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Behind enemy lines: 3 months as an iOS developer at Google | Splinter Software
Strange read. Not agreeing with some of the "solutions" in the iOS Development paragraphs.
analysis  google  programming  ios  software 
january 2013 by Inferis
killed the H264 *
Good take on the Chrome H264 debacle.
google  chrome  h264 
january 2011 by Inferis
YouTube - Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video
Looks nice. I can certainly see this working on a netbook.
ui  os  chrome  google  concept  video  youtube 
november 2009 by Inferis
Google Maps
Eens uitproberen wanneer ik de N95 terugheb. *grmbl*
cool  maps  mobile  google  googlemaps  location 
november 2007 by Inferis

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