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How To Play...
Funny commentary of the stranger side of video gaming
games  gaming  humour  lol  commentary  computer  comic  webcomic 
january 2008 by Glutnix
Madlib Rules
A list of the kinds of words you can collect when playing or writing your own Mad Libs.
word  game  rules  english  educational  words  fun  funny  lol  humour  humor 
august 2007 by Glutnix
paper fps goggles
For when you need life to be like counter strike!
3d  amusing  art  bored  clothes  cool  dev  fun  funny  hacks  geek  gaming  games  humor  humour  interesting  make  media  origami  paper  stupid  video  diy 
november 2006 by Glutnix
Set in the world of Half-Life 2, Gordon Frohman (Not "Freeman") is a human citizen hellbent on joining the Combine, but is quite incompetent.
comic  games  gaming  humor  humour  machinima  web  webcomic  halflife2  comics 
july 2006 by Glutnix
Cute Overload! ;)
A blog collecting photos of only the cutest of the cute animals. CUTE OVERLOAD!
amusing  animal  awesome  cat  comedy  cool  cute  fun  funny  gallery  graphics  humour  silly  image  stuff  images  inspiration  internet  japan  lol  nature  wtf  photos  blogs  photo  photography  pictures  random  humor 
december 2005 by Glutnix
Made-up words in The Simpsons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
d'oh! - an awesome and scarily complete list of almost-nonsense words from the simpsons
animation  awesome  comedy  culture  english  fun  funny  humour  list  movie  read  reference  simpsons  television  tv  wiki  wikipedia  words  lol  cartoons  humor 
october 2005 by Glutnix
Why I hate Comic Sans
it actually devalues your writing.
comic  font  fonts  funny  lol  typography  humour  rants 
september 2005 by Glutnix
Simpson Crazy downloads | Simpsons mp3 music
a collection of all your favorite musical moments from the simpsons
animation  audio  awesome  cool  cartoons  culture  downloads  free  fun  funny  humour  ipod  mp3  media  music  simpsons  television  themes  tv  humor 
september 2005 by Glutnix
GHETTO-COLO.COM | Cheeper than a hot car stereo!
the phattest colocation company this side of Compton!
lol  funny  internet  comedy  humour  hosting  www  webdev  humor  organize 
may 2005 by Glutnix
Girl Genius Online Comics
A great print comic becomes available free online... w00t anyone? :D
comic  funny  webcomic  steampunk  free  humour  scifi  story  art  cool 
may 2005 by Glutnix
Boring Boring: A Directory of Dull Things
Seriously funny. "De-everybody Boring Boring" LMAO
lol  website  awesome  creativity  humour  amusing  cool  hacks  humor 
april 2005 by Glutnix
George W. Bush Translations - Speech Remixes
Hilarious remixes of Bush's speeches, making him say things he never did using words he has. "I've come here tonight to report to all Americans: they are mistaken. They have endorsed representative government, and we've taken steps to correct them."
bush  audio  remix  lol  archive  music  mp3  amusing  politics  creativity  humour  speech  america  downloads  humor 
march 2005 by Glutnix
How I explained REST to my wife...
Ryan Tomayko explains REST to his wife, edutainlarity ensues
humour  programming  rest  soap  web  webdev  xml  humor 
december 2004 by Glutnix
H4x0r Economist
Alan Greenspan r teh l33tz0r!
1337  funny  humour  lol  politics  silly  web  webcomic  humor 
november 2004 by Glutnix
ImageShack - Hosting :: feuerfreimovie.swf
Netspeak ASCII art blowing up LOLcity, kthxbye
animation  ascii  flash  fun  funny  humour  lol  video  war  humor 
november 2004 by Glutnix
Homestar Runner
The best dang Flash Cartoon site on the whole dang internet.
animation  cartoons  cool  design  email  flash  fun  funny  games  humour  strongbad  toon  web  humor 
november 2004 by Glutnix
Strong Bad Email #118: Virus
The weirdest strongbad_email.exe in a very long time. Fourth Wall not just broken, but shattered.
email  flash  homestar  homestarrunner  humour  lol  strongbad  weird  cartoons  humor 
november 2004 by Glutnix
The Strangerhood
The Strangerhood, featuring the main characters and an all new theme song by Nico Audy-Rowland and Jeff Williams.
amusing  animation  comedy  cool  entertaining  funny  humour  interesting  machinima  movie  movies  series  simulation  tv  video  cartoons  games  humor 
october 2004 by Glutnix

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