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The lesser known amazing things VueRouter can do – Nihar Raote – Medium
This article is about some things that VueRouter can do that are rarely known to Vue developers. It is not an introductory article on VueRouter. This article assumes you know about VueRouter, have…
4 weeks ago by ElliotPsyIT
Configuring a middleware with Vue Router – Quique Fdez. Guerra – Medium
A middleware is an old and powerful concept that we have in software development, Use in routing with route guard and multiple route guards…
vue2router  vue2routeguard  vue2middleware 
7 weeks ago by ElliotPsyIT
Delegating HTML links to vue-router
highjacking anchor tags to assure you don't get a full page refresh (otheriwise you would use router-link for links within app)
june 2018 by ElliotPsyIT
Shared state and routing in Vue.js – codeburst
understand the vue2 router - build a simple one to understand how it works
vue2  vue2Router 
june 2018 by ElliotPsyIT
Build your own Vue.js Router - A Vue.js Tutorials Series
series to build your own router - seemingly just like the one in vuejs, to help understand all that a router does and needs to know
vue2  vue2Router 
april 2018 by ElliotPsyIT
Creating Your Own Router for Vue.js - Vue.js Tutorials
course in 4 parts to create the vue router - part of vue school and probably costs $$
april 2018 by ElliotPsyIT

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