scouting director who makes the draft decisions on draft day. How are we going to provide them with the information that they need to do a better job?

2. Data culture, C-suite imperatives, and the board

For a data scientist—if you’re an analyst or a manager—to get the opportunity to go sit with the CEO of a company and then have him look at you and say, “That’s really cool. That’s awesome. Well done,” that goes further to retention than almost anything else you can do. And he’s willing to go do that from a culture perspective, because he understands the value of it as well.
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8 days ago
Hatch Show Print
Love the look of old time letterpress concert posters from bands like the Black Keys or Willie Nelson? Hatch Show Print in Nashville is one of the oldest letterpress shops in the U.S. to make concert posters and they were recently featured on the nightly news,
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8 days ago
'Chunky Slut Stalker That Woman,' aka Monica Lewinsky, embraces name-calling in her latest anti-bullying PSA | AdAge
October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and few people know as much about the subject as Monica Lewinsky. Since reemerging into the public years after the global ridicule she enduring after a dalliance with Bill Clinton, she has become a staunch anti-bullying activist.

A year ago, her PSA “In Real Life,” created by BBDO New, brought online insults into the real world, triggering impassioned defenses of victims by unwary passersby. Now Lewinsky and BBDO NY are back with another campaign, for which she’s changed her name.
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8 days ago
Introducing Amazon 4-star
omorrow, we’re opening Amazon 4-star, a new physical store where everything for sale is rated 4 stars and above, is a top seller, or is new and trending on Amazon.com.
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8 days ago
In-Vision | Communication Arts
Favorite details: The custom-made CGI renderings of the products and the interactive explosion video of one of In-Vision’s light engines. Together with the 3-D artist Nejc Kilar, we made the renderings fit the new In-Vision branding. If users look closely, users can see little realistic scratches on the metal. In the end, all these details give the site a unique and dynamic feel.
9 days ago
Foursquare data: Kaepernick ad drove shoppers to Nike
Foursquare also compared foot traffic in blue counties to red counties to get a sense of the political breakdown. (Foursquare defined red counties or blue counties based on which 2016 presidential candidate receive 55% of the votes or more.)

In blue counties, foot traffic to Nike stores went up 27.3%, and in red counties, it went up 8.5%.
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9 days ago
The Case for Chaos (revisited) | canalside view
We know from the work of Binet and Field published by the IPA in its report The Link Between Creativity And Effectiveness, that creativity amplifies the impact of marketing monies (measured as share growth) by a factor of eleven.
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9 days ago
ClickZ's guide to email marketing triggered messages
According to the Data & Marketing Association (D&MA), email marketing has a median ROI of 122%, four times higher than any other channel. Last month, Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed 1,000 consumers and found that 47% prefer to receive messages from brands via email. That shows that email marketing is so lucrative because consumers are actually receptive to it. But only when it’s good.

Triggered emails can be:
Post purchase
Card abandonment
Lapsed user
Event offers, like consumer birthdays.
11 days ago
Did Dunkin's Big Name Change Pay Off? - QSR magazine
Silly article. Timing and things that they are measuring.
12 days ago
Pentagram takes on the used car business for Vroom
Pentagram says it purposefully avoided the blue that tech companies love so much, and instead opted for bright red as the main brand colour, which will be used with an extended palette that borrows from speedway racing flags.
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12 days ago
New Edelman study finds consumer believe brands can help fix societal ills
Al­most 40% of peo­ple sur­veyed said they bought a prod­uct for the first time for the sole rea­son that they ap­pre­ci­ated the brand’s po­si­tion on a con­tro­ver­sial so­ci­etal or po­lit­i­cal is­sue, ac­cord­ing to the study, which was con­ducted in July by pub­lic re­la­tions gi­ant Edel­man

About 64% of peo­ple polled chose to switch, avoid or boy­cott a brand based on its stand on so­cial or po­lit­i­cal is­sues. Edel­man has dubbed these types of con­sumers: “Be­lief Dri­ven Buy­ers.”

Some 69% of re­spon­dents to the Edel­man sur­vey who were 18 to 34 years old are con­sid­ered “Be­lief-Dri­ven Buy­ers.”
13 days ago
Deloitte Forecast: Retail Holiday Sales to Climb 5 to 5.6 Percent – Press release | Deloitte US
Retail holiday sales are expected to increase a robust 5 to 5.6 percent over last year’s shopping season, according to Deloitte’s annual retail holiday sales forecast.

Deloitte’s Retail and Distribution practice expects total holiday sales (seasonally adjusted and excluding motor vehicles and gasoline) to exceed $1.10 trillion between November and January.

Additionally, Deloitte forecasts a 17 to 22 percent increase in e-commerce sales in 2018 compared with 16.6 percent in 2017. E-commerce sales are expected to reach $128 to $134 billion during the 2018 holiday season.
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13 days ago
Driven in large part by an increase in the percentage of firms
over the past six years − from 0.42% of all companies in
2011 to 0.97% by 2017 − middle market firms’ share of both
employment and revenue jumped significantly; from less than
20% to more than 27% of employment, and from 20% to
nearly 27% in revenue. This gain has held steady over the past
few years.

The 179,782 companies that make up the middle market
generate a combined $9.3 trillion in revenues, and employ
roughly 52.7 million workers in total.
13 days ago
The Weekly Listen: Working Towards Nothing, the Rural-Urban Digital Divide and a Chatbot Therapist by eMarketer on #SoundCloud
Income is flat HH med income. Since 1977.

Debt up.

What’s going on? My take

Uncoupling of everything / people who measure try to all-up this and make correlation.

This means don’t try to be the right answer. Be your own right answer.
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14 days ago
The strategic business value of the blockchain market | McKinsey
Blockchain was a priority topic at Davos; a World Economic Forum survey suggested that 10 percent of global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027.2
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15 days ago
eMarketer Unveils Pinterest Ad Revenue Forecast - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
In our first-ever ad revenues forecast for Pinterest, we expect the social network to generate more than $500 million in US ad revenues this year, a 43.8% change from last year.

By the end of the forecasting period in 2020, Pinterest ad revenues are estimated to cross the $1 billion mark.
15 days ago
Walmart to salad growers: If you want to sell, you have to blockchain
“We’re requiring our suppliers of fresh leafy greens to be able to trace back their product to the source, to the farms, in seconds and not days or weeks,” Frank Yiannas, Walmart’s vice president for food safety, said Monday.
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15 days ago
Cargo | Communication Arts
The deeper u go the darker it gets
17 days ago
Leo Rayman on Twitter: "Measurably Mediocre. #awks https://t.co/z9tNEMCOCG"
Unfortunately it is often better to be measurably mediocre than immeasuably brilliant.
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17 days ago
Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2018 | McKinsey
As they regard economic conditions at home and in the world economy, executives are warier than they have been all year. For the third quarter in a row, respondents to McKinsey’s newest survey of executive sentiment share less positive assessments of the economy’s current state,1 and their outlook for the months ahead is also cautious.
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17 days ago
Galileo's newly discovered letter shows his attempt to outsmart the Inquisition — Quartz
It seems Galileo went ahead and wrote a different, more delicately phrased version of his 1613 letter to Castelli. He then asked a friendly cleric in Rome, Piero Dini, to pass it along to the Vatican, saying that his enemies in the Church had doctored the original letter to make him look bad.
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17 days ago
Channel 4 rebrands its digital channels
“People talk about TV shows rather than TV channels. The branding and the packaging that sits around that is vital and where you can unite the brand message is really important.”
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18 days ago
BBC Two rebrands - and there are no fluffy numbers in sight
In a recent interview with the Guardian, Holland confirmed there would also be a shake up of BBC Two’s programming, with the channel working with Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker on new shows. It will also be airing an adaptation of the Booker Prize-winning novel The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.
design  rebranding 
18 days ago
Freddie gets a facelift in Collins’ Mailchimp rebrand
That said, it’s interesting to see a growing brand hanging onto some of the fun of its startup years, and Mailchimp’s illustrations of birds wearing boots, and people in giant trousers certainly takes away some of the tedium of sending out marketing emails.
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18 days ago
How WordPress errors can negatively affect your SEO | Search Engine Watch
WordPress is such a popular Content Management System that it now powers up to 30 percent of all the websites existing over the Internet. Its popularity as a seamlessly easy-to-use website builder has made it the first choice of inexperienced and non-technical users who want to build their own websites through it.
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18 days ago
Dunkin' Donuts unveils new identity to highlight coffee focus | The Drum
Dunkin' Donuts has rebranded itself as just Dunkin' to represent the company's focus on serving coffee quickly.

The new brand identity was designed by agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) which worked alongside agency partners BBDO New York and Arc Worldwide and is build on the tagline ‘America Runs On Dunkin’. The logo will retain its pink and orange colour and will feature on the company's packaging, advertising, website, and social channels.
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18 days ago
Wild Alchemy – Helping companies and individuals Create Something Amazing (TM)
She delivered an insight to us that lead our entire campaign strategy which is ‘Portland is the closest place you can feel far away.’ The work from that was so effective that we are entering it
planning  insight 
18 days ago
Wonderful Pistachios celebrating a decade as healthy snacking leader - The Produce News - Covering fresh produce around the globe since 1897.
Since 2015, brand awareness jumped to 85 percent from 60 percent and continues to climb. Recent campaigns such as the beloved Ernie the Elephant, voiced by WWE Superstar John Cena and “Put a Smile on Your Snackface” with NFL stars Richard Sherman and Clay Matthews, led Wonderful Pistachios’ increased household penetration and buy rate per household.


Wonderful Pistachios will be investing in another $55 million integrated marketing campaign that will launch in November.
20 days ago
Three-fourths of the Nation’s Businesses Don’t Have Paid Employees
That’s because CBP only provides data on businesses that have employees on their payroll. But, in 2016, only 23.8 percent of the 32,570,855 establishments in the United States had paid employees.

That means the remaining 76.2 percent of establishments were nonemployers or establishments that don’t have any paid employees. And those data come from the 2016 Nonemployer Statistics (NES).
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20 days ago
Americans Give GOP Slim Edge to Ensure Security, Prosperity
Americans are slightly more inclined to believe the Republican Party would do a better job than the Democratic Party at both keeping the U.S. secure from external threats, and keeping the country prosperous. The GOP holds a six-percentage-point advantage on security, 47% to 41%, and a five-point edge on prosperity, 47% to 42%. At the same time, Americans are evenly split as to which party would better handle the "most important problem" facing the country.
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20 days ago
Every Next Level of Your Life Will Demand a Different You
Every Next Level of Your Life Will Demand a Different You
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20 days ago
What makes Pinterest so shoppable?: Q&A with Product Manager Tim Weingarten
Most social networks have tried—and struggled—to become shoppable, an area where Pinterest is thriving. According to internal data, 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase because of


People use Pinterest to achieve something, like a project or an intent they have in mind. It’s almost like pre-shopping. With the objective of wanting to spruce up your living room, you pivot that through our search interface. You see an ottoman you like and from there, it starts to make sense.


Shop the Look solves the problem. Creators can tag their images and we distribute them with Shop the Look content. We also do it ourselves with visual search on older images. I like that it brings value for the products being utilized; the Pinner, whose problem is solved; and the content creator, who’s building affiliate revenue.
20 days ago
CBD – Quartz Obsession — Quartz
In Coca-Cola’s franchise model, bottlers add both the water and the sweeteners, meaning that the company can focus on its legendarily secret formula, which is harder than you’d think to reverse engineer. Allegedly only two employees at a time know the whole thing, and they travel separately. Over the years we’ve gotten a general sense of what goes into it, even if the specifics of the current recipe aren’t known outside the company, but no one has cracked the code.
20 days ago
People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves
People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves

In 1963, Pepsi hired a young advertising executive named Alan Pottasch to address the issue. Pottasch’s task was, to put it gently, difficult. He was to reinvigorate a brand competing against one of the most successful of all time, a product that not only outclassed Pepsi in every consumer-driven category, but was also — chemically — nearly identical. And so Pottasch made a decision that would later become iconic — as he put it, “…to stop talking about the product, and start talking about the user.” Here is Tim Wu in his book, The Attention Merchants, on the decision:

[Pottasch] thus conceived of marketing Pepsi without reference to its inherent qualities, focusing instead on an image of the people who bought it, or should be buying it.
For the first time in history, a brand decided to promote the type of user that purchased a product as opposed to the product itself. Beyond that, Pepsi promoted the idea of an entirely new generation, one free from the manipulative, consumerist messages being perpetuated by the mass media. (It was, after all, the 1960s.) This group would come to be known as “The Pepsi Generation.”
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20 days ago
Banks open branches across state – Idaho Business Review
“In 1994, Idaho had 376 bank branches with $9.2 billion in deposits located throughout the state,” he said. “Today, Idahoans choose to entrust $25 billion in deposits in over 500 bank branch locations.”

During the past six months, 66 percent of millennials visited a bank branch, most of which involved walk-in and not just ATM services, he said.
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20 days ago
Text of Steve Jobs' Commencement address (2005)
1. You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

2. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

3. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
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21 days ago
CTS - conserve the sound
Conserving what old things sound like
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22 days ago
WPP weighs merger of Young & Rubicam, ad firm VML - MarketWatch
One idea under consideration is a merger between Young & Rubicam and WPP's digital-ad firm VML, with VML CEO Jon Cook leading the combined business, according to people familiar with the matter. That change would place Mr. Cook at the helm of Young & Rubicam, an agency that WPP acquired in 2000 for the record-breaking sum of $4.7 billion, and that sports accounts as varied as Rolex and the U.S. Marine Corps. The new entity could be called VMLY&R, according to one of the people.
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