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iOS UI Patterns (beta)
Handig, alweer. (via @erlend)
design  ios  iphone  patterns  ui 
march 2011 by Inferis
Mobile UI Patterns
Interesting reference material.
design  iphone  patterns  mobile  ui 
march 2011 by Inferis
Design Language News
Take an ipad, use an app and photograph the fingerprint leftovers. Great visualisation of the apps interaction.
design  interface  tablet  ui  ipad  interaction  touch 
february 2011 by Inferis
YouTube - Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video
Looks nice. I can certainly see this working on a netbook.
ui  os  chrome  google  concept  video  youtube 
november 2009 by Inferis
First look at Windows 7's User Interface
Windows 7 is starting to look great. Can't wait to try it out.
windows  microsoft  ui  future  technology  ux  windows7  userexperience  tech  article 
october 2008 by Inferis
Photo Matt » Braindead Finder Behaviour
Old, but the comments are wonderful to read. :D
mac  UI  osx  finder  windows  usability  files  discussion 
august 2007 by Inferis

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