Welcome to the Department of New Realities
Housed within Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, the Department of New Realities aims to explore new tech territories and how they will change our lives, including our relationships with brands. Projects created by the department so far have included the use of VR and AR to make bespoke experiences; some for brands, others just for the fun of it, to show off what’s possible.


Whereas all too often VR has been used to corporate ends, creating replicas of the world as we know it but with the addition of a heavy headset strapped to our face, the DPTNR is determined to expand our universe with a mix of distinctive aesthetics and occasionally wild philosophical ideas.


“We feel there’s a need to make these new realities, because if we don’t somebody else will,” concludes Lillemon. “You can either make your own reality or sit back and live in somebody else’s creation.”
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How I got here: Pentagram partner Marina Willer - Creative Review
When I was leading the creative at WO London, I used to say my team was a fruit salad, with as much diversity of cultures and ideas as possible. I now carry on the same mission at Pentagram.


When I was starting, all we wanted was to change the world. That mission stays with you for the rest of the journey. And to make real change, you need to be part of a team.
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Nike teamed up with Snap and Darkstore to pre-release Air Jordan III ‘Tinker’ shoes on Snapchat | TechCrunch
This is the Holy Grail of the experience [Nike is] trying to intend, which is direct to consumer — to the actual consumer, versus a bot, — and same-day delivery,” Hnetinka said. “The Snap code introduces a new paradigm for commerce.”
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Toymakers try on fast-fashion agility | WARC
Part of the reason for trend-chasing is the $27 billion US toy industry’s slow growth of just 1% last year. According to research firm NPD, the toys that drove growth were often tied to “social media driven trends,” rather than higher-priced toys or franchise tie-ins, which sold less than expected.


It is one area of business in which smaller manufacturers have an advantage, as they can move quicker and don’t have to work with the long-term brand guidelines or partnership agreements.

The trend also draws parallels with fast fashion, in which retailers like Zara can identify a trend and bring a product to market in under a month.

Both Hasbro and Mattel have both created small teams of executives from across the business to develop toys according to industry trends. Mattel’s CEO said in an interview that her team would have three months and a minuscule budget to create toys in time for a January toy fair.
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2018 State of Media and Entertainment
High-quality content will likely always be in demand. A challenge for media companies is twofold: maintaining or even increasing content quality, while also nding ways to extract maximum value for that content.
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How Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will work when it goes live tomorrow | TechCrunch
The most important thing to know is that this is not an alternative to AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin. Instead, it’s Google’s effort to ban the most annoying ads from your browser. So it won’t block all ads — just those that don’t conform to the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines. When Google decides that a site hosts ads that go against these guidelines, it’ll block all ads on a given site — not just those annoying prestitials with a countdown or autoplaying video ads with sound.
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Jim Rohn - Wikipedia
"Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune." — Jim Rohn
3 days ago
Lindsey Vonn Is the Queen of the Hill at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang
AG: What’s the worst advice you’ve been given?

LV: Try to be like someone else. Try to change your form to be like someone else. Everyone is unique. Everyone has different capabilities, and it’s about making your style the best it can be and not trying to conform. Everyone was trying to change the way I was skiing, and my coach in Minnesota said, “You’re fast the way you are. Don’t ever change.” He was right, and I didn’t. It’s one of the things that’s made me fast throughout my career, just the way I naturally ski.


AG: What are your recommendations for building grit?

LV: It’s important to have a long-term goal, but then you also need a monthly goal, a weekly goal, a daily goal. You need to be able to make small steps in order to get to the big ones. It’s something that I’ve always done. I set ten-year goals when I was nine, so I’m a little bit weird, but I never feel like any goal is unattainable. I look at it from a logical point of view as to how I can get there. I read Angela Duckworth’s book about grit. I really want to work with her and find a way to teach kids from my foundation how to be gritty. My grandfather was extremely gritty; my father was very gritty; and I just kind of learned as a kid that there are no excuses. You put your head down and you work. You don’t complain. Get the job done and keep working until the job is done right. I think that’s a reason why I’ve been so good at coming back from injury. The last five years have sucked, but I stay on top. I think the grittiness is what really kept me there because I wasn’t satisfied with being number one. I wanted to keep working harder.
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3 days ago
Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Years—and Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All | WIRED
“And I’m sitting there going, ‘Guys, seriously, I don’t think that’s how it works,’” McNamee says. “You can assert till you’re blue in the face that you’re a platform, but if your users take a different point of view, it doesn’t matter what you assert.”
3 days ago
How Parkland Students Are Setting and Keeping the Record Straight
The students did not stand for this. In interviews, posts, and tweets, they brought antibodies to the info pathogens. Newtown parents, Las Vegas adults, and other survivors of recent mass murders have not been digitally confident this way: They have been slower to recognize memes as memes.


As one student who tweets as @sighnatasha said, “to the republican legislators who will continue to ignore the american people and their cries for gun control and gun laws just to continue to receive money from the NRA: a big fuck you. your own people are being killed daily. the elections in november shall speak.”
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4 days ago
Motivational posters for office: How they became so popular — Quartz at Work
Teamwork, the copy read, “is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” The empty text, the faceless figures, the utter forgettability of the photograph itself—together, it added up to bland magic, a poster that could hang on virtually any wall in the world without offense, controversy, or distraction. It was the company’s bestseller, and remains so to this day.


Successories echoed a message pinging around the culture: You could indeed be good enough, and smart enough, if you just tried hard enough.

The tech bubble burst. And then 9/11 happened. And then the Enron scandal came to light. And by that time, the cheery simplicity of a Successories poster just seemed like a cruel joke, or at the very least an easy one.
4 days ago
Pop culture, considered: Chuck Klosterman on his new book of essays
You get pegged the pop culture guy a lot. Is that a correct term to use? Isn't “pop culture” just “culture”?

I got a newspaper job at the Akron Beacon Journal in 1998 to be a pop culture reporter. At the time, that was kind of a radical idea. It wasn’t that long ago that pop culture was shorthand for “dumb culture.” But pop culture is the main culture that America makes. We create stuff that’s the most acceptable, the most consumable and the most popular. Rock, hip-hop, Hollywood films, television … this is what we do.

I taught at the University of Leipzig [in Germany] in 2008 in their American Studies program. One of the classes I taught was “20th Century American Popular Culture.” So many kids applied for the class that you had to write an essay to get in.
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The changing face of Madison Avenue: how women are leading the way in New York's legacy agencies | The Drum
According to the 3% Movement, in their ‘Where We Stand’ research from 2016-2017, women across agencies of all sizes hold 29% of creative director positions and 39% of executive roles. While those numbers have risen throughout the last decade, it still leaves plenty of room to grow.
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Brands get better ratings by replying to reviews | WARC
But analysis of these responses showed that when hotels start responding they received 12% more reviews and their ratings increased on average by 0.12 stars.

Therefore, a hotel with a rating of 4.26 stars would be rounded up to 4.5, while a hotel with 4.24 stars would be rounded down to 4.
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How Colenso BBDO dominates global rankings | WARC
At Colenso, things are different too.

We have a pack of cards called “The Game of Love and Trust.”

Everyone who joins gets a set.

In each pack there are 13 tried and trusted mantras that help us win the Love and Trust of our clients and their customers.

Our Head of Production’s favourite would be, “If it was easy everyone would be doing it.”
5 days ago
The Philosopher's Beard: Can Free Speech Survive the Internet?
The Internet has abolished the distinction between speech and publication. Everybody hears everything. Almost paradoxically, that makes free speech more difficult. Everybody reacts to everything, the world is full of indignation. “It is not enough to consider how your words will appear to the people for whom they are intended. You must bear in mind that anyone at all might discover them, share them with like-minded souls via social media, and hold you answerable to their moral standards”
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6 days ago
We need to an internet of unmonetisable enthusiasms | WIRED UK
This podcast is not in a hurry. It exploits a quality of the internet that we’ve forgotten about recently - extraordinary, obsessive depth.
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6 days ago
Exploring the power of the protest t-shirts - Creative Review
A timeline charts some major milestones – from the first mention of the word ‘t-shirt’ in F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel This Side of Paradise to the creation of the first promotional shirt for The Wizard of Oz in 1939 – but as curator Dennis Northdruft explains, the main focus of the exhibition is the t-shirt’s power to communicate.


The most powerful t-shirts take Hamnett’s approach of using a simple, clear message – one that can be read from afar and immediately understood.


He also believes the t-shirt may be on the cusp of another political moment. It became a powerful political campaign tool during the general election last year – Bristol Street Wear’s pro-Corbyn t-shirt with his name above the Nike swoosh has since been acquired by the V&A – and many of the protestors who turned out for Women’s Marches around the world created their own protest t-shirts and banners.
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6 days ago
What (and who) makes a great TED talk? - Creative Review
planning the conference content? How do you start?
First thing is to come up with a theme for the conference, which is the north star around which we base all the programming. In 2017 the theme was The Future You; this year it’s The Age of Amazement. The trick is to be both prescriptive and vague … we need to incorporate so many different ideas and disciplines into a conference, so we need something that is broad but also exciting … something that both the curators and the audience can be inspired by.
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7 days ago
Everyone a Changemaker - The New York Times
Drayton believes we’re in the middle of a necessary but painful historical transition. For millenniums most people’s lives had a certain pattern. You went to school to learn a trade or a skill — baking, farming or accounting. Then you could go into the work force and make a good living repeating the same skill over the course of your career.

But these days machines can do pretty much anything that’s repetitive. The new world requires a different sort of person. Drayton calls this new sort of person a changemaker.

Changemakers are people who can see the patterns around them, identify the problems in any situation, figure out ways to solve the problem, organize fluid teams, lead collective action and then continually adapt as situations change.


The central challenge of our time, Drayton says, is to make everyone a changemaker. To do that you start young. Your kid is 12. She tells you about some problem — the other kids at school are systematically mean to special-needs students. This is a big moment. You pause what you are doing and ask her if there’s anything she thinks she can do to solve the problem, not just for this kid but for the next time it happens, too.

Very few kids take action to solve the first problem they see, but eventually they come back having conceived and owning an idea. They organize their friends and do something. The adult job now is to get out of the way. Put the kids in charge.

Once a kid has had an idea, built a team and changed her world, she’s a changemaker. She has the power. She’ll go on to organize more teams. She will always be needed.
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8 days ago
What Your Home Says About You... - YouTube
2:03 Without architecture we struggle to remember what we care about and, more broadly, who we are.


An object feels right when it has Qualities we’re drawn to but don’t possess strong enough doses of in our everyday lives.


We’re trying to gather ourselves into one identity.
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8 days ago
Jack In The Box's challenger brand strategy | WARC
“‘Making busy lives better’ is what we exist for,” said Alter.

Iwona Alter, CMO at Jack In The Box, discussed this subject during a session at the ad:tech New York conference. And she reported that the company uses a simple question to frame its considerations about potential marketing innovations.


“Can this help us overcome a Goliath?” Alter said in describing the brand’s approach. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: Jack In The Box’s challenger-brand ethos.)

A “Goliath”, she explained, could represent a wide variety of business issues – be it standing out in a cluttered environment, enhancing the guest experience, or implementing a novel marketing idea.
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A word with Jeff Sayer, former director of the Idaho Department of Commerce – Idaho Business Review
If you walk outside of this region and start paying attention to what is happening in rural and smaller communities, if you mix insecurity with the legacies of not needing to go to college, and family pressure to stay home and help, it’s not the cost of college keeping those kids from going on to school.

We need to elevate the level of awareness so kids can see hear, feel, touch career opportunities, and show them accelerated pathways where they can get those skills to higher-paying jobs faster than the traditional pathways.

And we need to start stripping out as much of the academic requirement as possible to give these kids a faster pathway to skills, knowing that once they get into a more stable financial position, they can have the luxury of thinking about college.


Skilled talent is going to become the most important factor in whether the economy grows. If we really wanted Idaho’s economy to thrive, we’d be deploying everything possible to produce that talent.
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8 days ago
Boosting your sales ROI: How digital and analytics can drive new performance and growth | McKinsey & Company
1. Provide insights that sales reps need
2. Use digital to enable what matters for each sales rep
3. Use data to prioritize and personalize capacity building
4. Communicate
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8 days ago
Read the 2018 Gunn 100 ranking summary report on advertising excellence
Gunn 100: The world's most creative campaigns and companies

The Gunn 100 is an annual ranking of the world's most creative advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as the companies behind them. It is produced by Gunn Report, now part of WARC.

The rankings are compiled by analyzing the results of more than 40 of the world’s most important international, regional and national creative awards shows.
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8 days ago
The House That Spied on Me
In which the writer creates a “smart home” by connecting every appliance to the internet. “I had to download 14 apps to my phone, creating an account for each one”. Smart they were not. “It took at least two hours to get our Christmas lights plugged into smart plugs, and then to get those plugs online with their apps, and then to get those apps to talk to the Alexa app.” As for privacy, forget it. “All of the anxiety you feel about being tracked online moves into your living room”
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9 days ago
These Dance Scenes From Indian Films Synced With Kendrick Lamar Songs Are Incredible | PigeonsandPlanes
Both are incredible in their own right, with the "m.A.A.d City" edit so well done that you wouldn't be surprised if it was a new marketing approach from TDE. Once you're done with these mash-ups, check out the original songs and videos at the bottom of the page—they're fire too.
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9 days ago
What is brand experience? | WARC
When we have a bad experience, and see an ad proclaiming a brand is customer obsessed, that dissonance has a negative impact on our story. But we mostly have functional, nondescript customer experiences that we forget. Thus, they can be shaped by small gestures (the warm cookie at the DoubleTree Hotel) and big advertising ideas.
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9 days ago
Digital in 2018: World’s internet users pass the 4 billion mark - We Are Social
The new 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that there are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet.
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9 days ago
Facebook Losing Younger Users - eMarketer
This year, for the first time, less than half of US internet users ages 12 to 17 will use Facebook via any device at least once per month.

Facebook is still adding monthly users overall, but older age groups are mainly responsible for this. The number of total Facebook users in the US will reach 169.5 million this year, up just under 1% from 2017. Meanwhile, Facebook’s proportion of social network users accessing the platform will continue to decline over the forecast period.
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9 days ago
With a $0 Ad Budget, Tesla Just Pulled Off One of the Greatest Marketing Stunts Ever – Adweek
Elon Musk pulled off a double marketing coup on Tuesday with the first successful test launch of his Falcon Heavy rocket, the flagship of his private space-flight company SpaceX, and the subsequent debut of its payload—a Tesla Roadster driven by a dummy nicknamed Starman—as the first car in space.
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11 days ago
In defence of brand purpose - Creative Review
The key word here is ‘campaign’. I believe that brand purpose is more fundamental than it has ever been. But if it’s conceived as a communications campaign, it isn’t a purpose in any meaningful sense. And people are likely to see right through it.


Like much of our industry’s terminology, a big part of the problem comes from a range of definitions. So, let’s clear that up first. I’d define a brand purpose as an organisation’s ‘why’. Its reason for being. This is distinct from a vision – ‘what’ the organisation seeks to achieve – and its mission – the ‘how’.


But their brand purpose transcends their social purpose. They exist to make high-quality glasses more accessible to everyone, and ‘everyone’ includes people who want to lay their hands on a pair of designer spectacles. Importantly, they’re open about this. There’s no sense that they’re using their social purpose as a Trojan horse. Indeed, most of their communications don’t even mention the social element of their offer.
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11 days ago
Publicis' Tobaccowala: Advertising Will Decline 30% In Next 5 Years 02/02/2018
During the interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Suzanne Vranica, Tobaccowala also took a swipe at the big digital platforms -- Google and Facebook, as well as Amazon -- for devaluing the role of marketers and he predicted that smart marketers would increasingly begin marketing “direct” to consumers as a way of regaining control over their relationship.

“More and more of them are selling directly,” he said, adding, “Once you start selling directly, you begin to understand what the real power of the data is.”

By data, Tobaccowala was referring to the behavioral and transactional data that is generated via digital commerce, which currently is being accrued mostly to the big digital platforms that have so far insinuated themselves as middlemen in that process.

But Tobaccowala noted that “major CPG companies” already have “goals of having 25% of their sales direct” in the next few years.
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11 days ago
Nearly Half of US Households Are Now Amazon Prime Subscribers | eMarketer Retail
New data from Kantar Consulting estimates that an impressive 45% of households in the US are willing to fork over membership fees to Amazon in exchange for the promise of free two-day shipping on eligible items, along with ancillary benefits like access to Amazon's library of streamable content. That's a figure Kantar said is equal to about 56.9 million homes.
11 days ago
Quincy Jones, In Conversation
What would account for the songs being less good than they used to be?
The mentality of the people making the music. Producers now are ignoring all the musical principles of the previous generations. It’s a joke. That’s not the way it works: You’re supposed to use everything from the past. If you know where you come from, it’s easier to get where you’re going. You need to understand music to touch people and become the soundtrack to their lives. Can I tell you one of the greatest moments in my life?


Musicians today can’t go all the way with the music because they haven’t done their homework with the left brain. Music is emotion and science. You don’t have to practice emotion because that comes naturally. Technique is different. If you can’t get your finger between three and four and seven and eight on a piano, you can’t play. You can only get so far without technique. People limit themselves musically, man. Do these musicians know tango? Macumba? Yoruba music? Samba? Bossa nova? Salsa? Cha-cha?
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11 days ago
UPS, FedEx Decline on Report of Amazon Package-Delivery Venture - Bloomberg
Patrick Fitzgerald, FedEx senior vice president of integrated marketing and communications, said the Journal’s headline, which said Amazon’s delivery service would vie with the couriers, “demonstrates a lack of basic understanding of the full scale of the global transportation industry.”
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11 days ago
What we hope all our contributors bring you is different thinking. Smart, restless, awkward, combative, one-step-beyond type thinking. The sort of stuff you wish you’d thought of, only now you don’t have to. There will be disagreements. There will be controversy. Our ambition is resolutely editorial. We have no intention of inflicting another unwanted download of agency puffery on the world, so please see this as an open invitation to challenge, debate and build freely on the ideas you find here.
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11 days ago
Alex Bogusky Tells All: He Left the World’s Hottest Agency to Find His
“That’s the whole philosophy,” says Bogusky. “We didn’t do anything that wasn’t supposed to get press.”
alexbogusky  agencybusiness 
12 days ago
Twitter finally turns a profit | WARC
Since going public in 2013, the company has exemplified the reliance on investor cash that the tech sector is known for. However, this quarter, Twitter reversed that tide with a 28% reduction in expenses in Q4. Its profit in the final three months reached $91.1 million, compared with a loss of $167m the previous quarter.

In addition, total revenue increased by 2% following three straight quarters of decline. Much of this was driven by international increases, as its home territory of the US declined 8%.

“The fourth quarter was a strong finish to the year,” CEO Jack Dorsey told investors. “We returned to revenue growth and achieved our goal of GAAP profitability.”
12 days ago
Sam Gosling on how objects hold the secrets of our true personality | Science | The Guardian
Much of the stuff we gather about us and the environments we create are there not to send messages about our identities but specifically to manage our emotions and thoughts. "Feeling regulators" - family photos, keepsakes, the CDs in the stereo, even the colour of the walls - can help a person reminisce about bygone happy times, focus on an important task or get pumped up for a night on the town. People also use music to manipulate and maintain their feelings and thoughts, and their choices can be a useful clue to personality.
planning_funko  things  personality 
13 days ago
Snap gains after painful transition | WARC
Daily active users grew 18% year on year, adding 8.9m to reach a total of 187m. The company managed also to outdo analysts’ predictions of Q4 performance, raking in $285.7m, compared to a $254m forecast.

This amounts to a year on year revenue growth of 74% in the fourth quarter, though the company warned that this would probably slow again in Q1 after big holiday adspend.

The company continued to make a loss, though this figure shrank by a fifth. In Q4, it still cost $646 million to create $286 million in revenue, as Quartz put it.
13 days ago
Understanding the B2B Content Marketing Landscape - eMarketer
Content has become a pillar of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. It can drive leads and enable buyers to self-educate along the path to purchase. In recent years, investment in content marketing has increased as more B2B leadership teams buy in to the programs.
b2b  content_marketing 
15 days ago
Super Bowl Scores $414 Million In Advertising 02/06/2018
NBC attracted $414 million in advertising revenue from the Super Bowl, the second-highest amount ever after last year's total of $419 million, Kantar Media reports. The event pulled in 103.4 million viewers on NBC, a 7% dip from 2017's game with the smallest audience since 2009, per Nielsen.
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15 days ago
Banking on Youth | News - AdAge
Key bits:

"If you're looking at this category as a young person from a more objective, questioning point of view, it is incumbent on the financial company to prove what you're offering is of value and its delivery doesn't pose an excessive burden,"

"...money coaches rather than simply financial advisers..."
planning_ICCU  banking  genz 
15 days ago
How Normal Are The Ways You Handle Your Paycheck?
Here is a cool targeted Instagram story by Bank of America for millennials - a poll on spending habits. Made for an interesting piece of interactive media AND a quality study!
planning_ICCU  competitive_ICCU  finance 
16 days ago
Smart homes and vegetable peelers — Benedict Evans
We will end up embracing the Internet Of Things, despite our current doubts, because it’s just easier — and if we don’t do it, our neighbours will, and we will get envious. “When I go into my bathroom, do I want the light turned on? The answer is always yes, so why do I have to press the light switch? When I walk up to my front door, do I want it to be locked? The answer is always no. When the kettle is boiling, do I want it to continue boiling until it’s dry? No, so turn off the heat” <--except it's not "always" yes/no, is it??
AI  internetofthings  benevans 
16 days ago
A Pioneer in a Mad Men’s World - NYTimes.com
She believes success comes only from the extreme and urgent desire to be successful. “You can’t just be you,” Ms. Lawrence said. “You have to double yourself. You have to read books on subjects you know nothing about. You have to travel to places you never thought of traveling. You have to meet every kind of person and endlessly stretch what you know.”
women  leadership  people  quotes  advertising  advertising_history  success  marywells 
17 days ago
Seattle’s Wexley School For Girls set to close in spring | The Drum
“I think our best opportunity to start something new goes back to what we did 15 years ago, which was look for the best opportunities to do something creative. I think the creative solutions are manifesting in different areas now. They're in products and start-ups, and these are marketing solutions and branding solutions, but we see a lot of situations where the marketing is a truly innovative feature of something. I think that's where a lot of the opportunities are. I would go so far as to potentially blow up the whole creative services model, not taking on assignments, but creating them,” said McAllister.
agency_businessmodels  agencybusiness  campaignplanning 
17 days ago
Could Self-Driving Trucks Be Good for Truckers? - The Atlantic
It’s accepted wisdom that among the jobs most vulnerable to automation is long-haul trucking, give the rapid development of self-driving trucks. But, counter-intuitively, the innovation may actually increase employment of truckers, Alexis Madrigal writes for the Atlantic. As technology drives down the cost of shipping, the amount of freight on the roads will increase, meaning more work for drivers who will take over the automated vehicles for the tricky last miles between the highway and warehouse.
economy  thefuture  AI 
18 days ago
The Follower Factory - The New York Times
Fake accounts, deployed by governments, criminals and entrepreneurs, now infest social media networks. By some calculations, as many as 48 million of Twitter’s reported active users — nearly 15 percent — are automated accounts designed to simulate real people, though the company claims that number is far lower.
fakenews  socialmedia  Facebook  Twitter  socialmedia_usage 
18 days ago
Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man | TED Talk | TED.com
Rory Sutherland: TED on Perceived Value, note Shreddies diamonds.

Funny—> Savings definition: consumerism needlessly postponed.
funny  value  presentation 
19 days ago
The Myth of the Open Plan Office – The Drawing Board
Every time I’m in a WeWork or similar trendy coworking office, they seem to be getting more and more subdivided: they’re discovering that members will almost always pay a premium for a tiny glass-walled interior closet compared to a seat in an open bullpen. Which shows you that the closer the decision making is to the actual occupants, the higher the premium becomes on privacy. And if you visit even the newest and best-amenitized corporate open plan offices, you’ll find huge waiting lists for the conference rooms, people running in and out to take phone calls, and those giant headphones everywhere.
culture  company_morale  design  collaboration 
20 days ago
Why digital strategies fail | McKinsey & Company
Digital Defined: We view digital as the nearly instant, free, and flawless ability to connect people, devices, and physical objects anywhere

Problem 2: Digital is confounding the best-laid plans to capture surplus by creating—on average—more value for customers than for firms. This is big and scary news for companies and industries hoping to convert digital forces into economic advantage.
thefuture  digitalstrategy  mckinsey 
22 days ago
Becoming a startup founder - advice from Alex Daly
My team and I have run more than fifty crowdfunding campaigns in varying capacities, nearly all of which have met and far exceeded their fundraising goals. Over this period of time we have raised $20 million from 100,000 people worldwide.
crowdsourcing  crowdfunding 
22 days ago
ktvb.com | Officials: Thousands of skilled jobs are going unfilled
Hemingway says the number of unfilled jobs could increase to 36,000 by 2024 based on current graduation rates.
planning_JKAF  idaho 
24 days ago
10 Ad Campaigns Inspired By Powerful Consumer Insights
A successful marketing campaign moves and inspires, resonating deeply with a brand’s target audience. But having the power to reach out and touch consumers in this way relies on inspiring consumer insight, rooted in complex data.

Giving marketers the tools to create ideas that stick, in-depth data is often where the best campaigns begin. Just one fundamental truth about your consumer can inspire a powerful message that lasts.

So what insights are sparking the most creative ideas in marketing? Here, we take a look at ten iconic ad campaigns with insight at their core.
insight  tools  planning_tools 
24 days ago
Ursula K. Le Guin: A Rant About "Technology"
We have been so desensitized by a hundred and fifty years of ceaselessly expanding technical prowess that we think nothing less complex and showy than a computer or a jet bomber deserves to be called "technology " at all. As if linen were the same thing as flax — as if paper, ink, wheels, knives, clocks, chairs, aspirin pills, were natural objects, born with us like our teeth and fingers -- as if steel saucepans with copper bottoms and fleece vests spun from recycled glass grew on trees, and we just picked them when they were ripe...
One way to illustrate that most technologies are, in fact, pretty "hi," is to ask yourself of any manmade object, Do I know how to make one?
Anybody who ever lighted a fire without matches has probably gained some proper respect for "low" or "primitive" or "simple" technologies; anybody who ever lighted a fire with matches should have the wits to respect that notable hi-tech invention.
I don't know how to build and power a refrigerator, or program a computer, but I don't know how to make a fishhook or a pair of shoes, either. I could learn. We all can learn. That's the neat thing about technologies. They're what we can learn to do.
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24 days ago
Fake news fallout: Cascading collapse in trust for social media platforms, search and governements | ZDNet
The Edelman Barometer shows a backlash against social media and an increase in trust in journalists and traditional media (after some years where trust in them had declined).

The Edelman report discovered that large numbers of people (63%) said they could not trust themselves to know if a news story was from a reputable journalistic source or "tell good journalism from rumor or falsehoods."

Yet people's trust in journalism and journalists jumped by double-digits -- the largest of all categories.


Technology firms are the most trusted industries (but not the tech media platforms) at 75%; Education 70%; professional services, 68%; transportation 67%; automative 62%; packaged goods 60% and financial services at 54%.
trust  journalism  edelman  fakenews  newsmedia  government  news 
24 days ago
Above Avalon: Apple Watch Is a Bridge to the Future
The reality is that Apple Watch likely won't support the same kind of ecosystem that we are accustomed to with iPhone and iPad. Apple Watch ends up being designed more for what may come after the App Store.


Instead of relying on a collection of apps on my wrist, most of my interactions with services and features on Apple Watch end up being through the Siri watch face and various cards featuring glanceable amounts of information and data chosen for me by a digital assistant. These cards are personalized for me based on the time of day and my schedule. The implications of this computing experience are immense. We move away from pulling data from various apps and getting pushed mostly useless notifications to being pushed a curated feed of data that is always changing and tailored to the day at hand. Every app developer will be impacted by this dynamic.


Unlike Amazon and Google, who are desperately trying to position voice as a way to leapfrog over the current smartphone/tablet and app paradigm, Apple is approaching things from a different angle. Instead of betting on a voice interface that may push some information to a stationary screen, Apple is betting on mobile screens that are home to a digital assistant. Apple is placing a bet that consumers will want the familiarity of a touch screen to transition to a future of greater AI and digital assistants. In addition, Apple thinks user manipulation via screen (fingers, hands, and eyes) will remain a crucial part of the computing experience for the foreseeable future.


Later this year, there will be more than 40 million people wearing an Apple Watch on a daily basis.
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24 days ago
Towards a Reskilling Revolution | World Economic Forum
The average US worker will have more than 20 job transition options with the same our higher compensation;

The need for new roles will affect women more than men, the net impact of women’s wages should be significantly positive;

“for all workers, continuous learning will not only be key to securing employment but also to building stable, fulfilling careers and seizing rewarding job transition opportunities.”
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24 days ago
Ybarra asks lawmakers to increase public school funding by 6.8 percent
Highlights from Ybarra’s budget proposal include:

$41.7 million more for educators’ raises and benefits under the career ladder salary law
$19 million more for discretionary funding for districts (a funding source sometimes called operations funding). Within that $19 million, Ybarra would carve out $7.2 million for health insurance costs.
$8.6 million more for classroom technology and WiFi.
$8 million more for advanced opportunities programs that let students accelerate their education or earn college credits in high school.
$2 million more for college and career counselors.
$1.4 million in additional state funding to expand the state’s mastery-based education program.
education  idaho  planning_JKAF 
26 days ago
Burger King Deviously Explains Net Neutrality by Making People Wait Longer for Whoppers – Adweek
Net neutrality is a complicated topic to explain, which is where Burger King came in with a meaty metaphor. It set up a social experiment at a BK location—with a hidden-camera setup not unlike that of the anti-bullying spot—and taught Whopper buyers a memorable lesson. In the video below, see how real customers reacted to being charged more for the same quick-serve Whopper—or, for the regular price, having to wait longer for a Whopper as BK employees intentionally, and seemingly pointlessly, slow down their service.
creative_executions_guerrilla  funny  brand_burgerking 
27 days ago
Andreessen Horowitz's Spin Master Built Silicon Valley As You Know It | WIRED
For years Wennmachers has quietly advanced a narrative that has shaped how the world sees Silicon Valley and how the Valley perceives itself—as a group of brainy outcasts upending the limits of the status quo. But as the Valley’s tinkerers become industry titans, that image is changing. In the wake of the 2016 elections, the industry's largest companies have suffered a backlash. From almost every political perspective, they have been criticized as profit-mongering, irresponsible, privacy-invading, and out-of-touch. In the wake of that backlash, tech is now trying to come to terms with the impact of the tools it has introduced and to manage the wealth it has created. This presents Wennmachers with a new and critical challenge: crafting a revamped image of the techie of the future, one that embraces the great responsibility that arrives with newfound great power.


They saw an opening for someone to step in and tie the disparate stories in the basket of startups into a cohesive narrative about tech’s broader impact on business, Andreessen says. In the process, they'd be putting out "the bat signal that if you're an engineer or an entrepreneur trying to build something fundamentally new we want you to come to us—because we're the people who understand this stuff.”


Wennmachers has a strategy for dealing with any disaster, which she discusses at length in an Andreessen Horowitz podcast, “Crisis Communications.” First, get to the bottom of what happened. You rarely know it immediately, so take the time to do the digging. Second, communicate about it transparently. Don’t lie. Don’t take too long. If it takes a while to investigate the situation, tell everyone that! Tell everyone everything you can! Third, understand that a communications crisis is not a PR problem—it’s a business problem. Use the disaster to address the problem.


Tech imagery needs a change: “The best role for us to play is to explain technology, explain the future, explain how it works, explain the potential implications,” she says. “We just need to double down on it.” By fashioning Andreessen Horowitz as the world’s tech translator, she believes the firm can expand its role as an expert on all things Silicon Valley.
people  people_imagery  technology  pr  crisis 
29 days ago
Funko Lottery @ ECCC - Emerald City Comic Con
Participation in this process is REQUIRED in order to reserve a time to visit and shop the Funko booth at ECCC. The lottery process will open at 12:00 PM PST on Monday, February 5 and close at 11:59 PM PST on Monday, February 12. All winners will be notified by Friday, February 23 of the date and time that they can line up at the Funko booth.

The Funko booth will open to the public each day AFTER the ticketed sessions (approximately 3pm each day of the show) if there is remaining inventory available. Ticketed sessions are given first priority and the only way to get a ticket to a session is to enter the lottery!
29 days ago
Lana Del Rey, Radiohead, and the Difficulty of Making Original Music | The New Yorker
Does “Get Free” plainly resemble “Creep” more than “Creep” plainly resembles “The Air That I Breathe”? Probably? If you think about it for too long, the question itself begins to feel paradoxical. They are all the same song; they are all different songs. What’s fair from a legal position—how many permutations within a finite range of musical notes can we expect to organically repeat?—is, as ever, comically unclear. Intellectual property should be protected—an artist’s work has no less proprietary value than a corporation’s, and of course it deserves strident safeguarding. Yet there is always a degree of absurdity to these disputes, which, independent of direct and objective mimicry, tend to be predicated on interpretive leaps—on sniffing out what a song “feels” like, and whether or not that feel has been repurposed egregiously.


Yet there’s something lovely and comforting about the continuum—about art begetting art, about a pulse traveling down a line. The interconnections and overlaps are evidence of a mysterious symbiosis, a hand in the dark, a history. Can something come from nothing? The bigger question may be whether we want it to.
music  legal  copyright 
29 days ago
Americans Struggle to Navigate the Modern Media Landscape
58% say the increase in sources makes it harder to be well-informed
47% say news media bias makes sorting out facts hard, up from 34% in 1984
27% are very confident in their own ability to sort out the facts
consumertrust  government  newsmedia  media  fakenews  news  trust  gallup  democracy 
29 days ago
Global ad market to grow at fastest rate since 2011 | WARC
Major sporting events and political campaign spending are expected to underpin growth of 4.7% in the global ad market – the strongest rate since 2011 – as the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Russia World Cup help push marketing spend to a total of $572bn in the coming year.

2018’s growth forecast is a marked increase on 2017’s 3.0% expansion (to $546bn). A slowdown from 2016’s 3.8% rise, last year was stymied by weaker growth (3.3%, down from 8.5% the year before) in the world’s largest advertising market, the United States, which accounts for 34% of the global total.

2018 should be a stellar year for global advertising, with ad investment set to grow at its strongest level since the post recovery years of 2010 and 2011” said James McDonald, Data Editor at WARC and author of the research.
global  adspending 
29 days ago
Cluep Inc
A mobile ad platform that targets people based on what they are sharing, how they are feeling and where they have been
4 weeks ago
Taco Bell Made the Perfect Trailer for a Fake Movie About Why They’ve Never Sold Fries – Adweek
Ever wonder why Taco Bell doesn’t sell fries? That question sets off Josh Duhamel on a epic quest in the brand’s new faux movie trailer for a thriller called Web of Fries, which looks like the perfect plane movie.
superbowl  brand_tacobell  greatwork  deutsch 
4 weeks ago
Hyundai Will ‘Surprise Millions’ With Its Super Bowl Ad, Says New Teaser – Adweek
Hyundai had one of the more memorable spots on last year’s Super Bowl. It surprised three American troops overseas by virtually reuniting them with their families who were at the game—and quickly editing the real-time footage into a 90-second spot that aired immediately following the game.

It was filmed live at Houston’s NRG Stadium during the game and a military base in Zagan, Poland. Video ad-tech company Unruly designated the ad as the “most effective” of Super Bowl LI spots.

“Everything you have to do in three months for a normal ad, we did in about 48 minutes,” Innocean USA chief creative officer Eric Springer told Adweek after the spot, directed by Peter Berg, aired.
superbowl  greatwork  brand_hyundai 
4 weeks ago
Amazon Go cashierless convenience store opening to the public | The Seattle Times
The concept, which Amazon has termed “Just Walk Out” shopping, sparked speculation that Amazon could use its high-tech concept as a beachhead to expand into convenience stores or perhaps other categories of physical retail.
brand_amazon  retail  grocery  thefuture 
4 weeks ago
De Beers Believes Blockchain Will Be Game Changer for Diamonds - JCK
De Beers is piloting what it calls the “first diamond blockchain to span the entire value chain.”

The idea is “to create a tamper-proof, immutable, absolutely trustworthy public ledger that will follow the path of a diamond along its journey,” CEO Bruce Cleaver tells JCK.

What’s unique about this is that De Beers will offer the technology to the industry at large later this year. And while De Beers is leading the project, the plan is to develop an open-source platform in conjunction with other industry players that will eventually be managed by an independent foundation.
blockchain  jewelry 
4 weeks ago
The Japanese words for "space" could change your view of the world — Quartz
in the West, “a room is empty until someone enters.”
However, in the East, space is understood a bit differently. In Japan, spaces have meanings prior to any activity that happens within them. For example, as a space in Japanese culture is understood by how it shapes relationships, the same meeting room in Tokyo would appear full of symbols and instructions about how interactions can and should occur. In this way, a room is always filled with invisible structures, regardless of its occupants


For example, traditional tea houses have doors that are narrow and low. This forces guests to lower their head and, historically, for samurai to leave their swords outside by the door. The doors serve to remind entrants of their relationship to the host (their lowered head) and to the broader culture (where weapons are not appropriate). In this way, they build spaces as extensions of culture and values, rather than as places where culture happens.

Thinking about spaces in a more ‘Japanese’ way can open up new ways of organizing our lives and focusing on the relationships that matter to us. Building spaces that deepen relationships (wa), generate new knowledge (ba), connect to the world around us (tokoro), and allow moments of quiet and integration (ma) can enrich our experience of the world and that of those around us.
design  global  interior  japan 
4 weeks ago
The Harder They Fall – What a Shrink Thinks
Giants cannot be defeated on their own ground.

And later, when facing down the Twelve Labors, Hercules took note of another important pattern:

A celebrated exploit of Hercules was his victory over Antaeus. Antaeus, the son of Terra, the Earth, was a mighty giant and wrestler, whose strength was invincible so long as he remained in contact with his mother Earth.

He compelled all strangers who came to his country to wrestle with him, on condition that if conquered (as they all were) they should be put to death. Hercules encountered him, and finding that it was of no avail to throw him, for he always rose with renewed strength from every fall. ~ Bullfinch’s Mythology.

A giant’s skills cannot be used against him.

If you use the giant’s methods, he will only be strengthened.

If you try to take him down with brute force, he will rise again.

Hercules found his own solution, he raised Antaeus high up, lifting the giant’s feet from the ground, and strangled him in mid-air.

When David faced Goliath, it seemed he had learned or thing or two from Hercules.

“We are overpowered by giants, as we are by natural disasters. In our inner lives, we also have storms and tantrums and moods which can sweep through us like tidal waves. Perhaps we tell stories of battling and subduing giants as a means of gaining control over our uncontrollable, illogical, thick-headed, reactive, and irritable emotional lives”
giants  trump  war  philosophy 
4 weeks ago
Lindsey Vonn's Injuries Play a Starring Role in Winter Sport-Themed Spot by Beats by Dr. Dre - Video - Creativity Online
In house effort.

Just weeks away from the Winter Olympics, a new winter sport-themed spot by Beats by Dr. Dre doesn't shy away from the harsh reality of a being a competitor in those games.

A continuation of the brand's "Above the Noise" campaign, the latest ad features athletes including snowboarder Shaun White and downhill skier Lindsey Vonn--with some of their horrific crashes and injuries portrayed in graphic detail. As if to emphasize the point, it's set to the soundtrack of G-Eazy and Zoe Nash's "The Beautiful & Damned." The ad was created in-house and directed by Matt Baron at AllDayEveryDay.
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4 weeks ago
Three wishes for 2018 | WARC
There's a well-known story about how Amazon runs its business around 'two-pizza teams' – project teams small enough to be fed by no more than two pizzas (think around eight people as the maximum team size). This runs counter to how we value far too many initiatives – big initiatives require big teams built across functions.


As John Lubbock brilliantly put it 150 years ago: "What we see depends mainly on what we look for." So, I think we need a new map and new common language to help build common ground. A map that reflects the different experiences, frames of reference and world views. A map that changes how people feel before changing what they necessarily believe. This 'grand theory' can give us an end-to-end map of how marketing works to map the end-to-end experiences we need to build today. More importantly, it can perhaps help us find the common ground to break down the ridiculous silos that currently exist and help us find a common ground that allows us to move forward and get things done.
garethkay  warc  2018outlook  problemsolving  america 
4 weeks ago
Bud Light’s King Gives the Worst Battle Speech Ever in the Latest ‘Dilly Dilly’ Ad – Adweek
“Talk about really shaping the culture,” Andy Goeler, vp of marketing for Bud Light, told us this week. “If you had told me as a young man that I would work on something one day where they had to update the dictionary to define it, I wouldn’t have believed you.”
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4 weeks ago
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