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Andrew Roberts on Churchill and the Craft of Biography - Econlib
Andrew Roberts discussing his recent book on Churchill, and misc facts about Churchill.
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The Koran and Jihad
Not once does he mention that many of the 700,000 Arabs who left fled at the instructions of their own leaders, and that the population transfer occurred after the armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon attacked the tiny Jewish state. The fact that multiple invasions were in progress when the population transfers occurred is never mentioned, which is rather like talking about radiation levels in Hiroshima without mentioning World War II.

Nowhere does Polk mention that 800,000 Jews were expelled from Muslim countries during and shortly after the War of Independence, and that the tiny Jewish state integrated them while the Palestinian refugees were kept apart as political hostages. He makes a great deal of the alleged Israeli massacre of Arabs at Deir Yassin, but cites none of the extensive literature contesting this accusation. Eliezer Tauber’s 2017 monograph, Deir Yassin: The End of the Myth, puts the total casualty count at 101, not the 250 cited by Polk, and shows that civilian casualties were collateral rather than intentional....

It also is the case that the imperialists often were far more generous and tolerant than the locals. India is a majority Hindu nation today—and a democracy—because the British turned the balance of power against Islam, and introduced a national civil service and railway system that unified the subcontinent for the first time in its history. It is also true that the British grew opium in Bengal and forced China to buy it, with dreadful consequences about which the Chinese are justifiably rancorous. But the fact is that no one has oppressed the peoples of the Global South like other peoples of the Global South. Tamerlane, the most successful of all jihadists, goes entirely unmentioned.
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The Colonial Origins Of American Prosperity | ThinkProgress
Reasoning backwards, crossing the Atlantic ocean to go from England to the proto-USA was an enormously costly and risky undertaking. Nobody would have done it unless the wages were higher. South America was colonized by poorer countries and had larger indigenous populations and thus a different dynamic. But again as I said before, the story of American prosperity isn’t a story about a poor country that used good policy to become rich. We’ve essentially always been a rich country and if there’s a policy issue it relates to continental europe’s failure to “catch up.”
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In Praise of Monarchy - NYTimes.com
Whatever their customs and traditions, even the most modern polities often find themselves yearning, like the Israelites of old, for a kinglike authority. And the existence of a largely-powerless royal family can be a useful hedge against the perpetual temptation to invest ordinary politicians with quasi-royal powers, and then (almost inevitably) watch them run amok. (The experience of post-Franco Spain suggests that the restoration of a hereditary monarchy after a long period of dictatorship can play a similar stabilizing role.) Having a monarch as the symbolic head of state keeps elected officials in their place, provides an apolitical outlet for popular hero worship and the cults of celebrity, and satisfies the human hunger for ceremonial authority. If it’s an affront to democratic sensibilities, it’s also a safeguard for democratic institutions. Better a real king, crowned and powerless, than the many pseudo-kings who have strutted (and still strut) so destructively...
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Marginal Revolution: *The Enlightened Economy*
On British history...especially the Industrialized Revolution.
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EconLog, Gavin Kennedy, Adam Smith, and Gregory Clark, Arnold Kling: Library of Economics and Liberty
"Let me summarize various ideas to explain what we call the industrial revolution, and problems with them"
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Megan McArdle (September 04, 2007) - Why so high? (Development economics)
Why the industrial revolution took off in Britain. "There is no Chinese Adam Smith and that is because that Europe was pulling decisively ahead in ideas production. I consider this a fact of great importance whereas for Clark it is a sideshow to some othe
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