Brondell bidets-Open-Box Products
Swash 1400, $489 Outlet price, $415 open box 15th Anniv. sale
bidet  toilet  WT 
Taron™ 101 Bathroom Faucet - Polished Chrome | Free Shipping - Modern Bathroom
Build LLC calls this China-bracht, i.e. good knockoff of Dornbracht
faucet  bathroom  WT 
24 days ago
Axiom Window Shade Pockets-Armstrong
Leviosa uses and distributes a cheaper manuf. than Axiom for similar pockets.
window  shade  pocket  system 
25 days ago
Lutron shade-CAD Downloads
roller 64 group of details is most universal shade pocket system for max. 64SF shades (so, 8'x8' max)
CAD  block  shade 
25 days ago
Pattern Search | Panolam Surface Systems
Nevamar, Pionite & Panolam plastic laminates
PLam  laminate  cabinet 
28 days ago
Cleaf - plastic laminate
John cabinetmaker for Wski uses this. Large sheets for seam free panels.
plam  plasticlam  laminate  woodveneer  cabinet  product  wski 
5 weeks ago
Teardowns by fictiv
I have hardcopy of volume 1. Purch. at Maker Faire
electronic  gadget  fixit 
7 weeks ago
frameless shower enclosures, doors
shower  glass  frameless  enclosure  product  wski 
7 weeks ago
Americh-bathtubs, shower bases, accessories
used Wright 6632 for Wski lower bathroom
tub  bathtub  shower  Wski 
9 weeks ago
The Thirty-One Kitchen Design Rules, Illustrated
a decent illustrated guide to kitchen planning, clearances, dimensions
kitchen  design  guide 
10 weeks ago
GBE24PS - CRL Polished Stainless Mitered 24" Square Grab Bar
Lower bathtub grab bar for Wski. Square profile and plates
wski  grab 
10 weeks ago
Level Bath Bar by dweLED at Lumens.com
25" flat bar LED light fixture-Wski option
Wski  LF  lighting  bathroom 
10 weeks ago
Films — EVEN/ODD
Boombox Collection: Short films about hip hop legends.
Boots Riley, Zion I,
film  art  hiphop 
10 weeks ago
Sausage - General Contractor SLC
nice projects for Thom Jakab & Imbue Design
GC  SLC  contractor 
11 weeks ago
THOM JAKAB -architect SLC
nice energy efficient home at 1158 E. 2nd Ave SLC
architect  SLC  firm 
12 weeks ago
Solemma ALFA- Circadian lighting design software
7/29/18 class at PEC but req'd $195 fee so I didn't go.
circadian  lighting  arch 
12 weeks ago
Wildlife Picture Index Project | ONE TAM
Mt. Tamalpais wildlife camera project and photo database
photo  wildlife  Tam 
12 weeks ago
Jonathan Browning Studios- Lighting
great fixtures. I met Kyle Urbaniak, design director at Ocean Ave Alehouse 6/6/18.
lighting  fixtures  archit 
june 2018
Climb Utah - Canyoneering & Mountaineering
This is Shane Burrows website (met him at Canyoneers Xmas party-SLC). Somewhat controversial in canyoneering circles due to his Circle of Friends membership for beta and GPS coordinates.
canyoneering  waypoints 
june 2018
Secret Flying | Cheap Flight Deals
Johnny Africa recommends this site for flight deals
travel  airfare  deals 
june 2018
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