Sound problems fixed in Ubuntu
My sound just stopped on an upgrade, this fixed it at step 6
sound  ubuntu  studio 
september 2019
best word combiner
Sometimes need a word combiner for adwords, this has four levels and seems to actually work (not all of them do)
word  adwords  seo  combiner 
july 2019
Image colour analysis
Take an image, extract the key colours, enjoy
colour  color  image  web  analysis 
july 2019
Pixel, Facebook, Agency
How to share your Facebook pixel with an agency
facebook  ads  ppc  pixel  agency 
april 2019
Johari Window
What are you like, and what do others think you are like
johari  window  personality  branding 
april 2019
Lonely Page – One page is all you need
"Create and design your landing, event, business or profile page with the simplest, most flexible one-page builder you've ever used."
landing  page  marketing  digital  campaigns  via:hanyu 
march 2018
Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero
A description of what it feels like to build web software, after 20 years building it. There was a point, a few years back where I thought I'd achieved, well, definitely not mastery, but at least a certain level of expertise. These days, I feel like I'm constantly running to keep up, and just getting further and further behind. And there's really no reason this should be the case.
development  web  html  css  via:alasdairw 
february 2018
Lemonade Stand
A handy guide to financial support for open source, by nayafia.
opensource  finance  open  source  funding  via:hanyu 
november 2017
UK town populations
A list of UK cities and towns in population order
city  town  cities  towns  uk  population 
october 2017
Create learning environments
learning  education  php  open  source  teaching  university 
october 2017
Print & post
I use this to print posters for my band and get them sent direct to the venue
print  post  posters  dox  direct 
september 2017
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