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Working for free and what it taught me
Interesting. Would this work while having 4 kids to feed? :)
work  free  life  lessons  inspiration 
july 2013 by Inferis
Prizmo 2 Video Trailer on Vimeo
That is one cool piece of software.
ios  inspiration  ocr 
may 2013 by Inferis
Rethinking the iPhone lockscreen | The Tech Block
Interesting ideas, but needs more thought. For example: the grabber. What if you have a passcode on your phone?
lockscreen  idea  inspiration  ios  iphone 
december 2012 by Inferis
Subtle Patterns | High quality patterns for your next web project
Subtle Patterns is a collection of 36 high quality design patterns for
you to use freely. New patterns added weekly. A project by Atle Mo.
background  design  graphics  patterns  pattern  inspiration  resources 
june 2011 by Inferis

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