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Now that seems like an interesting concept.
development  event  programming 
october 2013 by Inferis
the eero programming language
For reference only. Not seeing a real benefit over plain ObjC here.
objc  language  objective-c  programming  llvm  alternative 
september 2013 by Inferis
Behind enemy lines: 3 months as an iOS developer at Google | Splinter Software
Strange read. Not agreeing with some of the "solutions" in the iOS Development paragraphs.
analysis  google  programming  ios  software 
january 2013 by Inferis
Facebook SDK Overview
woa! will save me a lot of time doing this myself. ^_^
development  c#  windows  programming  api  sdk  microsoft  library  web2.0  mvc  technology  aspnetmvc  silverlight  facebook 
november 2009 by Inferis
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