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How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind
I think I understand a bit better now. Corporate America has taken a big old dump over Small Town America.
culture  politics  Trump  rural 
november 2016 by Glutnix
CodeThinked | The Programmer Dress Code
Wow, unix beards, unkempt hair and all round bad taste makes up the best roundup of programmer photos ever!
technology  software  programming  programmers  photos  photo  people  interesting  images  internet  culture  hacker  hack  retro  geek  roundup 
october 2008 by Glutnix
The Most Important Assets you Lose when you're over 30
"What I'm going to lose is the benefit of learning. My experience is going to let me avoid mistakes but at the same time avoid learning from those mistakes."
culture  internet  research  www  social  networking  socialnetworking  commentary 
june 2007 by Glutnix
Apple - Thoughts on Music
Steve Jobs declares that if music companies would realise that the electronic downloads they require to be in DRM lockboxes are not that protected anyway, and that if the music companies would release DRM unencumbered that Apple wouldn't have a problem wi
article  audio  apple  awesome  business  commentary  content  cool  copyright  culture  downloads  drm  freedom  future  interesting  ipod  jobs  law  legal  letter  mac  microsoft  mp3  music  news  online  openletter  opinion  people  piracy  pirates  politics  read  reading  security  sharing  social  strategy  tech  technology  usability  writing  itunes 
february 2007 by Glutnix
SomaFM: Listener-Supported, Commercial-Free Internet Radio
I haven't listened to Soma in SO LONG! Groove Salad was always my favorite...
aesthetic  cool  culture  easy  electronic  free  geek  indie  internet  jazz  life  mp3  personal  radio  resources  retro  www  sound  audio  music  awesome 
october 2006 by Glutnix
India: Hole-in-the-Wall
Slum children figure out computers and the internet nearly completely unassisted. Amazing.
article  computer  computers  cool  culture  development  education  english  future  inspiration  society  social  research  readme  psychology  poverty  news  politics  learning  language  internet  interesting  teaching  tech  india  children  technology  amazing 
october 2006 by Glutnix
Dinosaur Gardens » Conquer the Video Craze
'Audiobook' of retro arcade game tips. Sampled by the Beastie Boys.
audio  culture  funny  games  gaming  geek  history  howto  music  readme  retro  video  wtf 
may 2006 by Glutnix
Downloading doesn't hurt business: Canadian Record Industry Association
Oh, Canada! Ahh, sweet irony, confirming what we knew all along. But Canada was on our side all along. When will greedy americans stop sacrificing their precious 'freedom' for their own profit?
copyright  music  news  research  culture  business  lol  piracy 
march 2006 by Glutnix
Wired 14.04: Dream Machines
The Sims and SimCity creator, Will Wright, talks about the negative perceptions of gaming and how those-who-don't-play-games don't see the benefits of gaming such as Imagination, community, self-esteem, problem solving, and most importantly, exploring the
future  games  culture  creativity  creative  gaming  article  interesting  fun 
march 2006 by Glutnix
Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues
A great guide to improving your life, by one of the more respected figures of history. Self examine yourself every day against the thirteen virtues listed by Franklin.
article  cool  culture  education  gtd  guide  history  howto  inspiration  life  lifehack  lifehacks  paper  people  philosophy  planning  productivity  reference  statistics  system  tips  franklin  christian  christianity  jesus 
february 2006 by Glutnix
Gamasutra - Soapbox - "World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things"
"Fun is learning in a safe environment"

"First, a lot of parents complain about what impact games have on children, but those parents are generally only seeing the trivial surface of the game, rather than what the game is REALLY teaching. Chess appears
gaming  mmorpg  games  video  gta  culture  learning  education  wow  rules 
february 2006 by Glutnix
Nate Harrison - Can I get an Amen?
An audio documentary about the most important sample in the history of jungle and drum and bass, the instantly recognisable "Amen" break, which is only six seconds of sample.
art  cool  culture  geek  history  legal  movie  music  remix  sampling  story  video 
february 2006 by Glutnix
Interactive Weaver - Weave your own Tartan
design your own tartan, and recieve a free downloadable background of it, and even order weaved fabric of your design... pretty neat :D
clothes  culture  design  fun  tools 
february 2006 by Glutnix
The Socratic Method
guy teaches binary mathematics to a class of 3rd graders by only asking them questions. Amazing!
article  awesome  books  computer  computers  cool  culture  fun  howto  interesting  learning  life  mathematics  psychology  read  reading  reference  resources  science  tips  education  philosophy  method  teaching  math  amazing 
january 2006 by Glutnix
Persuasive Games - Disaffected!
You play an employee at Kinkos trying to serve customers, but other employees keep moving the customer's jobs around from their various stacks, so finding the job is the hard part.
free  fun  games  gaming  culture  commentary  lol 
january 2006 by Glutnix
Made-up words in The Simpsons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
d'oh! - an awesome and scarily complete list of almost-nonsense words from the simpsons
animation  awesome  comedy  culture  english  fun  funny  humour  list  movie  read  reference  simpsons  television  tv  wiki  wikipedia  words  lol  cartoons  humor 
october 2005 by Glutnix
Simpson Crazy downloads | Simpsons mp3 music
a collection of all your favorite musical moments from the simpsons
animation  audio  awesome  cool  cartoons  culture  downloads  free  fun  funny  humour  ipod  mp3  media  music  simpsons  television  themes  tv  humor 
september 2005 by Glutnix - The Dvorak Zine
Switch to Dvorak today! Read the comic to find out why...
culture  howto  tech  useful  webcomic  keyboard  dvorak 
august 2005 by Glutnix
Benlog : Helping Out John Dvorak
Taking a Creative Commons cluestick to the head of John Dvorak
cc  copyright  creativecommons  culture  guide  internet  creativity 
july 2005 by Glutnix
A very large collection of animutations, or pretty random flash animations containing many pop culture references and mondegreens
animation  anime  culture  funny  flash  mashup  lol  lyrics  music  movies  random  quirky  remix  sampling  sample  rip  song  silly  sound  toon  video  wtf  cartoons 
february 2005 by Glutnix

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