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How to Draw and Paint Hair in Clip Studio Paint by Steele2 - CLIP STUDIO TIPS
How to Draw and Paint Hair in Clip Studio Paint by Steele2 - Hello everyone! When we think about hairstyles what the first thing that comes in your mind?
something that so growing long when time passing by? or s...
art  illustration  tips  tutorials  clipstudio  anime 
8 weeks ago by Glutnix
Drawing Anthropomorphic Animals by Novel - CLIP STUDIO TIPS
Drawing Anthropomorphic Animals by Novel - Anthropomorphic animals are animals with human-like characteristics. They're commonly referred to as "furries" or "kemono." The genre has been gaining...
furry  illustration  drawing  art  clipstudio  tips  tutorials 
8 weeks ago by Glutnix
Learning Vue 1.0: Step By Step
Mark my words: Vue.js will sky-rocket in popularity in 2016. It's that good. Want to get ahead of the pack? Let me show you the building blocks of Vue.
vuejs  tutorial  tutorials  js  javascript  webdev 
january 2016 by Glutnix
SitePoint Blogs » Table-Based Layout Is The Next Big Thing:
After reading this with skeptical eyes, I can safely say that this will revolutionise web design, no joke.
css  webdesign  layout  HTML  design  table  webdev  webdevelopment  web  tutorials  toread  microsoft  internet  interface  howto  code  coding  browser 
march 2008 by Glutnix
Creating pins in Illustrator | Veerle's blog
How to make nice looking circular faux pin-on badges in Illustrator...
illustrator  tutorial  design  howto  tutorials  illustration  adobe  art  blog  buttons  graphics  icons 
october 2007 by Glutnix
tuXfiles - Linux command line tutorials for newbies
A good command line tutorial for utter command line newbies. Was hard to find one that started this simplistic.
linux  reference  commandline  tutorial  howto  commands  tutorials  bash  cli  computers  computing  guide  interface  geek 
september 2007 by Glutnix
Javascript Primers - 30 Steps that make Javascript fun to learn
A goldmine of great tutorials for javascript. Dosen't seem to teach 'best practice' but good for beginners who want to pick it up.
javascript  tutorial  programming  tutorials  development  webdesign  web  webdev  howto  guide  dhtml  coding  computer  computers  js 
august 2007 by Glutnix
You think you know (JavaScript) but you have no idea
A great series of videos that outline what is really up with Javascript. If you're writing a lot of JS, you need to watch these videos.
javascript  video  tutorial  programming  presentation  development  tutorials  js  dev  computing  computer  coding  code  lectures 
august 2007 by Glutnix
Video: RSS in Plain English | Common Craft - Social Design for the Web
A great 'paperwork' tutorial on how RSS works, and how it can make your life easier. Nice presentation technique!
education  howto  rss  teaching  tutorial  video  web  tutorials  educational  feeds  free  fun 
april 2007 by Glutnix
Rands In Repose: A Glimpse and a Hook
What tech employers will be looking for on your CV -- Skills Section is not useful to the employer -- but recruitment agencies (who don't know java from javascript) love them... Tweak accordingly.
career  resume  jobs  tips  howto  cv  advice  article  business  communication  development  engineering  design  writing  work  words  useful  tools  tutorial  tutorials  time  technology  search  reference  reading  read  productivity  personal  money  marketing  management  list  lifehack  lifehacks  life  language  interesting  interviews  guide 
march 2007 by Glutnix
Vanishing Point Tool - Photoshop CS2 Video Tutorial | TOTAL TRAINING
a screencast for an amazingly simple feature of Photoshop CS2 to clone away something in perspective! Sweet!
design  guide  howto  photography  photoshop  screencast  tips  tutorial  tutorials  video 
february 2007 by Glutnix
Noscope | Using Named Anchors in Flash
How to enable the back button in Flash. A little bit of extra work to get it to work in Firefox unfortunately, but still awesome.
flash  accessibility  bookmarks  work  web  webdesign  webdevelopment  webdev  standards  actionscript  javascript  js  browser  code  cool  development  dev  design  educational  guide  howto  internet  interactive  links  mozilla  navigation  programming  reference  resources  scripting  tutorials  tips  useful  usability  www  webstandards 
august 2006 by Glutnix
Do-It-Yourself/Business card box - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Got some left over business cards when you switch jobs? Make little boxes out of them, without glue! Stash little things inside them:D
art  business  cards  card  diy  crafts  fun  funny  hacks  lol  howto  awesome  neat  amusing  creative  creativity  interesting  marketing  network  origami  productivity  paper  style  tutorials  tutorial  tips  useful 
august 2006 by Glutnix
where to now?
A list of great web design resources for beginners and seasoned developers alike. Found a few nuggets in here I hadn't read before.
webdev  web  links  list  www  html  css  linkfest  development  programming  design  bestpractices  tutorials  tutorial  xhtml  work  webstandards  website  useful  standards  study  style  teaching  internet  graphicdesign  educational  coding 
july 2006 by Glutnix CSS Positioning
Great tutorial that explains the behaviour of floating elements with CSS. Must read for anyone who's still a bit sketchy on the details.
article  browser  code  coding  css  dev  design  development  guide  howto  internet  layout  learning  model  programming  reference  source  standards  style  technical  templates  tutorial  tools  tutorials  web  webdesign  webdev  website  webstandards  www  xhtml 
july 2006 by Glutnix
Flip Flop Flying: How to make a Pixel Head
How to design a great looking pixelised head from photos of your subject
art  design  diy  drawing  fun  funny  graphics  howto  icons  illustration  images  photoshop  pixel  pixelart  tutorial  tutorials  web  webdesign 
june 2006 by Glutnix
Fake model photography
How to take an existing photo and apply that fake model effect that everyone has been talking about recently.
art  design  diy  flickr  fun  graphicdesign  graphics  howto  interesting  make  model  photo  photography  photos  photoshop  simulation  tips  tutorial  tutorials  web 
april 2006 by Glutnix
Christian Montoya » How to pull an all-nighter
Tips for an effective sleep-deprivated night. Drink coffee/tea/etc, eat a meal, shower, listen to music (the loud kind), take breaks, and walk around. Don't Lie Down!
article  business  cool  gtd  geek  hacks  health  howto  interesting  learning  life  lifehack  lifehacks  links  productivity  work  tutorials  tools  tips  study  resources 
april 2006 by Glutnix - How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget
Wow, while the end result isn't earth shattering, there is still something awesome about creating a game in 40 'billable' hours. Especially valuable was the top 10 lessons learnt as a debrief (I think debriefs are something any project of any kind should
agile  article  coding  computer  cool  creative  design  dev  development  diy  fun  games  gaming  geek  graphics  guide  business  hacking  howto  indie  interesting  language  learning  management  productivity  programming  python  reference  resources  rpg  scripting  software  tech  tiles  time  tips  tool  tools  tutorial  tutorials  windows  gamedev 
april 2006 by Glutnix
Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round
Unobtrusive script to add corners to divs without adding markup beforehand. I guess any additional markup is added by the javascript; very nifty indeed.
code  browser  cool  design  dev  development  dom  html  howto  graphics  javascript  js  layout  library  reference  xhtml  website  webdevelopment  webdev  webdesign  web2.0  web  css  useful  tutorials  tutorial  tools  tips  templates  style  scripting  resources  unobtrusive 
april 2006 by Glutnix
43 Folders Series: Inbox Zero | 43 Folders
Get that inbox empty! It's a great feeling to know you are in control of your email!
article  business  communication  email  gtd  guide  hacks  howto  internet  life  lifehack  lifehacks  links  list  mail  management  productivity  read  reference  series  strategy  teaching  tech  tips  tools  tutorial  work  tutorials 
march 2006 by Glutnix - web 2.0 javascript
The most phenominal javascript library available. Based on Prototype. Combine this with Behaviour, and omg: best. javascript. ever.
accessibility  ajax  amazing  animation  api  apps  applications  browser  code  coding  cool  creativity  css  design  dev  development  dhtml  dom  free  freeware  geek  graphics  fun  guide  html  inspiration  interactive  interface  js  javascript  language  layout  neat  opensource  plugin  pretty  programming  prototype  library  reference  resources  software  source  sourcecode  standards  style  tech  technical  tips  tools  tutorials  usability  user  visualization  web  web2.0  webdesign  webdev  webstandards  widget  work  www  xhtml  xml 
february 2006 by Glutnix
Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours
Really neat way to add a class to something, and have javascript behaviours be applied to it or its descendants.
api  applications  code  coding  computer  cool  css  design  dev  development  dhtml  documentation  event  firefox  howto  html  interesting  internet  javascript  js  library  opensource  os  patterns  programming  reference  resources  standards  tech  tips  tools  tutorials  usability  web  web2.0  webdev  webstandards  work  www  xml 
january 2006 by Glutnix
Lightbox JS
Makes any rel='lightbox' image link load in the same page, greying out the current page and showing the image over the grey without leaving the page or popping up a window!
code  coding  cool  css  design  dhtml  dev  dom  downloads  free  gallery  graphics  html  image  images  inspiration  interesting  photos  photography  opensource  neat  media  library  layout  js  javascript  internet  interface  picture  pictures  programming  reference  resources  style  tech  tips  tools  usability  useful  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  work  www  xhtml  tutorials 
january 2006 by Glutnix
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