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Hoover Was No Budget-Cutter - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic
Hoover did not tighten up on spending.  According to the historical tables of the Office of Management and Budget, spending in 1929 was $3.1 billion, up from $2.9 billion the year before.  In 1930 it was $3.3 billion.  In 1931, Hoover raised spending to $3.6 billion.  And in 1932, he opened the taps to $4.7 billion, where it basically stayed into 1933 (most of which was a Hoover budget).  As a percentage of GDP, spending rose from 3.4% in 1930 to 8% in 1933--an increase larger than the increase under FDR, though of course thankfully under FDR, the denominator (GDP) had stopped shrinking.
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Government makes things better (sometimes) | Free exchange | Economist.com
"The authors estimate the length and severity of recessions in two periods: from 1875 to 1918 and from 1920 to 2007. In the earlier period, real output declines by 7.8% on average during recessions. The average recession has a duration of 6 quarters, and the average expansion lasts 8.3 quarters. During the period from 1920 to 2007, the average decline in real output during recession is estimated to be 5.9%. Recessions last 4.5 quarters on average, while expansions last 17.7 quarters. Downturns before the establishment of a lender of last resort are longer, deeper, and more frequent than they are after."
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