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Aspects List - RPGnetWiki
Aspects are a phrase, a quote, or a sentence that defines a truth about a character or a game truth
rpg  roleplaying  story  tool  table  list  fate  fate-rpg  fatecore  risus  games  tabletop 
may 2018 by Glutnix
The best living room PC games to play on the couch | PC Gamer
The best living room PC games Every now and then, PC gamers want to step away from the desk and play some games in the living room. The couch is comfy! There's a big TV! While we'd never want to give
videogames  games  multiplayer 
november 2016 by Glutnix
Why You Need to Listen to Chiptune Music | Button Masher T.O.
A really good write up on the chiptune musical aesthetic and its many genres.
chiptunes  music  games  entertainment 
november 2015 by Glutnix
Orba - The Deliciously Addictive Color Smasher
"The Deliciously Addictive Colour Smasher." Match falling orbs like so many other similar games, but when you run out of moves, more fall down and the number of colours increase. Get bonuses for matching large groups and eliminating a colour from the board.
Great  iPhone  Games  ios  app  apple  game  puzzle 
september 2011 by Glutnix
Bit Pilot
Use your thumbs to prevent a tiny ship in an asteroid field from being destroyed by rocks and lasers! A retro looking game with a chiptune soundtrack combined with intense burst gameplay
iphone  games  ios  apple  space  Great 
september 2011 by Glutnix
Pollywog by Chaotic Box
Tilt the phone left and right to control the swimming tadpole around the pond to collect the floating fruit! Tons of short levels that are tough to master, and enough variety to challenge you for a long time!
iphone  ios  apple  game  Great  Games 
september 2011 by Glutnix
Rolando by ngmoco
A very early game for iPhone which recently got the Retina treatment. A rolling-physics puzzle platformer with cute characters, amazing soundtrack by Mr Scruff.
iphone  game  mobile  ipod  apple  platformer  Great  Games 
september 2011 by Glutnix
Super QuickHook by RocketCat Games
Swing your grappling hook through challenging hills and caves gathering coins and avoiding the avalanche and lava chasing you! Plenty of upgradable equipment and very challenging levels along with great achievements and bonuses!
iphone  ios  hook  game  platformer  Great  Games 
september 2011 by Glutnix
Forget-Me-Not by Nyaryu Labs
Swipe to navigate around a randomly generated maze, picking up all the flowers and shooting the monsters. Hectic pacing and a veritable zoo of enemies that fight you and each other puts a brand new spin on the pacman-eque genre.
iphone  ios  retro  pixel  Great  Games 
september 2011 by Glutnix
Board James | Cinemassacre Productions
Reviewing and replaying boardgames of the 80s and 90s!
games  boardgames  video  comedy  funny 
january 2010 by Glutnix
Free Games
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is available here for free now!
free  games  mac  windows  pc  downloads 
september 2009 by Glutnix
Third Cog Software - Cfxr
Its original purpose was to provide a simple means of getting basic sound effects into a game for those people who were working hard to get their entries done within the 48 hours and didn't have time to spend looking for suitable ways of doing this.
sound  osx  audio  games  tool  gamedev  software  mac  interactive  effects  programming  tools  dev  music  apple  utilities  retro  generator  videogames  chiptunes  8bit  gamedesign  utility 
june 2009 by Glutnix
Movies: Inform
Screencast for writing interactive fiction in Inform 7
free  games  tutorial  howto  interactivefiction  if  fiction  writing  screencast 
april 2009 by Glutnix
BoingBoing Offworld
really good blog for obscure gaming news
news  blog  games  video  gaming  blogs  videogames  reviews 
january 2009 by Glutnix - World Of Goo Soundtrack
Free: the entire soundtrack to World Of Goo, 2008's hit indie game!
free  games  cool  music  gaming  media  mp3  soundtrack  worldofgoo 
january 2009 by Glutnix
The Colossal Squid Exhibition - Build A Squid - Interactive
A really good demonstration of how to do effective kiosk design in Flash.
fun  interface  inspiration  game  games  online  flash  nz  interactive  navigation  animals  museum 
december 2008 by Glutnix
Stayling Alive
A fun test that will see if you stayed alive philosophically speaking... makes you think :)
fun  game  games  mind  philosophy  psychology  teaching  test  quiz 
march 2008 by Glutnix
How To Play...
Funny commentary of the stranger side of video gaming
games  gaming  humour  lol  commentary  computer  comic  webcomic 
january 2008 by Glutnix
The Big List of RPG Plots, by S. John Ross
A great honking list of common plots for role playing games. Could be useful for interactive game development, including interactive fiction.
rpg  games  writing  reference  gaming  design  fantasy  creativity  education  fiction  article  interactivefiction  if  development 
september 2007 by Glutnix
TANGRAM - The oldest chinese puzzle
best implementation of a tangram i've seen.
games  puzzle  fun  game  puzzles  flash  chinese  cool 
august 2007 by Glutnix | online multiplayer strategy game
Fun hex-based advance wars knock off, turn based, play on line
ajax  apps  browser  community  design  fun  games  online  multiplayer  game  strategy  web2.0  gaming  javascript  js  hex 
june 2007 by Glutnix
Half-Life 2 Headcrab Hat
A headcrab on every head! Seriously, this is awesome.
cool  funny  geek  games  halflife2  hl2  clothes  lol 
january 2007 by Glutnix
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