Complexity Classes
What’s easy for a computer to do, and what’s almost impossible? Those questions form the core of computational complexity. We present a map of the landscape.
EXPTIME  PSPACE  PH  NP  BQP  BPP  P  vs  Complexity  theory 
Spectre Mitigations in Browsers
Great overview of Spectre mitigations, timing restrictions slow down attacks, but don't prevent them.
spectre  speculative  execution  web  engines 
16 days ago
Learn to Crypto
Great set of crypto exercises, but why JS?!
crypto  learning  tutorial  cryptopals 
5 weeks ago
Awasi Patagonia
Situated in a private reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park, our lodge has just 14 villas and a main lodge. Each villa is assigned with a private guide and 4WD so guests can explore at their own pace, visiting where they want, when they want.
Hotels  Patagonia  Lodges 
10 weeks ago
Panter Tourron
Design consultancy in Lausanne
hardware  design  Lausanne 
12 weeks ago
In blockchain we trust
A realistic article about blockchains.
april 2018
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