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The Recurse Center
What we do. The Recurse Center is a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers in New York City.

Our philosophy. We believe people learn best when they take control of their own education and are free to explore what they’re interested in. RC is heavily influenced by unschooling.
code  bootcamp  learning  programming 
may 2017 by Denis
CodeKit - THE Mac App For Web Developers
Great tool for web developer to run everything locally while developping a web site
development  javascript  software  code  app  codekit  web  dev  tools  programming  design  css 
may 2017 by Denis
About - Project Euler
A website dedicated to the fascinating world of mathematics and programming
coding  learning  mathematics  code  math  Bookmarks_bar  algorithms  challenge  programming  algorithm  challenges  puzzles 
april 2017 by Denis
Building Something: On Art, Craft, and Engineering
We’ve talked to Kelly Marchisio on several occasions, & hers is a very compelling story. She’s been featured in the Times, working in engineering at Google.
art  programming  career  learning  blog  udacity 
march 2016 by Denis
Minimum Viable Programmer
An interesting list of what a junior (and a section on mid) level ios programmer should know/demonstrate. Real no-nonsense things to look for/into.
progamming  ios-dev  engineer  career  interview  xcode  swift  minimum  blog  programming  developer  job  programmer 
december 2015 by Denis

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