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Aha, a .net port of docco!
c#  documentation  windows  docco  docs 
june 2011 by Inferis
how Windows is built. interesting.
windows  blog  build  development 
february 2011 by Inferis
Facebook SDK Overview
woa! will save me a lot of time doing this myself. ^_^
development  c#  windows  programming  api  sdk  microsoft  library  web2.0  mvc  technology  aspnetmvc  silverlight  facebook 
november 2009 by Inferis
First look at Windows 7's User Interface
Windows 7 is starting to look great. Can't wait to try it out.
windows  microsoft  ui  future  technology  ux  windows7  userexperience  tech  article 
october 2008 by Inferis
Photo Matt » Braindead Finder Behaviour
Old, but the comments are wonderful to read. :D
mac  UI  osx  finder  windows  usability  files  discussion 
august 2007 by Inferis
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