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When a Disappointment Helped Lead to a Nobel Prize - The New York Times
The winners of this year’s Nobel in economics did pioneering field experiments that sometimes didn’t work as expected.
rcts  research  experimentation  causality  public_policy  policy_making 
december 2019 by JFIResearch
Crowdsourcing Reliable Local Data | Political Analysis | Cambridge Core
Crowdsourcing Reliable Local Data - Jane Lawrence Sumner, Emily M. Farris, Mirya R. Holman
local_government  local_politics  policy  policy_making  data  data_science 
november 2019 by JFIResearch
The silent transformations of health policy in Italy and the catalytic effect of the Great Financial Crisis
Downloadable (with restrictions)! Health care policies are part of the national welfare states and have been involved in the broader trends of welfare reforms of the last decades. They have been part of the process of recalibration of the Italian welfare, even if they have not been characterized by dramatic reforms (as it has been the case of pensions and labour market policies). Health care has remained at the margin of the political debate but has experienced a trend of incremental...
health  healthcare  health_insurance  policy  policy_making  financial_crisis 
november 2019 by JFIResearch
Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All Plan Is a Massive Win
Regardless of who you support, you should celebrate this brilliant breakthrough.
health  healthcare  health_insurance  policy  policy_making 
november 2019 by JFIResearch
Bruenig & UBI |
"Politics is not arithmetic." – Álvaro Cunhal, former Secretary-General, Partido Comunista Português My friend, the semi-notorious Matt Bruenig,
universal_basic_income  UBI  economic_theory  policy_making 
september 2019 by JFIResearch
Protecting Soldiers and Mothers — Theda Skocpol | Harvard University Press
It is widely held that the United States lagged behind the countries of Western Europe in developing modern social policies. But, as Theda Skocpol shows in this startlingly new historical analysis, the United States actually pioneered generous social spending for many of its elderly, disabled, and dependent citizens.
welfare  welfare_history  capitalism  development  development_economics labor_market  labor  labor_relations  sociology  policy_making  policy  history  history_of_capitalism 
july 2019 by JFIResearch

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