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Date Locale & Time Zone settings |
Locale Settings found at admin/config/regional/settings in Drupal 7. Default time zone Sets the default time zone for the website. Think of this setting as the time zone where the organization is based. When anonymous users visit the site, time fields displayed for them will be converted to this time zone. User-configurable time zones Determines if individual users can set their own default time zone. When the user is logged on, this effectively over-rides the above "Default time zon...
drupal  dates  timezones  UTC 
april 2015 by CrookedNumber
How to Easily Create Drupal Views in Code | Aten Design Group
Just a couple months ago the title of this post would have sounded crazy to me. For the last several months I've been working on the CINC module as a way to make my work (and yours) with Drupal configuration better: faster, more predictable, more flexible, etc.
march 2015 by CrookedNumber
Getting started with the Drupal RESTful module | Ed Hollinghurst
Freelance Web Developer specialising in Drupal and the latest frontend technologies
drupal  restful 
march 2015 by CrookedNumber
Why Plugins? |
Why plugins? TBD [see comment] Plugins are much like PHP native interfaces with a little extra: the plugin system can discover every implementation of an interface (the default is magic namespacing), deals with metadata (by default this is provided by annotations) and provides a factory for the plugin classes.
drupal  drupal8  plugins 
november 2014 by CrookedNumber
Using Vagrant: A Drupal Themer's Perspective | PreviousNext
On any project, whether you’re a themer, site builder or developer you will need a local development environment to work in. Even if everyone on a project works on the same OS, chances are people will have different versions of Apache MySQL and PHP, different server configuration and not to mention that the local environment will differ from staging and production environments. This is where Vagrant can help. Vagrant is an open source setup and configuration tool for virtual machines...
drupal  theming  vagrant 
november 2014 by CrookedNumber
Unit Testing with SimpleTest |
Note: The code for this tutorial is maintained in the Examples for Developers module. This means:
drupal  unittest 
august 2014 by CrookedNumber
horseman - A manifesto about the future of Drupal.
drupal  sandpiper 
august 2014 by CrookedNumber
Five basic principles for Drupal UI's that anyone can follow | Bryan Braun
As developers who build out Content Management Systems with Drupal, we often become ad-hoc UI designers. We may not be slicing up images in Photoshop, but we build out our own admin pages, arrange fields on node-edit pages, and define the workflows our users must follow. Setting up these kind of user interfaces isn't a light responsibility.
MIT2014  drupal  ui 
july 2014 by CrookedNumber
A Look at PHP's Continuing Evolution | Acquia
Guest post by Larry Garfield – Larry Garfield is a Senior Architect at, a web consultancy based in Chicago. When not developing sites for clients, he can also be found leading the Drupal 8 Web Services Initiative, evangelizing good coding practices, working to bring the PHP world closer together through the PHP Framework Interoperability Group, or providing training either for clients or the Drupal community. Occasionally he remembers to sleep.
php  oop  drupal 
july 2014 by CrookedNumber
xenarthran_salesman comments on PHPStorm tips for Drupal?
General PHPstorm tips: 1. learn the keyboard shortcut for 'help->find action' - it lets you search all of phpstorm's menus for what you are trying to...
drupal  phpstorm 
july 2014 by CrookedNumber
Drupal Multisite: Much Ado About Nothing | Pantheon
Aegir solves the upgrade problem via a structure that allows you to switch user-facing domains (Apache or Nginx virtualhosts) between different codebases, one domain/site at a time.
drupal  multisite 
november 2013 by CrookedNumber
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