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W3C I18N Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS
Tutorial on how to markup up XHTML, HTML and CSS pages with information about character encodings, and how to use character escapes.
webdev  utf8  unicode  encoding  html 
august 2013 by Glutnix
QuirksMode: wbr
<wbr> (word break) means: "The browser may insert a line break here, if it wishes." It the browser does not think a line break necessary nothing happens.
webdesign  web  webdev  css  html  browser  development  xhtml 
april 2009 by Glutnix
FireScope - HTML Brains at your Fingertips
Extension for Firefox and Firebug to add quick HTML + CSS reference material to Firebug. Freaking awesome!
tools  webdev  webdesign  css  reference  html  firefox  firebug 
february 2009 by Glutnix
Great placeholder text for web developers and designers
web  xhtml  html  text  code  semantics 
january 2009 by Glutnix
SitePoint Blogs » Table-Based Layout Is The Next Big Thing:
After reading this with skeptical eyes, I can safely say that this will revolutionise web design, no joke.
css  webdesign  layout  HTML  design  table  webdev  webdevelopment  web  tutorials  toread  microsoft  internet  interface  howto  code  coding  browser 
march 2008 by Glutnix
Web colors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A really good display of the named HTML and CSS colours.
color  webdesign  web  css  design  reference  html  colors  development  colour  code  article 
february 2008 by Glutnix
Create iPhone Web Apps With Knox iPhone Template | Denver SEO Guy - Knox web design in Denver
A plain html template and javascript behaviours to achieve iPhone-like pages on the iPhone web browser
iphone  template  html  javascript  apps  css  development  programming  menu  ipod 
january 2008 by Glutnix
170+ Expert Ideas From World’s Leading Developers | Developer's Toolbox
Wow, a great set of tips and ideas that any self-respecting developer should be doing...
webdesign  development  inspiration  design  advice  tips  web  article  career  coding  computer  work  html  webdev  webdevelopment 
september 2007 by Glutnix
JSONPath - XPath for JSON
Access bits of data within a JSON object easily with an XPath type approach.
javascript  jquery  json  library  opensource  php  python  work  html  www  web  js 
september 2007 by Glutnix
Bibleref Markup
A microformat that specifies how to make references to the bible
bible  microformat  translation  christianity  christian  html  xhtml  standard  god 
august 2007 by Glutnix
Genii Software | WebEditors
Great roundup of all available WYSIWYG HTML-text area editors. Not bad.
dhtml  tools  html  web  javascript  editor  xhtml  roundup  www  work  webdevelopment  webdev  webdesign  text  software  tech  technology  programming  library  matrix  internet  freeware  guide  list  dev  directory  development  design  code  browser  coding 
march 2007 by Glutnix » CSS Speech Bubbles
Wow, this creates anti-aliased rounded corner speech bubbles unobtrusively! amazing :)
css  webdesign  design  corners  html  speech  webdevelopment  website  web  templates  style  scripting  sample  resources  quotes  web2.0  reference  programming  library  layout  images  howto  free  downloads  download  dhtml  development  dev  cool  coding  code  blogs  archive  icons  work 
february 2007 by Glutnix
Styling form controls with CSS, revisited | 456 Berea Street
Great article on CSS and different form elements and how various browsers will render them... it's not pretty...
xhtml  work  weird  website  webmaster  webdevelopment  webdev  webdesign  web2.0  useful  web  usability  typography  tips  text  technology  testing  reference  read  programming  pretty  markup  osx  list  layout  html  howto  hacks  guide  development  design  css  code  browser  blogging  bestpractices  article  forms  form 
february 2007 by Glutnix
7 Habits of a Highly Successful In-house Web Designer | Standardzilla
Spoilers: Love what you do, Never stop learning, Specialise, Get a killer portfolio, Network like crazy, Manage your time, Build your reputation. All common sense. Great advice to my web students.
business  career  css  design  html  productivity  tips  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  work  freelance 
february 2007 by Glutnix
Random Web Design Advice and Good Practices
A really great link dump of things people need to know when they become serious web designers and developers.
bestpractices  xhtml  webstandards  webdev  webdesign  web2.0  web  usability  tips  tutorial  reference  standards  programming  javascript  html  flash  dom  dhtml  development  design  css  unobtrusive  content  coding  code  business  awesome  accessibility 
january 2007 by Glutnix
Natural Docs
Natural Docs is an open-source, extensible, multi-language documentation generator. You document your code in a natural syntax that reads like plain English. Natural Docs then scans your code and builds high-quality HTML documentation from it.
code  coding  dev  development  documentation  html  opensource  programming  webdev  webdesign  web2.0  web  tools  tool  tech  sourcecode  source  software  resources  generator 
october 2006 by Glutnix
where to now?
A list of great web design resources for beginners and seasoned developers alike. Found a few nuggets in here I hadn't read before.
webdev  web  links  list  www  html  css  linkfest  development  programming  design  bestpractices  tutorials  tutorial  xhtml  work  webstandards  website  useful  standards  study  style  teaching  internet  graphicdesign  educational  coding 
july 2006 by Glutnix
Garrett Dimon / Front-End Architecture: Markup is the Technical Foundation
The solution to all of this is painfully simple. Treat your markup as art. It’s a craft, mold it and tweak it until it’s just right.
css  webdevelopment  design  development  webstandards  html  xhtml  layout  markup  programming  standards  usability  web  webdesign  webdev  semantics 
may 2006 by Glutnix
Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » High DPI Web Sites
A note that pixels are still a relative measurement -- DPI makes all the difference. Some proposed changes from Webkit on how to create sites that look great when 'zoomed' on a large monitor!
accessibility  apple  article  code  css  design  fonts  dev  future  html  image  images  inspiration  interesting  tips  svg  standards  research  info  reference  reading  read  photos  photography  monitor  macosx  mac  layout  internet  webdesign  webdev  webmaster  webstandards  xhtml 
may 2006 by Glutnix
Prototype.js Documentation List
A list of documentation pages for Prototype, seeing as there is no official Prototype documentation.
ajax  api  code  coding  design  dev  development  documentation  dom  guide  howto  html  javascript  js  library  links  list  opensource  programming  prototype  reference  software  tips  tools  tutorial  web  web2.0  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  webmaster 
april 2006 by Glutnix
Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round
Unobtrusive script to add corners to divs without adding markup beforehand. I guess any additional markup is added by the javascript; very nifty indeed.
code  browser  cool  design  dev  development  dom  html  howto  graphics  javascript  js  layout  library  reference  xhtml  website  webdevelopment  webdev  webdesign  web2.0  web  css  useful  tutorials  tutorial  tools  tips  templates  style  scripting  resources  unobtrusive 
april 2006 by Glutnix
First Annual Naked Day: April 05
Take it off! Your CSS that is! Build awareness of good semantics, backwards compatibility and accessibility by getting naked.
accessibility  awesome  design  css  development  event  funny  html  humor  internet  semantics  standards  usability  web  webdev  website  xhtml  markup 
april 2006 by Glutnix
Lightbox JS v2.0
Lightbox, an unobtrusive yet easily implemented javascript library to overlay images on the current page. Love it -- looks dead sexy :D
xhtml  webstandards  webdevelopment  webdesign  webdev  web2.0  web  tools  sourcecode  software  slideshow  resources  reference  prototype  programming  presentation  usability  pictures  picture  photos  photo  library  layout  js  javascript  internet  inspiration  image  images  html  howto  opensource  graphics  geek  gallery  free  download  dhtml  development  design  css  cool  coding  code  browser 
march 2006 by Glutnix
Digital Web Magazine - Just Build It: HTML Prototyping and Agile Development
Rapid prototyping by building the damn thing! Instead of communicating with never-read-again documents, try to build the thing by demonstrating the layout, interaction and visible information architecture, refactor as necessary, and when you've got approv
ajax  html  programming  prototype  standards  webdev  webstandards  xhtml  work  web  agile  development  planning  design  layout  interactive  interface  documentation 
march 2006 by Glutnix
JavaScript Tabifier automatically create an html tab interface
A neat little unobtrusive javascript that creates tabs for you from your markup.
css  design  dhtml  html  interface  javascript  js  webstandards  web  xhtml  dom  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  howto 
march 2006 by Glutnix
Javascript in Ten Minutes (Javascript)
A neat sum-up of some of the basic and advanced structures of javascript.
ajax  dev  howto  javascript  programming  software  tutorial  js  webstandards  web  html 
march 2006 by Glutnix
slayeroffice | articles | alternatives to innerHTML
Good if you're doing XHTML, because application/xhtml+xml MIME type doesn't allow .innerHTML work because .innerHTML is NOT in the DOM. .innerHTML returns a string, the DOM is an object structure. There's a difference.
javascript  webdev  work  webdevelopment  js  scripting  html  xhtml  xml  webdesign 
february 2006 by Glutnix - web 2.0 javascript
The most phenominal javascript library available. Based on Prototype. Combine this with Behaviour, and omg: best. javascript. ever.
accessibility  ajax  amazing  animation  api  apps  applications  browser  code  coding  cool  creativity  css  design  dev  development  dhtml  dom  free  freeware  geek  graphics  fun  guide  html  inspiration  interactive  interface  js  javascript  language  layout  neat  opensource  plugin  pretty  programming  prototype  library  reference  resources  software  source  sourcecode  standards  style  tech  technical  tips  tools  tutorials  usability  user  visualization  web  web2.0  webdesign  webdev  webstandards  widget  work  www  xhtml  xml 
february 2006 by Glutnix
FireBug -
An awesome extension for Firefox to debug javascript, css, even ajax and firefox itself! Must have for all web developers!
awesome  console  css  debug  development  dom  extensions  js  mozilla  programming  tools  useful  web  webdev  xml  xmlhttprequest  firefox  javascript  ajax  debugging  browser  bug  cool  design  dev  documentation  editor  plugin  network  tool  testing  monitor  tech  standards  html  howto  hacking  scripting  geek  readme  prototype  firebug  extension  plugins  web2.0  webdevelopment  work  xhtml 
january 2006 by Glutnix
Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours
Really neat way to add a class to something, and have javascript behaviours be applied to it or its descendants.
api  applications  code  coding  computer  cool  css  design  dev  development  dhtml  documentation  event  firefox  howto  html  interesting  internet  javascript  js  library  opensource  os  patterns  programming  reference  resources  standards  tech  tips  tools  tutorials  usability  web  web2.0  webdev  webstandards  work  www  xml 
january 2006 by Glutnix
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