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South Korea and Japan: A Mutual Loathing the U.S. Can’t Fix | The American Conservative
The basic problem is that Japanese and Koreans are highly nationalistic. And nationalists don’t always like each other.

In this case, residents of South Korea have better historical reason to be angry. Japanese traditionally viewed Koreans as inferior, having seized control of their peninsula after defeating China in 1895 and Russia in 1905. Five years later, Tokyo formally colonized the Korean Peninsula, during which it attempted to suppress Korean culture, even pressing Koreans to change their names and religion. The first presidents of South and North Korea, political activist Syngman Rhee and military guerrilla Kim Il-sung, respectively, worked for independence.
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When Religious Bigotry is Repackaged as #ChristianPrivilege | The American Conservative
As Greek Orthodox Christian Elizabeth Economou astutely noted, those who “push #ChristianPrivilege conveniently and arrogantly ignore #Christian persecution throughout the ages.”

Christians are the most harassed religious group in the world—Muslims are second—as Pew’s research clearly demonstrates. And while the worst persecution takes place outside of America, if Playboy writer Chrissy Stroop has her way, social and governmental harassment of Christians could come here too.
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Thank Christianity, Not Secularism, for Religious Liberty | The American Conservative
This story, however, is not only superficial and inadequate, but backward. Religious historian Robert Louis Wilken’s Liberty in the Things of God documents how the origins of religious freedom aren’t secular, but decidedly Christian.
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