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Status Magic and iPhone 6/6 Plus screen sizes - iPhone Developer Blog
Sad to see this go.

On the other hand, that video capture thing in Yosemite is interesting.
development  iosdev  ios  yosemite 
september 2014 by Inferis
Interesting example of custom segues.
iosdev  ios  segue 
june 2014 by Inferis
▶ Facebook's iOS Infrastructure - Mobile @ Scale - YouTube
Might have bookmarked this before, but I still want to keep it.
facebook  ios  scale  apps  dev 
february 2014 by Inferis
Exploring GPGPU on iOS - Bartosz Ciechanowski
This made me both curious to read more *and* make my head explode.
ios  speed  iosdev  coding  floats 
january 2014 by Inferis
This might come in handy.
cocoa  ios  library 
november 2013 by Inferis
Prizmo 2 Video Trailer on Vimeo
That is one cool piece of software.
ios  inspiration  ocr 
may 2013 by Inferis
Square Open Source
That's a bunch of open source.
square  opensource  java  ios  ruby  android  iosdev 
may 2013 by Inferis
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