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Crowdsourcing Reliable Local Data | Political Analysis | Cambridge Core
Crowdsourcing Reliable Local Data - Jane Lawrence Sumner, Emily M. Farris, Mirya R. Holman
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november 2019 by JFIResearch
Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter partner for ambitious new data project - The Verge
The current version of the system supports data transfer for photos, mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks, drawing from publicly available APIs from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Remember the Milk, and SmugMug. Many of those transfers could already be accomplished through other means, but participants hope the project will grow into a more robust and flexible alternative to conventional APIs. In its own blog post, Microsoft called for more companies to sign onto the effort, adding that “portability and interoperability are central to cloud innovation and competition.”
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august 2018 by JFIResearch
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