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Crappy Pictures
These stories are so taken out of life it hurts.
blog  funny  parenting  sotrueithurts 
july 2011 by Inferis
how Windows is built. interesting.
windows  blog  build  development 
february 2011 by Inferis
Techno//Marketer: The single most important element of the new 3G iPhone
As if this is the first phone with an accessible GPS. "For the first time ever, GPS will be fully integrated on a user-frindly, consumer device. It's intuitive, unlike previous phones where you had to hack to get it to work." Yeah, sure. Loser.
blog  iphone  gps  location  loser  idiot 
july 2008 by Inferis
Doodle: Blogmeeting in Antwerpen
En dan te weten dat we oorspronkelijk met 8 datums begonnen zijn. :)
blogmeet  bloggers  blog  antwerpen  antwerp 
may 2008 by Inferis
Ruby In Steel :: Ruby Programming with Visual Studio 2005
Much check of ironruby. Again, so much cool stuff around!
ruby  blog  visualstudio  dotnet 
november 2007 by Inferis
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