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The Financialization of Housing: A political economy approach, 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge
Due to the financialization of housing in today’s market, housing risks are increasingly becoming financial risks. Financialization refers to the increasing dominance of financial actors, markets, practices, measurements and narratives. It also…
financialization  finance  housing_policy  housing  housing_markets  political_economy  political_science 
9 weeks ago by JFIResearch
Safe and Affordable Housing | Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth’s housing plan will lower rents by 10%, help close the racial wealth gap, and create 1.5 million new jobs.
housing  public_sector  gnd  public_housing  Rent_Control  infrastructure 
november 2019 by JFIResearch
500 Years of Housing Rents, Quality and Affordability by Piet Eichholtz, Matthijs Korevaar, Thies Lindenthal :: SSRN
How do housing rents, quality and affordability evolve when cities grow over time? This paper studies urban housing markets for half a millennium (1500–2017) fo
housing  housing_markets  cost_of_living  Rent_Control 
july 2019 by JFIResearch
Affordable Housing and City Welfare by Jack Y Favilukis, Pierre Mabille, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh :: SSRN
Housing affordability is the main policy challenge for many large cities in the world. Zoning changes, rent control, housing vouchers, and tax credits are the
housing  housing_markets  inequality  policy  social  social_housing  affordable_housing  Rent_Control  Zoning  Gentrification  Real_Estate 
april 2019 by JFIResearch

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