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Fantastic exercise in trusting other people, might help your next gaming session... : boardgames
I found this really interesting, thought people on here might enjoy as some of the theory definitely applies to a few games in my collection. via /r/boardgames
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july 2017 by Glutnix
Solitare Board Games : boardgames
Hey!I compiled a list of solo player board games or games that play well solo. Let me know if I've missed anything!Solo Player GamesFridayTiny Epic GalaxiesRoll PlayerDungeonQuestGrimslingersHostage NegotiatorOne Deck DungeonSpace Hulk Death AngelToo Many BonesLegendary Encounters:An Alien Deck Building GamePandemicDeep Space D-6OnirimSylvionThe Lost ExpeditionElder SignPandemic: The Cure30 RailsFuseMint WorksBurgle BrosForbidden DesertSagradaRolling AmericaTerraforming MarsScytheViticultureClank!A Feast for OdinDefenders of the RealmDream HomeThe Castles of BurgundyTokyo ExpressMythAmbushSoccer ReplayHistory Maker BaseballB-17: Queen of the SkiesSpace InfantryFirefly: The GamePhantom Leader DeluxePatton's BestAstronavis Merchant AdvancedDice of the Living DeadHornet LeaderCastle PanicFlash Point: Fire RescueDungeon RollIncredible Expeditions: Quest for AtlantisDC Comics Deck-Building GameThe Captain Is DeadDice CityZ War One: DamnationBaseball Highlights: 2045ChrononautsThe GrizzledHarbourLewis & ClarkGloomhavenA Touch of Evil: The Supernatural GameRobinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed IslandThe Cards of CthulhuShephy via /r/boardgames
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july 2017 by Glutnix
Foamcore gallery, tips and tricks galore! : boardgames
First, here is an album of some of my work. My inserts are pretty basic, using only straight cuts, but I think I have a good system for doing those basics well. I sure enjoy making 'em (I've made more than 20) so I want to share the techniques I've learned:Here is an album of the supplies I use, and why. I talk about some items that are not typically mentioned in recommendations for supplies.Here is an album of cutting tips. Want to spend the extra time to make every cut as precise as possible? This is how I do it step-by-step, and the quickest way I figured out how.Here is an album of gluing/assembly tips - using rails and pins and more. How to easily keep stuff straight.Here is an album of miscellaneous/planning tips - designs, making ramps, and using chipboard. This one contains the most stuff.Enjoy! Let me know if there are any secret skills I missed. I still don't know how to make angled or circular cuts consistently. via /r/boardgames
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february 2017 by Glutnix
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