GroupM Sets Its Own Viewability Standards For Social In-Feed Ads | AdExchanger
“We will test until we’re happy that we’ve got really good data, but it’ll probably take us three to four months to do that,” Montgomery said. “We want to study it more before we put a definitive line in the sand with duration.”

For instance, a user engages with a six-second YouTube pre-roll ad differently than a vertical video ad on Snap. If those discrepancies are significant, they could lead to the need for different viewability standards across platforms – and ultimately add more complexity to the viewability conversation.

“It would be great if we could have one standard that makes sense to most people, but we may well end up with having to adapt standards for other formats,” Montgomery said.
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13 hours ago
Gartner Releases "Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2017"
Technologies That Will Have a Transformational Impact in the Next Five to 10 Years

Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) are a high-level design model in which user and machine interactions primarily occur in the user's spoken or written natural language. CUIs had huge growth in 2017, with chatbots, messaging platforms and virtual speakers contributing to the boom. The explosion in the availability of conversational platforms is making CUIs an alternative to graphical user interfaces.

Virtual assistants (VAs) help users or organizations with sets of tasks that previously could only be carried out by humans. VAs use artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist users or automate tasks. VAs listen and observe behaviors, build and maintain data models, and predict and recommend actions. They may act for the user, forming a relationship with the user over time. VAs' importance will grow as society moves into the post-app era in the next five years.
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What’s in a brand? – Patricia McDonald – Medium
So how do we define a brand in 2017 and beyond? In some ways, little has changed. In broadest terms, a brand is a set of associations, imprinted through emotion and triggered though recognition. Clear purpose, compelling communication, clear identity.


The challenge going forward will be twofold: how to infuse these new interactions with emotion and how to brand them. Amazon’s move to trademark the glowing blue ring of its Echo devices may be the first of many.


So what’s in a brand? Brands with a clear purpose-or cause-will endure. Those that can combine that cause with a new approach to craft will thrive.
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2 days ago
How to stop professionalising ourselves to death | canalside view
about truth than power. Political figures are fascinated with the agency and some, like Senator Bill Bradley, have come by on a fairly frequent basis, just to share a meal, get our sense of things. I remember the first time Bradley spent a couple of hours in our conference room with about a dozen freaks from the agency. Clinton had just been elected, and Bradley was being considered for Secretary of State. He wasn’t there to lecture, or press the flesh, but to listen. It was a fascinating meeting, very frank, wide ranging. When I drove him back to the airport, he said, “what an amazing group of people. So young, so bright, so well informed. But I gotta tell you what was most astonishing was the complete lack of deference…to you, to me, to anyone.” He wasn’t complaining, he was just mesmerized by the informality, the absence of authority.”


Collaboration: To test his hypothesis, Wilson revisited a well-documented account of the behavior of titmice and red robins in Great Britain. In the late nineteenth century, milkmen left open bottles of milk outside people’s doors. A rich cream would rise to the tops of the bottles. Two garden birds common in Great Britain, titmice and red robins, began to eat the cream. In the 1930s, after the birds had been enjoying the cream for about 50 years, the British put aluminium seals on the milk bottles. By the early 1950s, the entire estimated population of one million titmice in Great Britain had learned to pierce the seals. However, the robins never acquired that skill. Being territorial birds, not social ones, they lacked the necessary social system for propagating innovation.

The implications for the organisation would seem to be clear. Hire for social and collaborative skills. And blow up the silos and processes and attitudes that prevent sharing and collaboration.


Cities: The thing that is amazing about cities is as they grow, so to speak, their dimensionality increases. That is, the space of opportunity, the space of functions, the space of jobs just continually increases. And the data shows that. If you look at job categories, it continually increases. I’ll use the word “dimensionality.” It opens up. And in fact, one of the great things about cities is that it supports crazy people. You walk down Fifth Avenue, you see crazy people. There are always crazy people. Well, that’s good. Cities are tolerant of extraordinary diversity.”

In contrast, as they grow companies allow themselves to be dominated by bureaucracy and administration over creativity and innovation, strangling variance and diversity – in effect their own death warrant.
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» Keeping projects on track: Overcoming cognitive biases in project planning and delivery | The Behavioural Insights Team
Pre-mortem – Intended to partially address the planning fallacy, a pre-mortem requires decision makers and project teams to imagine that their project has failed, overrun or overspent, and to work backwards to conceive of all the possible reasons why this happened. Explicitly including contingencies for these risks in project plans helps set more realistic goals, and an important part of this is creating a work environment in which recognising the likelihood of setbacks is not seen as defeatist or incompetent (this is no easy task – none of us wants to start a project admitting that it will probably go wrong at some point).
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Why the 'incredibly strong' demand in Ada County's housing market? | News | mymeridianpress.com
Nationwide, people are selling their house every 12 years on average — down from every seven years in the past, Mount said.
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Spring reading scores show signs of improvement
But the most recent reading scores also illustrate the task at hand. At the end of the 2016-17 school year, more than 23,000 K-3 students still could not read at grade level.
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“Leave the crown in the garage”: What I’ve learned from a decade of being PepsiCo’s CEO | Indra Nooyi | LinkedIn
When I became CEO, I tried to do the same. But the way I thought about all this changed completely in 2007 when I traveled to India to visit my mother for the first time after being named CEO. A steady stream of family and friends came into the house. They’d go right over to my mother and say, “Congratulations.” Or “You did such a good job raising Indra.” 

Watching them, I realized I’d never done for our senior executives at PepsiCo what my mothers’ family and friends were doing for her. So, as soon as I got back, I decided to send a letter thanking the parents of some of our executives. And since then, I’ve sent similar letters to spouses.

The impact of these letters has led to some of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had at PepsiCo. If I have one request for those of you reading this who lead people, try this. The reactions you get will move you more than you can know.


And yet, for all the painful choices my husband and I have had to make, I also know our family has been incredibly fortunate. Many families in this country don’t have extended family to help with childcare or jobs that give them the financial means to pay for additional support.

This is a challenge we need to take on urgently. We need to come together, as corporations and as a society to support workers who are caring for young children, aging parents, or both.
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4 days ago
The 5 Stages of Travel: How to maximise your marketing impact | SiteMinder
Dreaming: first thinking (e.g., is this first touch?)
Planning: online research
Booking: online booking
Experiencing: the trip
Sharing: while they travel, after travel
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VQVC: Volume, Quality, Value & Cost - john@drakecooper.com - Drake Cooper Mail
Another useful way to categorize your KPIs is with the “Volume, Quality, Value and Cost” model. This helps you focus on the four measures that are of any real value in your SEO campaign.

Volume: Unique visitors, visits, page views and so on
Quality: Bounce rate, visit duration, pages per visit
Value: What is the financial value of a visit/lead/conversion?
Cost: How much does it cost to acquire a lead or sale from SEO?
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Is Beer Getting Too Complex? Bud Light Thinks So | CMO Strategy - AdAge
Indeed, even amid the craft beer boom, traditional lagers still command the majority of market share. Bud Light finished last year with 16.2% share, followed by Coors Light (7.0%), Budweiser (6.6%) and Miller Lite (6.2%), according to Beer Marketer's Insights.

Still, small brands have stolen the buzz across the packaged food and drink industry. But with its new "America's favorite light lager" message, Bud Light is leaning into its size. "Big does not equal bad. There is a reason that this brand sells as much as it does," Goeler says.
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Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
The results could not be clearer: Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on nonscreen activities are more likely to be happy.


There’s not a single exception. All screen activities are linked to less happiness, and all nonscreen activities are linked to more happiness. Eighth-graders who spend 10 or more hours a week on social media are 56 percent more likely to say they’re unhappy than those who devote less time to social media. Admittedly, 10 hours a week is a lot. But those who spend six to nine hours a week on social media are still 47 percent more likely to say they are unhappy than those who use social media even less. The opposite is true of in-person interactions. Those who spend an above-average amount of time with their friends in person are 20 percent less likely to say they’re unhappy than those who hang out for a below-average amount of time
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Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virginia Revamps Vocational Track
When it comes to technical education, the United States is an
outlier compared with other developed nations. Only 6 percent of American high school students were enrolled in a vocational course of study, according to a 2013 Department of Education report. In the United Kingdom, 42 percent were on the vocational track; in Germany, it was 59 percent; in the Netherlands, 67 percent; and in Japan, 25 percent
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There’s A Genius Street Artist Running Loose In New York, And Let’s Hope Nobody Catches Him | Bored Panda
Using street "furniture" like poles or electrical terminals, Tom creates colorful and whimsical pieces that interact with their surroundings. From turning a sewer into a frying pan, to transforming gas meters into quirky lobsters, Tom Bob is making the city a much happier place for everybody.
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8 days ago
Amazon (AMZN) owns a whole collection of secret brands, USPTO trademark filings reveal — Quartz
Trawling through over 800 trademarks that Amazon has either been awarded or applied for through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Quartz identified 19 brands that are owned by Amazon and sell products or
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How to shelter from fallout after a nuclear attack on your city
Your best bet is to stay until emergency responders come. Given that we're talking about a low-yield bomb, which may have a blast radius of less than a mile, this isn't a disaster that has taken out the nation's power structure. Help will arrive soon. But let's say nobody does come. Dillon says his personal preference would be to wait about 12-24 hours before going outside. But, he emphasized, "wait for emergency responders because they'll help with an evacuation route." You don't want to jump out of your fallout shelter and walk right into the path of the radiation.
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25 Best Tourism Board Websites in the World in 2017 – Skift
Visit Idaho: This site pushes family travel and offers parents plenty of reasons to plan a family vacation to the state. The navigation bar at the top of the homepage also lets travelers click through to watch 360-degree videos of various places around the state. The imagery throughout the site drives home the point that this is a state that keeps family travel at the heart of its tourism marketing.
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10 days ago
Annie Dillard's Classic Essay 'Total Eclipse' - The Atlantic
paragraph 15. “The sky snapped over the sun like a lens cover. The hatch in the brain slammed. Abruptly it was dark night, on the land and in the sky. In the night sky was a tiny ring of light. The hole where the sun belongs is very small. A thin ring of light marked its place. The eyes dried, the arteries drained, the lungs hushed. There was no world. In the sky was something that should not be there”
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12 days ago
Cleaving to the Medieval, Journeymen Ply Their Trades in Europe
According to custom, young men and women wishing to become journeymen find someone already on the road to sponsor them and help organize their trip. Prospective journeymen are debt-free, unmarried and no older than 30. They agree to stay away from home for at least as long it took to complete their traineeship — usually two or three years — plus a day, and to live by their wits, their trade and the generosity of strangers.
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12 days ago
Apple Finally Joined Instagram. Here’s How It Plans to Use It – Adweek
It will surely attract gobs of followers in the coming days, but rather than signaling a new social strategy for the tech giant, the move is instead designed, at least at first, simply to extend an existing ad campaign—“Shot on iPhone,” which has been running since 2015 and will now get the full Instagram treatment.
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12 days ago
So Far, American Grocery Shoppers Buck Online Shopping Trend | Gallup
While more and more Americans are shopping online in lieu of going to stores, this trend has not yet hit the retail grocery industry in a significant way. Nine percent of U.S. adults report their household orders groceries online for pickup or delivery at least once a month, including 4% who do it at least weekly. By contrast, almost all Americans say someone in their family shops for groceries in person at least once a month, with 83% going at least once a week.


Americans living in the eastern U.S. and those residing in cities are modestly more likely than their counterparts to use online grocery shopping technology. Working adults, perhaps because they have less time to shop, are almost twice as likely as those who aren't working to do their grocery shopping online. Income is not related to online shopping for groceries
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12 days ago
The complete history of the IBM PC, part two: The DOS empire strikes | Ars Technica
History of the IBM PC and its part in the rise of Microsoft. Bill Gates’s early manoeuvres are all the more dazzling with hindsight. He persuaded IBM to rely on Microsoft for the IBM PC’s operating system; found a third-party operating system called 86-DOS and customised it as MS-DOS; persuaded IBM to pay royalties for using MS-DOS; then bought 86-DOS from its author for peanuts. “MS-DOS, purchased for $50,000, was earning Microsoft more than $200 million per year by 1991”
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14 days ago
Digitised Manuscripts
Notebook of Leonardo da Vinci ('The Codex Arundel'). A collection of papers written in Italian by Leonardo da Vinci (b. 1452, d. 1519), in his characteristic left-handed mirror-writing (reading from right to left), including diagrams, drawings and brief texts, covering a broad range of topics in science and art, as well as personal notes. The core of the notebook is a collection of materials that Leonardo describes as 'a collection without order, drawn from many papers, which I have copied here, hoping to arrange them later each in its place.
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Out-of-Home Ratings Are Significantly Boosting in-Home Audiences for Sports and News – Adweek
Nielsen execs talked about out-of-home measurement—which incorporates TV consumption in environments like offices, airports, hotels, bars and other people’s homes— during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.


During the first five months of the year, Nielsen found that viewers spent an average of 2 hours, 37 minutes watching sports events outside of the home and just over two hours (2 hours, 2 minutes) watching news. The other categories lag far behind those two, with less than one hour of out-of-home viewing between January and May.

During former FBI director James Comey’s testimony on June 8, out-of-home viewing saw an 11 percent lift among broadcast networks in the 18-49 demo, while cable networks received a 17 percent increase. CNN alone received an 18 percent increase in its 25-54 demo above the network’s live-plus-7 delivery.


Seventy-three million people, representing 62 percent of TV households, now have access to at least one of three connected devices: smart TVs, digital streaming devices or video game consoles. Nielsen said 17.1 percent of TV households own XBox devices, 15.7 percent own Playstation devices, 11.8 percent have Wii devices, 9.5 percent own Roku devices, 8.5 percent own Amazon devices, 6.6 percent have Apple devices and 5.1 percent own Chromecast devices.
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The sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense - Vox
Named after cognitive scientist Roger Shepard, the sound consists of several tones separated by an octave layered on top of each other. As the lowest bass tone starts to fade in, the higher treble tone fades out. When the bass completely fades in and the treble completely fades out, the sequence loops back again. Because you can always hear at least two tones rising in pitch at the same time, your brain gets tricked into thinking that the sound is constantly ascending in pitch.
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14 days ago
The truth about being a working mother | Parenting - Red Online
And then, of course, even with help, there have been days where I’m so sad that as soon as my kids go to bed, all I can do is pour a glass of wine, sit on the couch and breathe.

And sometimes, even breathing seems challenging. At which point, I invariably start making lists in my head of things I’m convinced I need to do to feel better. I need to see a therapist. I need medication. I need to exercise or be a vegan or join a dating site or learn to meditate.

For some reason, in this day and age, we’re always trying to ‘fix’ ourselves. Especially as women. We’re convinced that happiness is just a pill or a plan away.

But lately I’ve been wondering if there is anything so wrong with just being really sad. If, in fact, being really sad is the only way to ‘fix’ anything. Because pain brings us back to our most basic selves and forces us to figure out what we actually need to live. Which, it turns out, is not that much. Just a few things that you love.

Thirdly, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like someone you really care about. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re tired, sleep. If you’re sad, cry (that’s what showers are for). And finally, don’t be afraid of your own story.

Even if it doesn’t work out the way you expected it to. Even if it feels like failure. No matter what happens, it is still the story of your life and nobody else can tell it.
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16 days ago
Los York Content
Our calling is “Holy Shit!”

A guttural, visceral reaction to magical and inspiring content.

Los York is an award-winning collective of versatile creative thinkers and doers. With a nimble, yet world-class mindset and cross-disciplined execution talent, we are an optimized creative strike force, unlike any other.
16 days ago
Blake Griffin Takes A Sociological Look At The Playground For Jordan Brand
the goal was to pull from the brand’s iconic heritage to inspire today’s generation. “In 1984, MJ participated in his first Nike photo shoot on a Chicago playground, and that shoot was the inspiration for the ‘Welcome to the Playground’ concept,” says Marzette. You might recognize that 1984 Jordan ad as the birth of the Jumpman logo.
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16 days ago
In retail it’s not who you are, but what you want that matters — Quartz
Here’s why: a 46-year-old parent searching for construction paper at 8 am isn’t being talked to as a member of Gen X—fiercely independent, shaped by divorce, recession, and/or the Cold War. She’s not viewed as an executive, or even as a mother. Instead, she’s being approached as someone with a need. The same need as, say, a 26-year-old single man in search of construction paper for a 9 am brainstorm at work. The “micro-moments” concept buckets these varying needs into “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want to do,” and “I want to buy.”

When a woman wants construction paper, several things (her location, time of day) matter far more than the year she was born.

In this, circumstance trumps generational demographics—the woman could be 46 or 24; the need she has is connected to being a parent, not her age or gender.
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16 days ago
Government Report | AAF
According to prior reports, Senate talks on tax reform have been centered on a framework similar to the plan introduced in 2014 by former Ways and Means Committee Chair Dave Camp, R-Mich. That plan called for lowering the corporate tax rate to 25 percent while eliminating many tax preferences and deductions, including limiting the federal deduction for advertising expenses to 50% in the current year with the remaining 50% amortized over ten years. A similar plan was introduced at the same time in the Senate by then Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus, D-Mont., although the amortization schedule in the Senate plan was for five years. There has been no indication that the advertising deduction is currently under consideration.
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16 days ago
Urban Dictionary: Verrado
A extremelly boring "Desert-suburb" community near the vacinity of PHX, Arizona..it is full of rich caucasian teenagers who are often under the influence of illegall substances due to their lack of "ACTIVITIES" and sharing a mountian range with exotic desert wildlife (example: snakes, crickets, deers, dog-eating-coyotes, ect.)
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17 days ago
Best ways to write a creative brief | WARC
Furthermore, the brief needs the final creative springboard or key thought to give creatives a clear direction: in This Girl Can: “It doesn’t matter how you do it; the brilliant thing is that you are doing it.”
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17 days ago
If I could tell you 3 things – notes from a brief career in the public service – disambiguity
1. Your organisation will benefit more from you being user centred than the users ever will.

2. Orient everything you can in your organisation around real user journeys

3. Seek the truth, even if it’s ugly
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18 days ago
Opinion / Brand Building in the age of Invisible Technology – Contagious Communications
‘You’ve probably heard the argument that for an app to be truly successful it needs to earn a place on your home screen…. we could see another whole class of apps that not only don’t need to fight for a home screen slot, they don’t need to be opened at all to add value. And that’s interesting.’


So how do we build brands in the age of invisible interactions? The answer, it seems to me, is a two pronged approach.

The first is to future proof our brands to thrive in a world of connected and predictive data, a world that has shifted from e-commerce to everywhere commerce. This means investing in mining and integrating the diverse data sets (social data, search data, site data, location data) that every brand today has at their disposal to better understand user needs in real time.

Second: opening up new dimensions in how we think about branding. Thinking not just about tone of voice or look and feel, but about the body language of a brand in the digital space. How do our brands feel, swipe and gesture? What are the ergonomics of our brand? In the world of invisible technology, micro-interactions are king. (It is interesting to note that even Siri, Apple’s much maligned personal assistant is slowly developing a personality).


Brand positioning is no longer enough. In the world of invisible technology, brands need an active brand purpose – a purpose that comes to life through digital products and services that deliver genuine value for the user. In a world of invisible interactions, only the truly valuable will command time and attention.
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18 days ago
The U.S. Is the Sick Man of the Developed World - Bloomberg
I realize the type is awfully small if you're reading this on anything other than a big computer screen, but the overall point is that the U.S. has been losing ground relative to other OECD members in most measures of living standards. 1 And in the areas where the U.S. hasn't lost ground (poverty rates, high school graduation rates), it was at or near the bottom of the heap to begin with. The clear message is that the U.S. -- the richest nation on Earth, as is frequently proclaimed, although it's actually not the richest per capita -- is increasingly becoming the developed world's poor relation as far as the actual living standards of most of its population go.
america  economics  global  politics  education 
19 days ago
Top Ten Most Expensive Funko POPs – Collective POP
For some of us collecting POPs is more than a hobby, more than an obsession, it is a lifestyle. Taking time out of our busy schedules to hunt down our favorite POPs, even cutting into the piggy bank to purchase some of those harder to find items. Whether you are an in box collector or an out of box collector, where you enjoy DC POPs or prefer Marvel Funko items (*cough cough* like us)- we are all in the same boat. We love our POPs and we are not ashamed to admit it.
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19 days ago
Terri & Sandy

Terri & Sandy is the fierce (but friendly) creative agency that delivers big-agency expertise faster, smarter, and more cost efficiently. We're also Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year for 2017 and the industry record-holder for chandeliers per capita.
agencybusiness  agencies 
19 days ago
Is the world really better than ever? | News | The Guardian
Humans in general are living longer and better than ever before. The past 200 years have been the most amazing period of rising prosperity in human history, bringing technologies and opportunities unimaginable in earlier generations. So why don’t we feel more optimistic about the future? First, because we measure our success against our immediate neighbours, rather than against humanity in general. Second, because we think things can only go downhill from here
global  history  guardian  philosophy  thefuture  happiness 
20 days ago
Marketing to women: the new rulebook | WARC
Thirdly, think about the possibilities of being a woman, instead of the responsibilities.
women  warc 
20 days ago
Advertisers still rely on stereotypes | WARC
A few of the initiatives that have led the way, he argued, are Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”, Ariel’s “Share the Load”, Always’ “Like a Girl” and State Street Global Advisors’ “Fearless Girl” statue in New York City.

The results of the analysis conducted by JWT and the Geena Davis Institute, however, indicate that these are outliers rather than harbingers of real change.

“When you think about it, we have these great moments … and they’re supposed to represent our industry moving forward – what we often call our ‘tentpole’ moments,” said Choi.

“The problem is: there’s no tent. They are just poles. Which is really surprising, because we champion these moments and celebrate them … But there’s nothing else in between them; nothing that’s being lifted up by these great ads.

“So what this research really tells us is in the regular ads that we do for our regular clients every day, our industry is failing.”
advertising  women 
20 days ago
Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport With Anyone
Once the individual being targeted in the conversation supplies more words and thoughts, a great conversationalist will utilize the content given and continue to ask open ended questions about the same content. The entire time, the individual being targeted is the one supplying the content of the conversation.
conversation  collaboration  psychology  frarnhamst  communicatintechniques 
21 days ago
Bion of Borysthenes - Wikipedia
— “Therefore we should not try to alter circumstances but to adapt ourselves to them as they really are, just as sailors do. They don't try to change the winds or the sea but ensure that they are always ready to adapt themselves to conditions. In a flat calm they use the oars; with a following breeze they hoist full sail; in a head wind they shorten sail or heave to. Adapt yourself to circumstances in the same way." — Bion of Borysthenes
philosophy  quotes 
21 days ago
Nancy Meyers on the Inspiring Interiors in her Movies
ELLE DECOR: So many of your movies feature drool-worthy homes. Why?

NANCY MEYERS: I put a lot of work into that. I see a house as a lead character in a movie. It tells you so much about a person. For example, if the kitchen doesn't have a thing in it, the character is not much of a homebody. If there is a lot of stuff around, and the olive oil looks like it's been used, you can tell this is somebody who cooks. They really live there.
movies  women  people 
22 days ago
Microsoft’s Monopoly Hangover – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Our bet was this: Over the next decade, customers would increasingly value companies that could provide solutions— solutions that integrated technology from various suppliers and, more important, integrated technology into the processes of an enterprise. We bet that the historical preoccupations with chip speeds, software versions, proprietary systems, and the like would wane, and that over time the information technology industry would be services-led, not technology-led.
agencybusiness  agency_businessmodels  brand_ibm 
23 days ago
'Elephant in the room': Agencies are rolling out Amazon service units - Digiday
collaboration between WPP’s Possible and Mindshare, which two weeks ago said they would work together to create an Amazon services partnership that will offer everything from channel strategy and shelf management to media planning and buying on Amazon. That’s just a couple months after WPP acquired Amazon specialist consultancy Marketplace Ignition.


The company is also looking at customer reviews as a data source. And according to Kochenash, his clients are regarding Amazon as more “controlled” and safer than other platforms like Google and Facebook.
agencybusiness  brand_amazon  retail 
24 days ago
Why Your Kids Need You to Step Up and Be In Charge | ParentMap
Dr. Vanessa LaPointe calls this “Hulking It Up” (referring to the Marvel Comic superhero the Incredible Hulk). Here’s how she describes it in Discipline Without Damage.

"Big people who are hulking it up do so in more subtle ways. They are capably and confidently handling whatever needs to be handled with quiet, assured, consistent actions that are full of compassion, care, nurturance and understanding."
Why this works

When you focus more on yourself and less on managing your child’s behavior, you begin to realize that your parenting authority is not a punishment, but a gift.
24 days ago
IPG Misses Earnings Estimates, Adding to Ad Industry Woes - WSJ
“Digital projects are much larger in scope,” said Mr. Roth. “Because they’re larger in scope, when these projects run off, if you don’t have large projects to offset that, it gives us a much more choppy result on a quarter-to-quarter basis. In the second quarter, we were missing some of these large projects to replace the ones that have run off.”
24 days ago
Education Week
#1 - The transition to high school is the most critical time for high school and college graduation. Graduation used to be thought of as something that happened at the end of high school. Research now shows that whether students graduate is largely set during their first year. This is a time of substantial change, when students suddenly have both more personal responsibility and less adult support. This is also when students develop their mindsets about whether or not they can be successful — and belong — in high school. Mindsets are incredibly powerful and persistent. If students succeed in ninth grade, they know they belong. If they fail, they will perpetually wonder if they will fail again. This is a time when schools can have outsized influence on whether students eventually succeed.
education  planning_JKAF  teens 
24 days ago
Don’t forget rural schools • AEI
In many ways, rural schools are fundamentally a mystery to a large segment of K-12 experts. With their jobs downtown and their homes in the city or its suburbs, much of our managerial class has little interaction with rural America. Rural communities are, by definition, at a distance from metro­politan centers. They have far fewer nonprofits in operation and ready to receive additional investments. And in many cases, the reforms that have succeeded in big cities, like charter-school chains, or portable school vouchers, don’t easily translate to rural areas.


In many ways, rural schools are fundamentally a mystery to a large segment of K-12 experts. With their jobs downtown and their homes in the city or its suburbs, much of our managerial class has little interaction with rural America. Rural communities are, by definition, at a distance from metro­politan centers. They have far fewer nonprofits in operation and ready to receive additional investments. And in many cases, the reforms that have succeeded in big cities, like charter-school chains, or portable school vouchers, don’t easily translate to rural areas.

We found, for example, that while rural students have higher high-school graduation rates, their high-school coursework can be measurably less rigorous, inadequately preparing them for further education. In other words, it appears that a combination of factors makes it reasonable for some communities to treat high school as the end of the educational road.
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24 days ago
Camping World Buys Online Outdoor Gear Seller | RV Business
“We believe this acquisition of the online retailer, TheHouse.com, continues our focus of an omni channel approach”, said Marcus Lemonis, chairman of Camping World. “The management team not only possess a strong knowledge of the active sports market but also has a keen eye for the development and invention of products. This vertical strategy not only provides for a nice bolt on to the company but enhances the renewed strategy behind the new Gander Outdoors model.”
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24 days ago
The Not-So-Secret Ingredients of Military Coups
A successful coup d’état is going to be in part a confidence trick. You prevail mainly by persuading others that you will prevail. “Ideology doesn’t matter. Actors don’t join the side they necessarily agree with, but the side they think most other actors are likely to support. Therefore, highly unpopular rebels may succeed, while popular rebels may fail”. When you take control of the TV station, as you must, don’t tell people to join the struggle — tell them you have already won
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24 days ago
Starbucks to Shutter All 379 Teavana Stores - Restaurant News - QSR magazine
“As reported on the Q2 call, many of the company’s principally mall-based Teavana retail stores have been persistently underperforming. Following a strategic review of the Teavana store business, the company concluded that despite efforts to reverse the trend through creative merchandising and new store designs, the underperformance was likely to continue,” Starbucks said in a statement
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24 days ago
Solace in stamps – Dean Vipond – Medium
You see, I realised that stamps, for the most part, are about Good Things. They celebrate the wonders of the natural world — trees, mountains, birds, insects! They examine the fantastic achievements of individuals — scientists, artists, inventors, architects, social reformers! And they also celebrate great feats of co-operation — sporting events, world fairs, education, the United Nations, space travel! So many Good Things.


But they are more than a distraction. They remind me that there have always been, and will always be, things to celebrate in this world, and in this society. People who make things, who change things, things that have been around forever, things that are brand new. Things that have changed lives or saved lives.


Think of something good, and there’s probably a stamp about it.
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24 days ago
Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life
Page 79; Watch what happens when a pedestrian first becomes conscious of receiving a call or a text message, the immediate disruption they cause in the flow of movement as they pause to respond to it. Whether the call is made hands-free or otherwise doesn't really seem to matter; the cognitive and emotional investment we make in it is what counts, and this investment is generally so much greater than that we make in our surroundings that street life clearly suffers as a result.
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24 days ago
Space Invader's Paris — Progression Location
On our first day in Paris we noticed a work from Space Invader across the street. Little did we know that by the weeks end we had made it a game of competition who would discover the next one. Day after day the quantity of the Invader's grew. Some day's Nina found them all while other day's I contributed a couple.

Like many others that enjoy Invader's work, there's something fun to discovering how a grid of tiles can be so expressive. Add the element of surprise and it becomes much more than just a quick visual moment.

It has always been enjoyable seeing the occasional piece pop from a wall. Being in the hometown of Invader added another layer of memories during our time in Paris.
1980s  cities  art  paris  guerrilla 
24 days ago
Diageo champions brand purpose | WARC
“Why does purpose matter? We think it matters because brands can contribute more than their functional benefits to people. It matters because, in this era of transparency, everybody knows what we as brands or businesses say and do. It is obvious, it is clear, it is going to be tweeted out in two seconds or less,” she said.

“And, ultimately, it matters because starting from people’s needs – real needs – and a brand’s higher purpose leads to better creative work, which sells more.”
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26 days ago
When Can a Soldier Disobey an Order?
The Manual For Courts Martial says that an American soldier should disobey orders that he or she “[knows] to be unlawful or a person of ordinary sense and understanding would have known the orders to be unlawful”. Thus, soldiers who abused prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison were convicted despite claiming, correctly, that they were following orders. “Those who serve in the US military are not automatons, and they are not asked to surrender all independent moral judgment”
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27 days ago
Paul Newman Interviews 1973, 1982, 1987 - YouTube
25 min in. I don't care about acting; I care about the other stuff.
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28 days ago
French moms aren't superior parents—they just have it easier — Quartz
French women get affordable and available childcare. Women can take their babies to a crèche, or high-quality day care center, from about six weeks of age (granted, there are often waiting lists), which helps mothers to go back to work. Families pay on a sliding scale based on income and the centers are highly regulated with national standards. And, perhaps most importantly, the staff are well-paid and have very low turnover, unlike in the US, where child care is treated like the wild wild west.
france  parenting  government 
28 days ago
Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station – Cloquet, Minnesota - Atlas Obscura
Wright saw the car as a way to personal freedom for Americans, so he gave the drivers of Cloquet what he thought that future needed in a gas station, including an observation deck where the attendants could watch for cars in warmth and comfort.
design  architecture 
28 days ago
Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery - WSJ
In 2007 the Postal Service and its regulator determined that, at a minimum, 5.5% of the agency’s fixed costs must be allocated to packages and similar products. A decade later, around 25% of its revenue comes from packages, but their share of fixed costs has not kept pace. First-class mail effectively subsidizes the national network, and the packages get a free ride. An April analysis from Citigroup estimates that if costs were fairly allocated, on average parcels would cost $1.46 more to deliver. It is as if every Amazon box comes with a dollar or two stapled to the packing slip—a gift card from Uncle Sam.
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28 days ago
Praveen Vaidyanathan on Twitter: "The strategist / planner curve. @markpollard @APGLondon #advertising https://t.co/iB6mBvYKOK"
"Young strategists start out like young rappers — they put words together because they can. After a while, they start with a point and then find the words."
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29 days ago
Donald Trump believes manufacturing equals American prosperity. Our data analysis proves him wrong — Quartz
Why the different outcomes?
One reason is stronger unions in Ontario, which were able to better defend wages; another is that the province’s schools produce highly skilled workers, says Tod Rutherford, a professor at Syracuse University, who has studied auto manufacturing in both places. But Ontario’s diverse economy also played a role. The province doesn’t just build cars; it has pharmaceuticals, finance, biotech, information technology, and other industries. “That just pushes up wage costs, regardless of whether it’s a union job or not,” says Rutherford.
That’s a powerful lesson for Trump and others fixated on manufacturing: It pays to be diverse.
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29 days ago
eMarketer Releases Latest Estimates for Worldwide Messaging App Usage - eMarketer
The appeal of mobile messaging apps continues to spread. eMarketer projects that 1.82 billion people across the globe will use apps like Facebook Messenger and WeChat in 2017, an increase of 15.5% year over year.
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4 weeks ago
Chicago Will Hold Diplomas Hostage Unless Teens Can Prove They Have Plans After High School | GOOD Education
Beginning with the class of 2020, all Chicago Public School students who meet traditional academic requirements necessary to graduate must also present a post-graduation plan before they can cross the stage to receive their diploma. Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and the city’s Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson hope to raise a million dollars for the “Learn. Plan. Succeed” initiative to add eight additional counselors to 172 high schools that teach almost 110,000 students.
education  planning_JKAF 
4 weeks ago
Unfight Club – ian leslie – Medium
Twitter is meant to be the global Agora. Its former CEO, Dick Costolo, said so in a speech he gave in 2012. The Agora, he observed, was “how political discourse happened.” Now, “Along comes Twitter, and Twitter reinvents the Agora
politics  Twitter  ianleslie 
4 weeks ago
Lip-syncing Obama: New tools turn audio clips into realistic video | UW News
Previously, audio-to-video conversion processes have involved filming multiple people in a studio saying the same sentences over and over to try to capture how a particular sound correlates to different mouth shapes, which is expensive, tedious and time-consuming. By contrast, Suwajanakorn developed algorithms that can learn from videos that exist “in the wild” on the internet or elsewhere.

“There are millions of hours of video that already exist from interviews, video chats, movies, television programs and other sources. And these deep learning algorithms are very data hungry, so it’s a good match to do it this way,” Suwajanakorn said.

Because streaming audio over the internet takes up far less bandwidth than video, the new system has the potential to end video chats that are constantly timing out from poor connections.
onlinevideo  politics  skype  thefuture  news 
4 weeks ago
Urban Dreams — The California Sunday Magazine
It’s not the fault of Amaravati. It’s a natural process. Forget about employment. You need the entire system of urban amenities to attract people. You need culture not only in the sense of historic culture or cultural heritage but the culture of a place that evolves over a period of 100 years. Clubs are culture. Sports are culture.” In the land where Amaravati is coming up, the overwhelming culture is agriculture. It’s telling that all the major holidays in the region revolve around farming — precisely the aspect of life that the new city seeks to erase.


Through­out the 1970s and early ’80s, the Singapore government distributed to its newest high-rise dwellers a free magazine called Our Home, which explained how to do everything from drying laundry on your balcony without annoying your neighbors to decorating an apartment. “It was about learning how to be modern,” Cairns said. “That has nothing to do with the building design.” The Delhi Metro’s great success can be partly credited to such an initiative; in its first years of operation, the city enlisted volunteers to roam the cars and urge passengers not to, say, sit on the floor.
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4 weeks ago
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