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Debunking Bartels on the Democrats — Marginal Revolution
Jim Campbell recently wrote an article, to appear this week in The Forum (the link should become active once the issue is officially published) claiming that Bartels is all wrong–or, more precisely, that Bartels’s finding of systematic differences in performance between Democratic and Republican presidents is not robust and goes away when you control the economic performance leading in to a president’s term.
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april 2011 by HispanicPundit
Question Answered - Megan McArdle
"So Obama doesn't count because he's not really a Democrat. But Bill Clinton was. But Richard Nixon--the chap who implemented price controls and massively expanded Social Security and Medicare--was definitely a Republican. Jimmy Carter, who deregulated like mad: definitely a Democrat."
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september 2009 by HispanicPundit
Greg Mankiw's Blog: Republicans, Democrats, and the Stock Market
"The bottom line: Trying to isolate the differences between the parties with stock market data is silly at best."
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october 2008 by HispanicPundit
EconLog, Income Distribution Reality, Arnold Kling: Library of Economics and Liberty
"I have a nit to pick, which is that Census department percentiles are not families."
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april 2008 by HispanicPundit
Marginal Revolution: More on Bartels
"In a nutshell, the theory of partisan business cycles says that Democrats care more about reducing unemployment, Republicans care more about reducing inflation. "
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april 2008 by HispanicPundit
Marginal Revolution: Larry Bartels, and how Republican Presidents drive income inequality
"I view the statistical significance of the Bartels result as stemming from monetary policy. Republicans are more willing to break the back of inflation and risk an immediate recession. "
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april 2008 by HispanicPundit

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