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The silent transformations of health policy in Italy and the catalytic effect of the Great Financial Crisis
Downloadable (with restrictions)! Health care policies are part of the national welfare states and have been involved in the broader trends of welfare reforms of the last decades. They have been part of the process of recalibration of the Italian welfare, even if they have not been characterized by dramatic reforms (as it has been the case of pensions and labour market policies). Health care has remained at the margin of the political debate but has experienced a trend of incremental...
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Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All Plan Is a Massive Win
Regardless of who you support, you should celebrate this brilliant breakthrough.
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Does U.S. Health Inequality Reflect Income Inequality—or Something Else? - Liberty Street Economics
Health is an integral part of well-being. The United Nations Human Development Index uses life expectancy (together with GDP per capita and literacy) as one of three key indicators of human welfare across the world. In this post, I discuss the state of life expectancy inequality in the United States and examine some of the underlying factors in its evolution over the past several decades.
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How to Design a Governable Digital Health Ecosystem by Jessica Morley, Luciano Floridi :: SSRN
It has been suggested that to overcome the challenges facing the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) of an ageing population and reduced available funding, the N
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