May 2018 Market Report - Boise Regional REALTORS
The total sales dollar volume of all residential real estate sold in Ada County in May 2018 exceeded $400 million for the first time ever in a month, based on data going back to 2005. The previous high point was $371 million in June 2017.

This jump in dollar volume was driven by a 60% increase in the number of newly constructed homes that sold compared to May 2017, along with an 8.7% bump in the median sales price — reflecting increasing costs of land, labor, and construction materials.

Existing home sales were up just 2% from last year, but persistently low inventory pushed existing home prices up 16.1%, which further contributed to the record sales volume.
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2018 Google Search Trends in Banking, Digital Channels & Marketing
But more organizations are also creating roles like Chief Experience Officer and Chief Innovation Officer to place a greater emphasis on those aspects they feel will give them the greatest competitive edge.
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Mark Ritson: Why influencer marketing lacks trust and credibility
In the end, of the 18 influencers who considered my proposal, 10 (56%) took the money and posted a giant picture of my arse to their Instagram followers while proclaiming it to be a work of staggering genius. The other eight (45%) rejected my indecent proposal. You can read this outcome either way. On the one hand it should be deeply troubling that a marketing medium that positions itself on authenticity and credibility is dominated by influencers who will literally post anything and say anything you ask of them.
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Skill shift: Automation and the future of the workforce | McKinsey & Company
The increase in the need for social and emotional skills will similarly accelerate. By contrast, the need for both basic cognitive skills and physical and manual skills will decline (Exhibi
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Mr. Rogers — Quartz Obsession — Quartz
143: Rogers’ favorite number, to which he attached a superstitious significance—“I” has one letter, “love” has four, and “you” has three. He had the number stitched into his sweaters, and maintained his weight at 143 lbs.

“The world is not always a kind place,” he once said. “That’s something all children learn for themselves, whether we want them to or not, but it’s something they really need our help to understand.”
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Tim Harford — Article — The best way to solve problems is to wait for a century or two
In 1928, an anonymous donor put £500,000 — almost £30m at today’s prices — into a trust to repay the UK’s national debt, leaving compound interest to do the rest. The trust now contains £400m. The British government is suing to have it liquidated; it would do much better to wait. “As long as the debt stays roughly in proportion to national income — not an outrageous assumption — then the trust fund would be sufficient to pay off the debt a mere four centuries after the original bequest”
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Cannes Lions Winners 2018
This might make 2018 a slightly less memorable year – there is no one project that sums up the year and the state of the industry in the way Fearless Girl did for 2017, say – but the mix of winners does a good job of showing the varied and sprawling ways that brands enter our consciousness these days.

Of the festival itself, this was a leaner year in many ways, with a shorter festival (a neat five days) and much talk of how much quieter it all was this time around. This of course means quiet in relative terms – the Croisette still thronged with ad folks, and the parties, bars and talks certainly had a healthy attendance.
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How Trumps Grow – Michael Goldstein – Medium
They found that for every 10 “points” a brand had in SOV over SOM that brand would receive an extra 0.5% in market share growth. Therefore a brand with a market share of 20.5% and an excess share of voice of 10 points would grow to 21% market share within a year.
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2 days ago
David Miami on Burger King, humour and getting people talking
“With each brand we have on David’s roster, we find out the one sentence that encompasses your brand,” explains Kalathara. “In Burger King’s case, we have three pillars – one is being a challenger, another is ‘your way’ [the brand’s tagline] and the other is flame grilling, which is our product differentiation. The creatives in our office have those three things to play with all the time – they’re absorbing pop culture news and they have [those pillars] in the back of their mind and usually that’ll spark something.”


When it comes to devising campaigns, Javier Peña says David thinks in terms of news headlines (a strategy that CP+B also adopted when working with Burger King): “We have this thing internally when we’re brainstorming. We imagine we have a New York Times editor sitting next to us and that’s like the test – if he or she would want to write about it, then it’s a good idea,” he explains.

We have to keep what the brand stands for in mind. If there’s a natural way to do it we’ll present it, we’re not afraid to, but we have to tie it back to those brand principles,” he says. “I think that’s key to the way we do things at Burger King. We don’t try to rally a certain viewpoint – we just put facts out there to create conversations.


“Burger King has a super horizontal structure and when we present ideas they tend to happen really quickly,” he says. “With Google Home, we presented the idea and three weeks later, it was on air. It was the same with net neutrality…. It’s really important not having that bureaucracy, because that’s how ideas get diluted or end up dying.”


“Awards aren’t a goal for us – but they should be a consequence,” adds Javier Peña. “The goal is to be relevant, to be a part of pop culture and to make effective work for our clients – and if you do that then awards will come along.”
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2 days ago
How purpose works at The New York Times | WARC
And the brand’s purpose – namely, to “help people understand the world” – was an invaluable guide for the Times as it undertook the challenge of digital transformation.
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2 days ago
Theranos Lessons · Collaborative Fund
“Optimism requires a degree of believing in things you can not or have not verified”. Especially where new technology is concerned. So be ready to bet, but never bet the ranch. “The key is an intentional focus on diversification, room for error, and avoiding single points of failure, particularly for big, non-insurable risks”
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3 days ago
How video views are counted - YouTube Help
We’re rolling out an update to improve system accuracy and validation of views across YouTube. You may see view fluctuations on your channel from January 29, 2018, as more or fewer views may be marked as invalid than before.

YouTube video views reflect how many times a video has been watched and can be an important measure of a video's overall popularity.

We want to make sure that videos are being viewed by actual humans and not computer programs. During the first couple of hours after a video has been published, we'll only show views that our systems believe to be valid. This might not yet show all legitimate views at that time.
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4 days ago
World's Leading Independent Agencies: the real-world rise of whole-brand UX | Campaign US
UX isn't an online thing, it's a brand thing
User experience was introduced as a concept in the 1990s by cognitive scientist Don Norman, credited with establishing Apple’s first user-experience desk. People commonly associate the term with the digital realm – how intuitive it is for a user to navigate an interactive environment. But as the lines between digital and non-digital experiences dissolve, these design principles are carrying over to real-world experiences. In 2018, UX is no longer just a digital thing, it’s a brand thing.

Take a step back and think about the whole brand system. We, as customers and consumers of media, aren’t differentiating between the experiences we have online or on our mobile phones, at retail or when we hop on the phone with customer support. Each one of those interactions contributes to the net perception that we have of that brand.
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4 days ago
Grey New York's 75% creative pledge | WARC
“It is a commitment that addresses what every client has said to us: ‘Tell me more of my funds are going toward creativity. That’s what I want from you. That the unique value that I think you can add’,” she explained.

Part of this process will involve delivering the “flattest, simplest access to the broadest, most diverse creative minds”, Reiner told the 4A’s assembly.

“It is about creating a creative culture that is magnetic, that the best creative people are proud to call home, and the best creative people that we don’t yet have want to come join.”

As one example, meetings will have to be tighter, quicker, and more selective in their mix of participants. “Our clients can’t bring a plus-one [each] to every meeting,” Reiner said.

To make certain the right people are showing up at the right table, Reiner continued, “We all need to be really clear on what unique value we each bring to the party.”
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4 days ago
Tangent Graphic creates another great identity for Edinburgh Book Festival
the images highlight the subjective nature of this year’s theme. Viewers are encouraged to interpret each object and reflect on what it means to them. “The glass objects become a lens through which patterns warp and distort, representing the myriad of perspectives that shape the debate around the concept of freedom,” explains Designer Jack Shaw.
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6 days ago
Getting Customer Experience Right - eMarketer
Currently, most marketers are not looking at context as part of their segmentation strategy. A study conducted by CMO Council and RedPoint Global in March 2018 found that a majority of respondents segmented their audiences according to basic demographic attributes, as well as behavioral data like search and past purchases. But just 11% were using intent analysis, and only 22% used psychographic data for segmentation. Marketers may be taking behavior into account, but they’re largely ignoring context and emotion.
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6 days ago
Ephesians 4:29-32 NIV - Do not let any unwholesome talk come - Bible Gateway
Ephesians 4:29-32 New International Version (NIV)

29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
7 days ago
Practice Tao Daily
Tao as a way of life can be traced back to not less than 5,000 years old.  The word ‘Tao’ means 'The Way' in Chinese.  Although what it exactly means cannot be clearly explained, it opens our eyes to how the universe functions, nature behaves, and we unleash our potential.
To benefit from Tao, the first thing that you should do is to be aware of your self -- the self that is not the center but an integral part of the world, however tiny it is.  
Be absolutely honest and ask the self:  Who are you?  Why are you here at this point of time and at this part of the universe?  What are you good at, what you are not, and are you doing the right things?

In other words, be aware of 'the way' you truly are.
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7 days ago
How to Learn Taoism
The true secret trick is to enjoy life as we explore the nature of being ourselves.
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7 days ago
Opinion | The Songs That Bind - The New York Times
It turns out that the “Creep” situation is pretty much universal. Songs that came out decades earlier are now, on average, most popular among men who were 14 when they were first released. The most important period for men in forming their adult tastes were the ages 13 to 16.
9 days ago
Got Milk? How the iconic campaign came to be, 25 years ago
“Great taglines are clumsy,” says Silverstein. “[Nike’s] ‘Just Do It’ was a dorky line. The fact that ‘Got Milk?’ made it into the lexicon, well, who would’ve thought?”


The creatives talk about how these ads flipped the script of what advertising at the time was capable of relaying. They have a dark mood that hurls the viewer face-first into stories that don’t explicitly reveal the product being sold until the final seconds, suggesting that the story we tell ourselves about milk is more important than milk itself.


Milk Processing Board to license the slogan to food brands like Oreo and Cheerios free of charge. “Why don’t we work with these food companies?” Manning remembers telling the board. “The dairy industry would never do that because milk was on a ‘good for you’ strategy at that time. Well, if they’re on this strategy, you don’t work with Oreos. We did. Nabisco eventually marketed a Got Milk? Oreo, where Got Milk? was embossed on a cookie.” Girl Scout cookies were next, followed by a massive brand of an entirely different order. “Mattel, who manufactured Barbies, got on board. Think about that. Mattel manufacturing millions of Barbies . . . for us!”


Annie sent a note back to us saying that not only did she want to do it, but she wanted to make sure nobody else could,” says Hogya, then Bozell’s art director. “She saw the power of what this was going to be. At a time when print magazines were very big, she thought that if she were to make the photos really special, they would be everywhere. You couldn’t get away from this campaign.” Leibovitz’s then-partner, Susan Sontag, tagged along one day just so she could meet Kermit.

Taibi, who was director of client services at Bozell, explains that MilkPEP was only paying $25,000 per ad, a fraction of what these stars normally charged for commercials. (Most donated the fee to charity.) So if money was not the motivating factor for participation, the concept had to be.


“I think that celebrities started taking on a different meaning for Americans,” says Julia Kadison, the current CEO of MilkPEP. “We heard from our focus groups, that, well, any celebrity is going to shill for a product.
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9 days ago
A World Cup history in posters
The history of World Cup posters
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9 days ago
Creativebrief - Patek Philippe case study by Leagas Delaney London


We created the famous ‘Generations’ campaign: ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.’ We also used technology to govern retailer co-op comms and produced a separate Institutional campaign highlighting the company's family-owned nature. 2018 marks the campaign’s 22nd anniversary.
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10 days ago
Best Hippie Town in Every State in the United States of America - Thrillist
Every state's got its eclectic hippie haven, whether it's a farm commune in Missouri or an artists colony in Mississippi. We've rounded up the hippiest of the hippie from all 50.
10 days ago
Here’s Why Your SEO Traffic Dropped After Your Website Redesign
How much should my website’s traffic drop during a website redesign?
An initial range we typically see with most websites, as Google re-evaluates and updates its score for the site, would be anywhere from 5%-7%. Anymore more than that, you should plan on doing a website analysis to uncover what went wrong.
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10 days ago
After nine years of U.S. recovery, Fed sheds anxieties
At least on the immediate horizon, little appears to stand in the way, given the government's $1.8 trillion in combined tax cuts and planned spending. It is not until the stimulus starts to fade in late 2019 to mid-2020 that a recession is likely, according to half of the respondents to a National Association of Business Economics survey.
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11 days ago
Have you tested your strategy lately? | McKinsey & Company
Strategy can be such a bear. Some companies go wrong by constantly searching for the “next new thing”—and, as one strategy guru puts it, you can always find “new stuff out there, and most of it’s not very good.” Other companies learn that mountains of data, analysis, and documents can distract rather than clarify. Strategy is a way of thinking about your business, not a set of procedures or frameworks. To inspire that kind of thinking (and the dialogue that accompanies it), a team of McKinsey consultants developed ten tests to help executives assess their strategies. A 2010 McKinsey Quarterly survey suggested that few strategies pass more than three of these tests.
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11 days ago
Adidas World Cup Boots: a History - Creative Review
Screw-in studs, blades and Brooklyn Beckham: we take a look at the history of Adidas boot design from 1958 to 2018…
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11 days ago
Awesome Stuff Weekly: San Diego Comic-Con toy reveals and Funko's new 5 Star
Funko Goes Five-Star

Funko announced a new series of collectibles to join its existing Pop, Vynl, Rock Candy, Dorbz, Mystery Minis, Pint Size Heroes, SuperCute, and Lounge Fly lines. As part of a collaboration with Warner Bros., Funko’s 5 Star will introduce new figures with limited articulation and a handful of accessories in a new style to differentiate the toys from the existing items under the company’s umbrella. The line will kick off with Harry Potter
14 days ago
Funko Pops figures company creates line of horror themed cereals | The News Tribune
When milk is added to the Freddy Krueger-themed cereal, it'll turn blood red, and when milk's added to the Beetlejuice cereal, it'll look like slime, according to horror website Bloody Disgusting.

Other cereals have also been teased, including Wonder Woman and He-Man-themed cereals, according to Nerdist.
14 days ago
Invisible asymptotes — Remains of the Day
"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." - Sun Tzu
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14 days ago
Don’€™t Eat Before Reading This | The New Yorker
Being a chef is a lot like being an air-traffic controller: you are constantly dealing with the threat of disaster. You’ve got to be Mom and Dad, drill sergeant, detective, psychiatrist, and priest to a crew of opportunistic, mercenary hooligans, whom you must protect from the nefarious and often foolish strategies of owners. Year after year, cooks contend with bouncing paychecks, irate purveyors, desperate owners looking for the masterstroke that will cure their restaurant’s ills: Live Cabaret! Free Shrimp! New Orleans Brunch!

In America, the professional kitchen is the last refuge of the misfit. It’s a place for people with bad pasts to find a new family. It’s a haven for foreign
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15 days ago
Pablo Picasso - Wikipedia
Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working

Pablo Picasso
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15 days ago
Columbia and Yale scientists just found the spiritual part of our brains — Quartz
In other words, whether the thing that makes a person feel connected to something greater involves church, trees, or a stadium full of sports fans, it appears to have the same effect on the brain.
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16 days ago
Beats releases decent World Cup ad
First up is this epic spot from Beats, titled Made Defiant. Defying the commonly held belief that the kids have no attention span these days, it comes in at over four minutes long and in the form of a ‘mixtape’ featuring contributions from four of the games top players as well as cameos from Serena Williams, Thierry Henry and Patrice Evra.
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16 days ago
Your classic Hawaiian shirt… or is it?
It’s designed to appear normal from far away, but on closer inspection reveals the types of plastic objects found in the sea and during beach cleanups.
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16 days ago
Understanding Younger Baby Boomers' Digital Usage - eMarketer
In a Pew Research Center poll from January 2018, 39% of 18- to 29-year-olds and 36% of 30- to 49-year-olds said they use the internet “almost constantly.” In the 50-to-64 age bracket, less than a quarter (17%) said the same.
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17 days ago
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Ogilvy by COLLINS
. Overall, personal biases aside (and perhaps if I put myself in the shoes of an invested employee or client of the agency), this is a strong evolution that doesn’t come across as trying hard to be cool, hip, or millennial-pleasing but instead positions Ogilvy as a confident leader in its industry.
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17 days ago
Too much news, say Americans | WARC
: Two thirds of Americans say they feel exhausted by the news, a sentiment more evident among Republicans than Democrats, according to Pew Research Center.
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17 days ago
Does Your City Need a Chief Design Officer? - 99U
She quickly learned, however, that most of the issues afflicting cities can’t be easily fixed. “They are so-called ‘wicked problems,’ open-ended and complex. The only way to try to solve them is through [collaboration] across disciplines.” She explained that designers “cannot do it alone”— they must also work with the public, and other organizations, to strategize what’s best for a larger population. “We need to join our forces with other professionals.” Scandinavia’s government entities are notoriously progressive, but does design-first public policy stand a chance in the U.S.?
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18 days ago
BBC - Culture - The 100 stories that shaped the world
1. The Odyssey (Homer, 8th Century BC)
2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1852)
3. Frankenstein (Mary Shelley, 1818)
4. Nineteen Eighty-Four (George Orwell, 1949)
5. Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe, 1958)
6. One Thousand and One Nights (various authors, 8th-18th Centuries)
7. Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes, 1605-1615)
8. Hamlet (William Shakespeare, 1603)
9. One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez, 1967)
10. The Iliad (Homer, 8th Century BC)
11. Beloved (Toni Morrison, 1987)
12. The Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri, 1308-1320)
13. Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare, 1597)
14. The Epic of Gilgamesh (author unknown, circa 22nd-10th Centuries BC)
15. Harry Potter Series (JK Rowling, 1997-2007)
16. The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood, 1985)
17. Ulysses (James Joyce, 1922)
18. Animal Farm (George Orwell, 1945)
19. Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë, 1847)
20. Madame Bovary (Gustave Flaubert, 1856)
21. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Luo Guanzhong, 1321-1323)
22. Journey to the West (Wu Cheng'en, circa 1592)
23. Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevksy, 1866)
24. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen, 1813)
25. Water Margin (attributed to Shi Nai'an, 1589)
26. War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy, 1865-1867)
27. To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee, 1960)
28. Wide Sargasso Sea (Jean Rhys, 1966)
29. Aesop's Fables (Aesop, circa 620 to 560 BC)
30. Candide (Voltaire, 1759)
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18 days ago
Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018 | Pew Research Center
YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens. Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online 'almost constantly'
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18 days ago
Robot Food spices up Co-op's own-brand beer
Instead of concealing their own-brand status, Robot Food has created a palette that echoes the blue and white Co-op brand colours, stamping the logo on a prominent place on each bottle and can
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18 days ago
Takeout coffee — Quartz Obsession — Quartz
Americans used more than 100 million hot-coffee cups per day in 2015, and that number is expected to rise to 133 million per day by 2025, according to Freedonia Group. And no, cold-brew season doesn’t improve the situation: Plastic straws are among the top 10 trash items found in the ocean, according to the Ocean Conservancy’s 2017 International Coastal Cleanup Report.
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19 days ago
Insights from the WARC Awards’ Brand Purpose winners | WARC
There was no mistaking that the Grand Prix winner, sanpro brand Bodyform/Libresse, achieved both. Challenging taboos around periods, Bodyform’s #bloodnormal campaign, through AMV BBDO, showed blood trickling down a woman’s leg, women changing pads, men buying pads and a woman asking for a pad at a dinner party. Sure, it attracted a lot of online vitriol – the paper’s title – ‘This is what happens when whores and pimps become marketers’ – is actually taken from one of the hateful tweets responding to the campaign. But the judges were in no doubt of the massive impact this campaign had made.
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19 days ago
360i's 'no-pitch' formula | WARC
The process begins with three questions posed to the brand manager: “What are you trying to do?”, “What are the most important issues for you?” and “What does 12 months down the line look like for you?”

And the next steps may involve the kind of speculative work that many agencies find cumbersome if they do not approach it in the right frame of mind.

But, Hofstetter told the ANA assembly, “at least you’re operating under the understanding of what a business partnership looks like”.
20 days ago
It’s not just “BBQ Becky”: Racist 911 calls are more common than you think - Vox
“People should call 911 if it’s an actual emergency. But think before you call the cops to handle your feelings about a barbecue, or where someone is parked, or if they’re playing music on a Saturday afternoon. I’ve answered at least a quarter of a million 911 calls in my career. Amid the meaningless, racially charged calls, I’ve gotten many by concerned citizens who genuinely want to help someone in danger. Good typically wins over evil. But it’s awfully damn close
america  blacklivesmatter 
23 days ago
How we selected the 100 Most Creative People in Business for 2018
Each has succeeded in moving his or her entire sector forward in a completely new way during the past year.

No ad people ??
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24 days ago
Key insights from the latest 'Mary Meeker report' that media professionals should know | The Drum
The latest Mary Meeker report states that advertisers are not investing enough in mobile compared with the time consumers spend using mobile devices. It also notes that nearly half of product searches begin on Amazon and that people watch an average of over 30 minutes of mobile video per day.
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24 days ago
Growing Up With Steve Miller – Texas Monthly
I didn’t realize it then, but I was crudely speaking the same vocabulary that he’d used to build his career. Before he rejoined the adults, he showed me a chord progression the great Texas blues musician T-Bone Walker had taught him when Mr. Steve was my age, and then my parents made me go to bed.


“Your CD is promising, Max. Especially for a fifteen-year-old.” Steve fixed both poles in the ice. “But in music, you have to hit a real home run. And then two more home runs, and then a triple immediately afterward. And then maybe you own the world for a while, but then you either have to write something even greater, or you disappear, and that’s how it really works.” If I wanted to “climb the mountain,” he told me I’d need a routine. I’d need to master my songwriting voice: writing every day, charting other songs’ chord progressions, feeling out the rhythms of words and the arcs of melodies. I’d need to tighten up my guitar voice: practicing scales every day, exploring tone in my fingers and through an amp. I’d need to find my singing voice: practicing scales, studying harmony, controlling my breath, learning to shape tones in my throat and phrase them through a line. I’d also need to find the right musicians, practice until we were a single organism, and figure out how to bring a song to life in a crappy venue with a bad P.A. Of course, we’d also need to develop an aesthetic and learn how to produce. Then, if we pulled all that off, we’d need to set up a publishing company and sign a contract that preserved our blood in an industry famous for leeches. After that, I’d really have to get to work.

. Steve’s mentorship taught me something that I didn’t want to learn: it isn’t a quality that you’re given but a question of how much you’re willing to give. Whether you want to make high art or big-money chocolate cake, you have to be monomaniacally committed to getting there. You won’t create music that’s effortless or individual without giving your effort or yourself completely to it. And by that definition, Steve has it, and I clearly never did.
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24 days ago
Users Are Souring on Ad Tracking - eMarketer
Nearly 70% of those polled said they would like to see the US enact a law similar to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which states that a user's data can only be used if they give a company permission to do so. The provision of the GDPR that respondents most wanted to see applied in the US is an individual's right to ask companies to delete the data they have collected.
bigdata  data  insights_analytics  privacy  emarketer 
24 days ago
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Commitment to Confidentiality
We use these critical data sources to produce a variety of data products like state population estimates, monthly retail sales, income and poverty statistics, and the merchandise trade balance. Our staff receives annual training to keep them abreast of current data and IT security procedures — a measure consistent with the strong culture of confidentiality stressed at all levels of the Census Bureau. We strive to use technology and statistical methodologies to ensure that we can protect data at all stages — from collection, t
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25 days ago
Ad of the month – US: John Deere | WARC
Data from YouGov BrandIndex shows that John Deere has had the largest rise in Ad Awareness this month of all brands tracked. In late March, the brand’s Ad Awareness score – which asks respondents if they’ve seen an ad for the brand in the past two weeks – was at +17. By late April, that score had reached a high of +27.
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25 days ago
What will we be doing? More than 175,000 Starbucks partners (that’s what we call our employees) will be sharing life experiences, hearing from others, listening to experts, reflecting on the realities of bias in our society and talking about how all of us create public spaces where everyone feels like they belong—because they do. This conversation will continue at our company and become part of how we train all of our partners.
brand_starbucks  pr_issue  crisis  blacklivesmatter 
26 days ago
How to repeat success: Lessons from Pixar | McKinsey & Company

I said, give us the black sheep . . . the ones who have another way of doing things that nobody’s listening to . . . [the people with] a restless, probing nature. . . . If you had thermal glasses, you could see the heat coming off of them.”
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26 days ago
Lawmakers Push To Ban Behavioral Targeting Of Kids Under 16 05/25/2018
The "Do Not Track Kids Act," re-introduced this week, would prohibit companies from collecting personal data, including location information and tracking data, from teens ages 13-15 without their explicit consent. The bill also from would require companies to create an "eraser button," which would enable children (and their parents) to delete some personal information. Another provision would prohibit companies from selling connected devices targeted toward people under 16, unless the devices meet security standards established by the Federal Trade Commission.
legal  kids  data  bigdata  teens 
26 days ago
Education Week
Still, some activities are more accessible than others. Overall, 76 percent of children played outside every day during the summer following kindergarten. The NCES found no measurable differences in outside playtime based on families' poverty status or parents' education.
america  education  parenting  planning_JKAF 
26 days ago
28% of all media time will be mobile by 2020 | WARC
In addition, mobile is forecast to continue chipping away at almost all other media, so that it accounts for 28% of all media usage by 2020, and this trend will compel brands to reconsider how they plan their communications with mobile consumers.


Cinemas have gained too, the report adds, revealing that time spent at the cinema increased 3pp between 2011 and 2018 on the back of increased investment by cinema owners and their efforts to create a better experience for customers.
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26 days ago
Seattle’s Nordic Museum rebrands to reflect contemporary culture
It had to be flexible enough to represent anything from a 12,000-year-old artefact, to a Björk concert or an independent film series.”
creativity  seattle  design 
26 days ago
Similarities and differences between urban, suburban and rural communities in America | Pew Research Center
Against this backdrop, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that many urban and rural residents feel misunderstood and looked down on by Americans living in other types of communities. About two-thirds or more in urban and rural areas say people in other types of communities don’t understand the problems people face in their communities.

Roughly equal shares of urban (50%) and rural (46%) residents say that drug addiction is a major problem in their local community. When it comes to the availability of jobs, rural adults are somewhat more likely to say this is a major problem where they live (42% say so), but a substantial share of urban dwellers (34%) say the same, significantly higher than the share in suburban communities (22%).
But while about half of those in cities (46%) and suburbs (49%) who say this is the case believe they will have enough income in the future, rural residents are less optimistic: 63% of adults in rural areas who say they don’t currently have enough income to lead the kind of life they want don’t expect to in the future, while 36% think they eventually will.
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27 days ago
With that in mind, when I was recently asked to write a presentation on ‘How to get to great work’ my immediate thought was, that’s the wrong question. The real question is; what is stopping us getting to great work?
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27 days ago
How Human-Computer ‘Superminds’ Are Redefining the Future of Work
The ongoing, and sometimes loud, debate about how many and what kinds of jobs smart machines will leave for humans to do in the future is missing a salient point: Just as the automation of human work in the past allowed people and machines to do many things that couldn’t be done before, groups of people and computers working together will be able to do many things in the future that neither can do alone now.
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27 days ago
As GDPR looms, it's time to update your personal terms of service | WIRED UK
You have friends' email addresses and Wi-Fi logins. You're still connected to the Dropbox account for the company you used to work for. You know your plumber's bank details. You're a one-person GDPR disaster waiting to happ
funny  gdpr 
29 days ago
Accenture Interactive Opens Digital Ad-Buying Division, Further Encroaching on Agencies’ Turf - WSJ
. Brian Whipple, CEO of Accenture Interactive, said his company is winning big pieces of business because it is offering to do something different with clients’ marketing budgets, rather than critiquing agency campaigns or promising to do similar work better or cheaper.
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29 days ago
Publicis unveils Marcel, its AI-powered platform | WARC
The connectivity function, for example, will help employees to locate the most appropriate experts across the organisation, while the opportunity pillar “provides a multitude of ways that each person can contribute, participate and flex their skills and passions on other projects beyond their day-to-day accounts”.


More apps will be developed over the course of this year, but the first three are called Daily Six, which could include key updates from a current account; Expert Match, which provides timely advice and answers to specific questions; and Open Brief, which enables clients to put out requests for input or work to the wider group.
agencybusiness  AI 
4 weeks ago
Census Bureau Reveals Fastest-Growing Large Cities
While the main focus of this release has been on the 3.9 percent of cities with populations of 50,000 or more, the United States is a nation of small towns. Of the nation’s 325.7 million people, an estimated 205.0 million (62.9 percent) live within an incorporated place as of July 1, 2017. Of approximately 19,500 incorporated places, about 76 percent had fewer than 5,000 people and nearly 50 percent had fewer than 1,000 people.
uscities  america  census 
4 weeks ago
Are vinyl toys about to make a comeback?
Budnitz has also planned a series of guerilla Superplastic stores which will pop up for a few hours, via augmented reality, in locations around the world – everything from train stations to laundrettes. Super fans that can get past the digital attendant can even attempt to shoplift from the store, something Budnitz mentions with glee.


Budnitz has also planned a series of guerilla Superplastic stores which will pop up for a few hours, via augmented reality, in locations around the world – everything from train stations to laundrettes. Super fans that can get past the digital attendant can even attempt to shoplift from the store, something Budnitz mentions with glee.


“Inevitably what happens with a creative business is that when the love goes, the fans disperse. So you can make decisions that make you more money in the short term, but the fans go because the magic’s gone.”
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4 weeks ago
Idaho, other western states change their branding for international markets – Idaho Business Review
Idaho, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Montana are dropping the “Real America” brand in favor of “The Great American West.” That’s the name that the five states will now use as they market tourism to tour operators, travel agents, and consumers through advertising and public relations efforts.
4 weeks ago
Visit Las Vegas, Now and Then - YouTube
For a young couple in love, a trip to Vegas that starts as just a getaway turns into a life-defining experience.
creative_executions_Film  LGBT  greatwork 
4 weeks ago
WTF is Customer Experience Anyway? – Faris – Medium
Brands are a memory and a sum of your experience both as a customer (in the funnel) and as a human (out of the funnel).
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4 weeks ago
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