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Small N's and Big Conclusions: An Examination of the Reasoning in Comparative Studies Based on a Small Number of Cases on JSTOR
An increasing number of studies, particularly in the area of comparative and historical research, are using the method of agreement and method of difference pro...
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When a Disappointment Helped Lead to a Nobel Prize - The New York Times
The winners of this year’s Nobel in economics did pioneering field experiments that sometimes didn’t work as expected.
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I confess that I have never understood why Bayesian statisticians would ever report just a single set of "results". One of the key insights of the Reverend Thomas Bayes was that the data gives you a map between what you thought before and what you should think now. Thus I would think that the Bayesian tradition would be to report this map—not just what the posterior mean is for one set of prior beliefs, but other things as well, like how different your prior beliefs would have to hav...
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