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‘She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity—A Review - Quillette
Am I supposed to believe that wolves and coyotes are really just the same or that the species known as canis lupis is a social construct?

Zimmer says: “But any resemblance between genetic clusters of people and racial categories concocted before genetics existed can have no deep meaning.” The hell it can’t: 19th Century scientists were observing the same reality. Nobody was sequencing avian genomes in Shakespeare’s day, yet he could still tell a hawk from a handsaw.
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july 2018 by JeremyCherfas
The Truth About Stella Artois
The fact that Stella Artois is synonymous with Belgian beer besmirches the rich brewing heritage of that fine country
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july 2018 by JeremyCherfas
They won a Nobel for what? Why good science communication counts — The Conversation
Why is communicating science a challenge for many scientists? Blame “the curse of knowledge,” as described in the book Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. The idea is that when you know something very well it becomes hard to remember what it was like not to know it. You no longer recognize what is amazing or mysterious or funny or confusing about your work. You no longer can tell jargon – the specialized language of your field – from everyday talk.
october 2015 by JeremyCherfas
NT Blog: Academic Blogging: What are the benefits?
Another academic weighs in on why blogging can be a good idea for academics
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august 2013 by JeremyCherfas
Famine FAIL II: This is how the hell it happened… « Open The Echo Chamber
Message management is anathema to social media: let me state the obvious – in the social media era, controlling the message is only possible if the message is so insipid that nobody cares about it at all.
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august 2012 by JeremyCherfas

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