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Status Magic and iPhone 6/6 Plus screen sizes - iPhone Developer Blog
Sad to see this go.

On the other hand, that video capture thing in Yosemite is interesting.
development  iosdev  ios  yosemite 
september 2014 by Inferis
Todo plugin for xcode. Might be helpful.
xcode  code  development  objc  plugin 
december 2013 by Inferis
Why Cruise Ships are My Favorite Remote Work Location - Tynan
If you're visiting a port that doesn't have anything you're excited about, you can also just find an internet cafe and handle phone calls and downloads that you weren't able to do on the ship. I may do this in a few days in Tenerife, since last time I was
hacks  productivity  travel  work  development 
november 2013 by Inferis
Why didn't I know of this before?

(via @rsebbe)
apple  development  macdev  iosdev  bug  radar 
november 2013 by Inferis
Now that seems like an interesting concept.
development  event  programming 
october 2013 by Inferis
martijnthe / NSURLConnectionVCR — Bitbucket
Oh, nice. Recording NSURLConnection requests and responses.
development  dev  cocoa  nsurlconnection  mock  replay 
november 2012 by Inferis
PSDs · Livven
Phone mockup PSDs. Great stuff.
development  design  mockup  phone 
july 2012 by Inferis
The Android Toolbox
It's about time to get some Android insights. Let's start with technical resources. :)
android  development  dev  framework  toolkit 
july 2012 by Inferis
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