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Bloggingheads.tv - The Wright Show
David Frum and Robert Wright discuss the Iraq war, 10 years later. Frum is as persuasive as ever, favorite part is his discussion of how worthless the UN is and under what conditions (mainly the NATO agreement) is it of SOME value.
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may 2018 by HispanicPundit
John Bolton Is Right About the U.N. - The New York Times
The U.N. is a never-ending scandal disguised as an everlasting hope. The hope is that dialogue can overcome distrust and collective security can be made to work in the interests of humanity. Reality says otherwise. Trust is established by deeds, not words. Collective security is a recipe for international paralysis or worse. Just ask the people of Aleppo.
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march 2018 by HispanicPundit
OP-ED COLUMNIST - A Very Liberal Intervention - Op-Ed - NYTimes.com
But there are major problems with this approach to war as well. Because liberal wars depend on constant consensus-building within the (so-called) international community, they tend to be fought by committee, at a glacial pace, and with a caution that shades into tactical incompetence. And because their connection to the national interest is often tangential at best, they're often fought with one hand behind our back and an eye on the exits, rather than with the full commitment that victory can require.
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march 2011 by HispanicPundit
No Surprises in UN’s Biased Flotilla Report | FrumForum
"Following the release of the UNHRC report, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “in view of the biased, politicized and extremist approach of the same Human Rights Council that initiated the skewed Goldstone Report, Israel sees no reason to cooperate with this commission.” In light of the outcome of the Commission’s findings, it is easy to understand why. Notwithstanding, Israel is however cooperating with a separate UN enquiry established by UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and headed by New Zealand’s former Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer. This commission has yet to finalize and publish its findings."
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september 2010 by HispanicPundit
Bloggingheads.tv - Clash of the Civilized
Hitchens and Robert Wright on the threat of Iran, the necessity of Iraq war and international law. Overall a good listen, though not much new.
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august 2010 by HispanicPundit
Chicago Boyz » Blog Archive » Not a Joke
"You may remember that back in April, the United Nations elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women. No, this was not an April Fool joke, not an article in the Onion, not a blog post from Iowahawk, but real news in the real world. PowerLine was reminded of this story by today’s headline: Iran human rights chief defends stoning sentence. In other U.N. related news, the Security Council on Friday denounced the sinking of a South Korean ship–but managed to do this without denouncing anyone in particular for having sunk it. Why do “progressives,” and even many old-line liberals, continue to have such a worshipful attitude toward the U.N.? If you corner one of the latter and press him on this point, he will probably say something along the lines of, “It would be so wonderful if it worked, and people could just talk their problems out instead of fighting.”"
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july 2010 by HispanicPundit

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