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Supreme Court Nominations Will Never Be the Same - Bloomberg View
As it turned out, that also meant that Tribe’s generational successor in that role, Cass Sunstein (another colleague of mine, both at Harvard Law and here at Bloomberg View) also had little chance of being nominated, despite being much more centrist than Tribe and just as qualified in his own right. Sunstein hadn’t been involved in the Bork hearings -- but the rules of the game had changed. Barack Obama couldn’t even get Sunstein, an administrative law expert, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which specializes in administrative law.
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december 2016 by HispanicPundit
Remembering Robert Byrd’s Racism | FrumForum
"We’re told that he recanted his views. Great. So did Strom Thurmond. But those words — just words — rightly got him nowhere. If Robert Byrd’s grandson runs for Congress and is defeated by a black candidate — as happened to Thurmond’s grandon in South Carolina last week in a Republican primary — will the media breathlessly report it as the end of a racist era in the Democratic Party’s sordid history, as they did of Tim Scott’s overwhelming victory?"
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june 2010 by HispanicPundit
Question Answered - Megan McArdle
"So Obama doesn't count because he's not really a Democrat. But Bill Clinton was. But Richard Nixon--the chap who implemented price controls and massively expanded Social Security and Medicare--was definitely a Republican. Jimmy Carter, who deregulated like mad: definitely a Democrat."
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september 2009 by HispanicPundit
KeithHennessey.com » The total tax battle
ONly the Republican proposal would keep taxes lower than their historic averages...both Obama and House Democrats want substantially raise taxes.
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april 2009 by HispanicPundit
Marginal Revolution: More on Bartels
"In a nutshell, the theory of partisan business cycles says that Democrats care more about reducing unemployment, Republicans care more about reducing inflation. "
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april 2008 by HispanicPundit
OpinionJournal - Extra - Whitewash
The racist history the Democratic Party wants you to forget....a new book about the Democratic Parties racist past.
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december 2007 by HispanicPundit
Greg Mankiw's Blog: The New Deal Revisited
Why people keep voting Democrat - intentions matters more than results.
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june 2007 by HispanicPundit
Swift Boat Veterans Spoke the Truth - Michael Barone (usnews.com)
Just in case you had any doubts - the swift boat veterans were the truth tellers.
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june 2007 by HispanicPundit
CARPE DIEM: JFK: Supply-Side Economics
Oh how times have changed - the days when Democrats understood taxes destructive force.
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may 2007 by HispanicPundit
History News Network - Truman and the War on Terror
Modern day Democrats are nothing like the Democrats of old, especially Truman Democrats. Sad.
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august 2006 by HispanicPundit

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