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Noah Bradley's Free Photo Reference Megapack
All 18GB of my reference, all for free. Use it for personal and commercial projects with zero attribution. The photos are all at the full resolution from my cameras and feature landscapes, architecture, wildlife, skies, and more. These work great for photobashing as well as they do for studies. Packs included: - Bucharest & London. - Australia. - New Zealand. - American Southwest. - Switzerland. - Iceland. - England & France. - Yosemite. - Caves. - NEW: Scotland! Go make awesome art....
photos  stock  free  landscapes  wildlife  skies  architecture 
may 2019 by Glutnix
A collection of free books for developers
books  free  learning  programming  development 
november 2016 by Glutnix
Light Speed | Cheapass Games
I love this game, and now that it's free
free  game  boardgames  royaltyfree  game  cards 
february 2013 by Glutnix
Free Games
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is available here for free now!
free  games  mac  windows  pc  downloads 
september 2009 by Glutnix
"Top" four instant sound effect sites
instant rimshot, sad trombone, instant crickets, bom bom bombom wooooo, swanee whistle, khaaan, drama button, nelson haha
sound  audio  funny  effects  free  tools  music  humor 
june 2009 by Glutnix
Movies: Inform
Screencast for writing interactive fiction in Inform 7
free  games  tutorial  howto  interactivefiction  if  fiction  writing  screencast 
april 2009 by Glutnix - World Of Goo Soundtrack
Free: the entire soundtrack to World Of Goo, 2008's hit indie game!
free  games  cool  music  gaming  media  mp3  soundtrack  worldofgoo 
january 2009 by Glutnix
Sutherland Studios - Free Row Counter Bracelet Instructions
Abacus around your wrist! Maybe I could make this for that geek lady I'll meet sometime in the future... ^_^;
howto  tools  projects  diy  tips  patterns  make  free  crafts  cool 
march 2008 by Glutnix
Escape Pod
A weekly podcast where a reading of a science fiction short story takes place -- excellent stuff!
podcast  scifi  audio  fiction  writing  audiobooks  books  ipod  free 
november 2007 by Glutnix
Mayang's Free Texture Library
Wow, a great resource of textures and graphics... huge resolutions too!
textures  design  patterns  free  reference  resources  stock  backgrounds  drawing  graphics  photography 
september 2007 by Glutnix - your source for free photos
A stock photography aggregator -- it indexes creative commons and copyleft images for everyone to use
archive  art  community  computer  creativecommons  creativity  design  development  webdesign  photo  images  photography  stock  photos  free 
august 2007 by Glutnix
RegexPal: JavaScript Regular Expression Tester
A nice regular expression test environment. I wish I knew regexps better than I do.
ajax  code  coding  cool  debug  development  free  javascript  regex  regexp  programming  tools  tool  web  js 
august 2007 by Glutnix
Video: RSS in Plain English | Common Craft - Social Design for the Web
A great 'paperwork' tutorial on how RSS works, and how it can make your life easier. Nice presentation technique!
education  howto  rss  teaching  tutorial  video  web  tutorials  educational  feeds  free  fun 
april 2007 by Glutnix Learning the shell.
A great introduction to bash for those who may have never used a computer before Windows 98. Great stuff :)
article  bash  books  coding  computer  computers  debian  development  free  geek  guide  howto  interface  learning  links  linux  macosx  opensource  osx  programming  read  reading  reference  scripting  shell  software  tech  technology  terminal  tips  tools  tutorial  unix  useful  webdev 
february 2007 by Glutnix » CSS Speech Bubbles
Wow, this creates anti-aliased rounded corner speech bubbles unobtrusively! amazing :)
css  webdesign  design  corners  html  speech  webdevelopment  website  web  templates  style  scripting  sample  resources  quotes  web2.0  reference  programming  library  layout  images  howto  free  downloads  download  dhtml  development  dev  cool  coding  code  blogs  archive  icons  work 
february 2007 by Glutnix
[LAFKON] - A movie about Trusted Computing.
A short video about how Trusted Computing isn't really about trust at all, because the conglomerate doesn't trust you for starters, and trust has to be mutual.
animation  art  business  cc  coding  communication  computer  freedom  computers  computing  copyleft  cool  creativecommons  dev  download  education  educational  free  film  hardware  inspiration  interesting  interface  legal  libre  life  microsoft  movies  opensource  php  politics  presentation  privacy  scary  scifi  security  short  society  standards  story  tech  technology  video  drm 
february 2007 by Glutnix
Brusheezy - Download Free Photoshop brushes and patterns.
Collection of photoshop brushes for those abstract and noise effects you might see on different things
art  cool  design  backgrounds  download  free  graphicdesign  graphics  illustration  images  inspiration  list  patterns  photos  pictures  pretty  ps  resources  useful  webdesign  photoshop  brushes  tools 
january 2007 by Glutnix
svnX - a free Subversion GUI client for Mac OS X
Works great, but not easy to get to work with Fink, had to change a preference in svnX to point at where Fink puts the svn binaries, but once it was working, awesome! Still gotta do some things at command line.
apple  svn  tool  tools  utilities  versioning  web  webdev  work  subversion  source  software  project  programming  osx  macosx  macintosh  interface  mac  freeware  free  download  development  dev  design  cvs  computing  computer  coding  client  browser  apps  applications 
january 2007 by Glutnix
visor:visor [docs]
Lets you bring down a terminal session like a quake console. Because work isn't enough like a good deathmatch. Now, how do you change gravity with this thing ;)
administration  apple  applications  apps  awesome  computers  console  cool  design  desktop  download  free  freeware  fun  geek  hacks  keyboard  mac  macintosh  macosx  os  osx  plugin  unix  toys  tools  tool  system  software  small  quake  programming  productivity  plugins  useful  utilities  visualization  terminal 
january 2007 by Glutnix Silk Icons
Over 1000 free 16x16 icons for your creative usage. All Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licenced too! HAH! Thanks Kere :)
art  cool  creativecommons  design  dev  download  downloads  free  freeware  graphics  icons  illustration  image  images  layout  media  pictures  programming  set  stock  templates  web  web2.0  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  webmaster  work  resources 
january 2007 by Glutnix
Share your small sets of colour swatches with the world, or use other's swatches in your own design! Woot!
archive  art  awesome  colour  css  database  design  dev  flash  free  gallery  graphics  image  inspiration  interesting  interactive  interface  photoshop  reference  resources  service  set  share  sharing  social  tech  templates  themes  tool  tools  webdesign  webdev  work  webmaster  adobe  kuler 
november 2006 by Glutnix - The Global Broadband Speed Test
A really intuitive throughput test. Various locations to test between... I like it!
web  web2.0  visualization  tool  tools  test  speed  internet  networking  network  online  statistics  tech  technology  testing  service  interface  hardware  geek  free  flash  cool 
november 2006 by Glutnix
Bounce the ball, find the exit. Complete with level editor and share and save abilities
games  flash  free  community  online  web  webgames  awesome  fun 
november 2006 by Glutnix
SomaFM: Listener-Supported, Commercial-Free Internet Radio
I haven't listened to Soma in SO LONG! Groove Salad was always my favorite...
aesthetic  cool  culture  easy  electronic  free  geek  indie  internet  jazz  life  mp3  personal  radio  resources  retro  www  sound  audio  music  awesome 
october 2006 by Glutnix
Milkytracker. Multiplatform FT2 compatible tracker
Retrolicious! A remake of FastTracker 2 for everything! Even works on my GP2X!
audio  free  osx  software  windows  linux  8bit  chiptunes  amazing  music 
october 2006 by Glutnix
Cave Story - Remix Project
Doukutsu Monogatari - the remix project! Woot! Remixes of tracks from the independant game
music  doukutsumonogatari  mp3  downloads  free  remix  games 
june 2006 by Glutnix
Not only for wardriving for wifi, but for bluetooth and bonjour services :)
apple  applications  apps  free  mac  macintosh  macosx  network  networking  opensource  osx  programming  security  software  tech  tools  useful  wireless 
june 2006 by Glutnix
Lykeion Books - Nanowhere
Another author releases their book under a creative commons licence. Nanowhere is for the young adult fiction market. During the first chapter, the book mentions 31337 – and that's okay by me ;)
book  books  creativecommons  ebooks  fiction  free  opensource  science  scifi  writing 
may 2006 by Glutnix
YamiPod - Yet another iPod manager - Home
Let your iPod stand alone from any computer without iTunes -- still play music and list mp3s and stuff -- Mac, Windows and Linux!
apple  apps  audio  backup  cool  data  download  computer  free  freeware  geek  hacks  hardware  ipod  linux  mac  macosx  media  management  mp3  music  opensource  os  osx  plugin  software  sync  tech  tool  tools  useful  utilities  video  windows  xp 
april 2006 by Glutnix
Download fonts |
Probably the best site for finding new free and also trendy fonts :D
archive  art  awesome  cool  downloads  download  font  fonts  free  fun  freeware  gallery  graphics  library  osx  mac  resources  stock  text  type  typography 
april 2006 by Glutnix
Lightbox JS v2.0
Lightbox, an unobtrusive yet easily implemented javascript library to overlay images on the current page. Love it -- looks dead sexy :D
xhtml  webstandards  webdevelopment  webdesign  webdev  web2.0  web  tools  sourcecode  software  slideshow  resources  reference  prototype  programming  presentation  usability  pictures  picture  photos  photo  library  layout  js  javascript  internet  inspiration  image  images  html  howto  opensource  graphics  geek  gallery  free  download  dhtml  development  design  css  cool  coding  code  browser 
march 2006 by Glutnix
Hex Fiend by ridiculous_fish
A fast and clever free hex editor for Mac OS X. Looks pretty good.
applications  apps  apple  coding  data  dev  development  editors  free  geek  freeware  mac  macosx  osx  programming  software  tool  tools  useful  utilities  editor  hex 
march 2006 by Glutnix
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
An addicting collection of common opensource games. There's some doozies (sp?) in there!
cool  free  fun  games  interesting  linux  mac  puzzles  osx  software  unix  opensource  sourcecode  neat 
march 2006 by Glutnix
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