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The Koran and Jihad
Not once does he mention that many of the 700,000 Arabs who left fled at the instructions of their own leaders, and that the population transfer occurred after the armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon attacked the tiny Jewish state. The fact that multiple invasions were in progress when the population transfers occurred is never mentioned, which is rather like talking about radiation levels in Hiroshima without mentioning World War II.

Nowhere does Polk mention that 800,000 Jews were expelled from Muslim countries during and shortly after the War of Independence, and that the tiny Jewish state integrated them while the Palestinian refugees were kept apart as political hostages. He makes a great deal of the alleged Israeli massacre of Arabs at Deir Yassin, but cites none of the extensive literature contesting this accusation. Eliezer Tauber’s 2017 monograph, Deir Yassin: The End of the Myth, puts the total casualty count at 101, not the 250 cited by Polk, and shows that civilian casualties were collateral rather than intentional....

It also is the case that the imperialists often were far more generous and tolerant than the locals. India is a majority Hindu nation today—and a democracy—because the British turned the balance of power against Islam, and introduced a national civil service and railway system that unified the subcontinent for the first time in its history. It is also true that the British grew opium in Bengal and forced China to buy it, with dreadful consequences about which the Chinese are justifiably rancorous. But the fact is that no one has oppressed the peoples of the Global South like other peoples of the Global South. Tamerlane, the most successful of all jihadists, goes entirely unmentioned.
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Trump’s Statement on Settlements Doesn’t Mean What You Think - The American Interest
But we wouldn’t be surprised if the White House’s about-face was calculated to give Netanyahu some breathing room until he and Trump have a chance to sit down in Washington next month.
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Kerry Yearns for Peace in a Vanished Middle East - Bloomberg View
This is true. But Israel has dismantled settlements before. It did so in 2005 in Gaza. At the time, the George W. Bush administration committed in return to acknowledge that some of the population centers in and around Jerusalem would remain in Israel if a two-state solution could be reached.

Obama, as I wrote earlier this week, abandoned this promise in his first year in office. The U.N. Security Council resolution that the U.S. allowed to pass on Friday says that all of East Jerusalem is now occupied territory. Why would Israel trust the U.S. to keep its commitments going forward after Obama discarded those made by his predecessor?
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Econometric papers on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — Marginal Revolution
Ending violent international conflicts requires understanding the causal factors that perpetuate them. In the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Israelis and Palestinians each tend to see themselves as victims, engaging in violence only in response to attacks initiated by a fundamentally and implacably violent foe bent on their destruction. Econometric techniques allow us to empirically test the degree to which violence on each side occurs in response to aggression by the other side. Prior studies using these methods have argued that Israel reacts strongly to attacks by Palestinians, whereas Palestinian violence is random (i.e., not predicted by prior Israeli attacks). Here we replicate prior findings that Israeli killings of Palestinians increase after Palestinian killings of Israelis, but crucially show further that when nonlethal forms of violence are considered, and when a larger dataset is used, Palestinian violence also reveals a pattern of retaliation: (i) the firing of Palestinian r
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Yglesias » Most Arabs Ready for Peace
"Matt Duss runs down a recent poll of Arab public opinion which shows that 86 percent of respondents across various countries want to see peace “if Israel is willing to return all 1967 territories including East Jerusalem.” "
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No Surprises in UN’s Biased Flotilla Report | FrumForum
"Following the release of the UNHRC report, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “in view of the biased, politicized and extremist approach of the same Human Rights Council that initiated the skewed Goldstone Report, Israel sees no reason to cooperate with this commission.” In light of the outcome of the Commission’s findings, it is easy to understand why. Notwithstanding, Israel is however cooperating with a separate UN enquiry established by UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and headed by New Zealand’s former Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer. This commission has yet to finalize and publish its findings."
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Life Under the Gaza “Siege” | FrumForum
"In a recent article in the Egyptian weekly, Rooz Al-Yousuf, journalist Muhammad Hamadi, questions what ‘siege’ in Gaza people are talking about, noting that life under ‘siege’ in Gaza is cheaper, more convenient and easier than in Egypt, where the people would love such a ‘siege’."
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