You have a lot of version control repositories. Sometimes you want to update them all at once. Or push out all your local changes. You use special command lines in some repositories to implement specific workflows. Myrepos provides a mr command, which is a tool to manage all your version control repositories.
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13 days ago
Ten Lubak (@nSFWblr) on Twitter
Ein screenshot zum Thema Authentifikationsaufwand für die Materialsammlung für zukünftige slide decks.
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4 weeks ago
*grummelmurmel* Habe mich nun mal durch das Java da gekämpft und die Option gef…
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4 weeks ago
RT : I saw this quote months ago and think about it almost every day.
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5 weeks ago
RT : A letter from a male Mech-engineer Senior to his female classmates.

"...you and I can't be equal."
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6 weeks ago
Chris's Wiki :: blog/solaris/ZFSRaidzHowWritesWorkII
An additional small detail of how writes work on ZFS raidzN pools
9 weeks ago
RT : Men should wear as much makeup as they need to make them feel good and fuck what anyone else thinks
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11 weeks ago
Exponential Smoothing for Time Series Forecasting
Real-time anomaly detection is really a forecasting problem since you can’t know what to expect in the present unless you use the past to forecast. Forecasting time series data can get really sophisticated and complicated, but a lot of simple and efficient techniques like an EWMA can give most of the benefit with a small fraction of the cost, effort, and complexity. More complex techniques can be good for very specific cases, but come at the cost of losing generality and requiring a lot more tweaking and parameter selection, which can be surprisingly delicate to do well.
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11 weeks ago
[MS-OXCMAIL]: Auto Response Suppress
Suppress delivery reports from transport.

Suppress non-delivery reports from transport.

Suppress read notifications from receiving client.

Suppress non-read notifications from receiving client.

Suppress Out of Office (OOF) notifications.

Suppress auto-reply messages other than OOF notifications.
smtp  exchange 
12 weeks ago
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