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How to Draw and Paint Hair in Clip Studio Paint by Steele2 - CLIP STUDIO TIPS
How to Draw and Paint Hair in Clip Studio Paint by Steele2 - Hello everyone! When we think about hairstyles what the first thing that comes in your mind?
something that so growing long when time passing by? or s...
art  illustration  tips  tutorials  clipstudio  anime 
9 weeks ago by Glutnix
Drawing Anthropomorphic Animals by Novel - CLIP STUDIO TIPS
Drawing Anthropomorphic Animals by Novel - Anthropomorphic animals are animals with human-like characteristics. They're commonly referred to as "furries" or "kemono." The genre has been gaining...
furry  illustration  drawing  art  clipstudio  tips  tutorials 
9 weeks ago by Glutnix
Quickly show and hide hidden files | Finder, Terminal | Mac OS X Tips
STATUS=`defaults read AppleShowAllFiles` if [ $STATUS == YES ]; then defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO else defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES fi killall Finder
mac  osx  finder  automator  tips  terminal  apple 
november 2014 by Glutnix
24 ways: Contract Killer
how to write a great web design contract between you and your clients
webdesign  reference  tips  legal  work  writing  business  freelance  contracts 
march 2009 by Glutnix
A List Apart: Articles: The Details That Matter
Fantastic article on why the devil is in the details, and why they are so important to correct
web  webdesign  tips  design  article  creativity  career  alistapart 
february 2009 by Glutnix
Bin-Blog: Subscribing a feed in Google Reader using Firefox
skip that annoying 'add to reader or igoogle' page
google  firefox  rss  fix  hack  reader  tips 
june 2008 by Glutnix
Sutherland Studios - Free Row Counter Bracelet Instructions
Abacus around your wrist! Maybe I could make this for that geek lady I'll meet sometime in the future... ^_^;
howto  tools  projects  diy  tips  patterns  make  free  crafts  cool 
march 2008 by Glutnix
5 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
I need to start doing this stuff pretty badly... I hate running out of dough 4 days (or earlier) before payday... ARGH!
advice  credit  guide  lifehacks  life  list  money  personal  tips  finance 
september 2007 by Glutnix
170+ Expert Ideas From World’s Leading Developers | Developer's Toolbox
Wow, a great set of tips and ideas that any self-respecting developer should be doing...
webdesign  development  inspiration  design  advice  tips  web  article  career  coding  computer  work  html  webdev  webdevelopment 
september 2007 by Glutnix
JavaScript Tips for Novices, Acolytes, and Gurus
A great write up of lesser known features of the JavaScript language
javascript  programming  tutorial  tips  development  reference  howto  web  coding  code  article 
august 2007 by Glutnix
Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
Useful list of things you can do with the keyboard on a Mac
mac  shortcuts  osx  keyboard  apple  reference  tips  macosx  computers  documentation 
august 2007 by Glutnix
Ajaxian » iPhone Web Development Tips and Official Documentation Released
A list of introductory tips and tricks for doing Web Development on the iPhone. Awesome.
apple  dev  development  documentation  javascript  mobile  tips  web  js  iphone 
july 2007 by Glutnix
Bokardo - Social Web Design » Five Principles to Design By
Great principles that really are obvious when you look at design: * Technology Serves Humans * Design is not Art * The Experience Belongs to the User * Great Design is Invisible * Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication *
advice  art  commentary  creativity  design  webdesign  webdev  visualization  web  useful  usability  tips  technology  tech  standards  rules  social  graphics  insightful  philosophy  read  reference  research  readme  reading  education  dev  inspiration 
march 2007 by Glutnix
Rands In Repose: A Glimpse and a Hook
What tech employers will be looking for on your CV -- Skills Section is not useful to the employer -- but recruitment agencies (who don't know java from javascript) love them... Tweak accordingly.
career  resume  jobs  tips  howto  cv  advice  article  business  communication  development  engineering  design  writing  work  words  useful  tools  tutorial  tutorials  time  technology  search  reference  reading  read  productivity  personal  money  marketing  management  list  lifehack  lifehacks  life  language  interesting  interviews  guide 
march 2007 by Glutnix
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