choose wisely - supersonica - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
“Time travel sounds rather fascinating, actually.”

Well, shit.

Caleb looked to the road ahead, refusing to meet Molly’s eyes. “It isn’t—it’s not just that. There are many possible uses for—”

“—cut the crap, Caleb, Nott told me what you’re trying to do.”
fanfic  CriticalRole  preslash  Caleb/Mollymauk  author:supersonica 
4 weeks ago
5 times Molly flirted with Caleb (in infernal) - Fuckdarcy - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Mollymauk knows Caleb can speak infernal, and he's going to flirt with Caleb until he admits it. It's a great plan. (Shut up Yasha.)
fanfic  CriticalRole  Caleb/Mollymauk  author:Fuckdarcy  preslash 
5 weeks ago
HEARTFROST (the winter of our discontent) - Mikkeneko - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Tieflings run hot, but that means that they don't do so well in the cold. During the trek across the Greying Wildlands Mollymauk becomes dangerously chilled. Caleb helps out, and has some helpful words to offer about grief as well.
fanfic  CriticalRole  Caleb/Mollymauk  preslash  author:Mikkenko 
6 weeks ago
Guardian of the unknown paths - Marayanna - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
"When a new graveyard was opened it was believed that the first person buried there doesn’t cross over. They help other spirits move on and guard the graveyard against evil" - an old European belief

They bury Caduceus first.
fanfic  CriticalRole  pov:Caduceus  author:Maryanna 
7 weeks ago
where do you run - ofsinnersandsaints - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Keyleth is restless after her fight with Raishan and her forced alliance with a dragon she can't begin to trust.

When she can't sleep, she seeks out companionship and despite a castle full of allies the only person she can think to go to is Grog, and she finds the kind of comfort and understanding she hasn't known for a very long time.
fanfic  CriticalRole  campaign1  Vox.Machina  Keyleth/Grog  author:ofsinnersandsaints 
7 weeks ago
True North - Angel Ascending (angel_in_ink) - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
5 times Yasha finds Molly, and one time Molly finds her. I can't say it any better than that.
fanfic  CriticalRole  Yasha  Mollymauk  author:Angel_Ascending 
7 weeks ago
Duty of the Living – Jilly James
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills after the events with the kanima. It was supposed to be for a summer, giving him time to get some perspective, but perspective means that Stiles isn’t interested in going back. Not until he’s forced to.
fanfic  TeenWolf  Reverse.Big.Bang  Stiles/Derek  author:JillyJames  ***** 
7 weeks ago
The Bonds We Make, The Pacts We Break - Angel Ascending (angel_in_ink) - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Uk'otoa issues another ultimatum, some bonds are broken while others are forged, and Fjord finally gets his long overdue adoption.
fanfic  CriticalRole  POV:Fjord  WildMother  author:Angel_Ascending 
9 weeks ago
Critical Role Moments
Critical Role Moments; a website dedicated to making it easier to share your favourite moments from Critical Role.
research  CriticalRole  recap 
9 weeks ago
Mr. Mollymauk, I Do Believe - The_Pied_Writer - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
The Mighty Nein brought back Mollymauk, and it becomes clear that the time spent apart, while short, caused some members to have a few revelations.

Caleb in particular needed to voice his.
fanfic  CriticalRole  Caleb/Mollymauk  Tag:2x26  spoilers  author:The_Pied_Writer 
12 weeks ago
Don't Let Them Tell You What You're Not(t) - Angel Ascending (angel_in_ink) - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Veth had been told all her life what she was and what she wasn’t. She was not pretty, not smart, not normal. What she was was ugly and stupid and weird, flinching at shadows, carrying buttons in her pockets that rattled when she walked. It had been the easiest collection to carry with her, and she had liked the sound they made, liked how they felt in her hand, round and smooth. When the other children had teased her (coming out of the shadows with their twisted goblin smiles), she would put a hand in the pocket with her buttons and try to focus on the feel of them instead of their chants and jeers. Still, as much as she had tried not to listen, their words had worn her down, like water wearing down rock.
fanfic  CriticalRole  POV:Nott.the.Brave  author:Angel_Ascending 
12 weeks ago
No Dominion - TamscendingGender - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Molly wakes up after the ambush to find that Caleb jumped in front of Lorenzo's glaive and saved Molly's life...at the cost of his own. As he wrestles with his grief and the revelation that his feelings for Caleb were, in fact, reciprocated, a certain Champion of the Raven Queen offers Caleb's shade a deal....
fanfic  CriticalRole  canon.divergence  Caleb/Mollymauk  slash  tag:2.26  author:TamscendingGender 
july 2019
please don't lose your faith (in me) - LoveWithAGirl - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m not,” and Jester’s voice cracks again but she takes a deep breath and pushes on, “I’m not okay, is the thing,” and Fjord just holds on as she finally lets the words pour out. She starts with being taken, the fear that had filled her and stayed with her, and Fjord’s surprised when Yasha joins in, her breathing growing just as ragged as Jester’s. Yasha falls silent when Jester talks about the second night, about the three of them fighting off the two slavers, and then Fjord surprises himself by picking up where Jester falters when she gets to the torture.
fanfic  CriticalRole  Fjord/Jester  violence  torture  AttemptedSexualAssault  PTSD  author:LoveWithAGirl 
june 2019
Easier than Falling Asleep Chapter 1: Quicker and Easier than Falling Asleep, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry is struck with the killing curse and wakes up the day of the Last Task. This story will be the Order of The Phoenix if Harry had been a bit wiser and Luna a more present character. No time Paradox and no godmoding. Slow build up.
fanfic  HarryPotter  timetravel  Harry/Luna  author:JacobApples 
june 2019
The Meanings of Flowers
Eglantine/Sweet-Briar/Rosa Eglantaria - poetry, I wound to heal
research  flowers 
march 2019
A Fine Line Between Desire and Ruin - AlexandraO - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry and Hermione find comfort in each other after Ron abandons them on the Horcrux hunt, but after Ron comes back, it’s never spoken of again. The two teens learn the hard way that sometimes there is a possibility of a friendship falling into ruin when you give into your carnal desires.
fanfic  HarryPotter  het  firsttime  Harry/Hermione  8thYear  author:AlexadraO 
march 2019
Not-So Ghosts of Christmas - Merwin_Me - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Can someone please tell me what is going on?"

"It's a spell filled with pure intent, cast by a suitor to allow Stiles a glance at his past, a conversation with his present, and a visit from his future."
fanfic  TeenWolf  preslash  Stiles/Peter  author:Merwin_Me 
march 2019
Who's Pulling the Strings? - Therapeutic_Steter - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles tried to handle the check up with a certain measure of dignity, knowing Deaton and Scott didn’t realize that the kitten they were taking care of was Stiles. Honestly, Stiles should’ve seen this coming after wandering around in his full shift, but it hadn’t exactly been his intention to have the little girl find him and for her mom to bring him to the vet as a stray.
fanfic  TeenWolf  preslash  ScottBashing  werecat!Stiles  author:Therapeutic_Steter 
february 2019
Some things are worth the wait - FeelingsDusk - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Peter meets the newly appointed Argent family head, he’s twelve and he shouldn’t even be there. He leaves the meeting chastised, punished for a month and nursing a crush the size of Mexico. It only goes downhill from there for a long time before it doesn't.

Kate and Chris don't know what to think about their new guardian, but the moment he burns Gerard’s cane to cinders, it's clear that things won’t ever be the same with Stiles Argent in their lives.
fanfic  TeenWolf  AU  timetravel  Stiles/Peter  author:FeelingsDusk 
february 2019
when you're going through hell (keep going for me) - cywscross - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter is abandoned in the aftermath of the fire, and Eichen House takes ruthless advantage. Six years later, when he's finally able to move again, he finds himself in a cell with a boy in a straitjacket.

(Kate’s biggest mistake was letting Peter live. Eichen House’s biggest mistake was letting Peter meet Stiles.)
fanfic  AU  TeenWolf  Stiles/Peter  torture  pre-slash  author:cywscross 
february 2019
They Never Learn - gryvon - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Stiles Stilinski was underestimated by someone outside his pack.
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Derek  FiveThings  author:gryvon 
january 2019
A Different Kind of White Snake - twothumbsandnostakeincanon (somanyofthekids) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There was no way they could outrun the snake. Peter rapidly cycled through the options for escape, coming up with a grimly short list:

Circle back around to the road and wave down a car. In a snowstorm. At 10 p.m. On Christmas Eve.
Climb a tree while carrying injured Stiles.
Act of God.
fanfic  TeenWolf  pre-slash  Stiles/Peter  author:twothumbs 
january 2019
Beware of Sharp Memories - WhereDestiniesMeet17 (orphan_account) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is born able to remember all his past lives. After Claudia dies, he tries to forget all about his abilities. This makes things worse and better.
fanfic  TeenWolf  pre-slash  Stiles/Peter  author:WhereDestiniesMeet 
january 2019
A Holly Jolly Stiles - Triangulum - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles....goes a bit overboard at Christmas. He knows this. His dad knows this. Scott knows this. The pack...does not.


Stiles is going to give the pack a great Christmas whether they like it or not. And if special attention is paid to Peter, well...
fanfic  TeenWolf  preslash  Stiles/Peter  author:Triangulum 
december 2018
Mating Rituals of Modern Werewolves - thegirlwhoknits - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles finds out about werewolf courting rituals during his Emissary training and decides to court Peter, much to Peter’s surprise and delight.
fanfic  TeenWolf  pre-slash  Stiles/Peter  author:thegirlwhoknits 
december 2018
Stop Crossing Oceans - green-leaf (greenleaf) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“There are no absolutes, Scott! No hard rights or hard wrongs! The world doesn’t fucking work that way and we can’t afford to think like that, because people are going to die! We signed up for that the moment we got involved with all this!”

“We? We?” Scott hisses. “Don’t you think you? Don’t forget that you’re the one who dragged us into that forest the night it all started, Stiles. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”

Something inside Stiles cracks, so strong and so deep that he practically hears it.
fanfic  TeenWolf  preslash  Stiles/Derek  author:greenleaf 
december 2018
Just One Normal Christmas - Triangulum - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"One normal Christmas, that's all I wanted!" Stiles says, waving his hand in front of him. The elf (seriously, maniacal little elves on Christmas Eve?) that was rushing him with his sharp little teeth bared goes flying through the air, hitting a tree with a sickening crunch.

"I know, dear," Peter says. He's trailing behind Stiles, watching his path of destruction with poorly-concealed amusement.
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Peter  crack  slash  author:Triangulum 
december 2018
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (Doesn't Mean There Is No Evil) - syriala - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles knew that something was wrong. He had a very perceptive eye for evil and things that were going wrong and something in his life was going very wrong. But when neither Scott nor Derek believed him it was up to Peter to keep Stiles safe.
fanfic  TeenWolf  preslash  Stiles/Peter  author:syriala 
december 2018
Big Bad's Boy - Bunnywest - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Stiles' jeep breaks down outside a biker bar, he doesn't expect anything good to come of it, not with the week he's having. And not when the guy running it goes by the nickname Big Bad.
fanfic  TeenWolf  AU  Stiles/Peter  author:Bunnywest 
november 2018
Choice - Omni - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek knows what it feels like to not really have a choice, what it's like to be manipulated. He'd never take away someone's right to choose freely. The fear of even accidentally doing so is enough to hold him back from acting on his own feelings.

Stiles has never had a problem making his own choices, and fuck anyone who would try to tell him he can't.

(Or: Stiles gets bitten by a different alpha, but of course would prefer to have Derek as his alpha. And also just, you know, have Derek.)
fanfic  AU  TeenWolf  werewolf!Stiles  preslash  Derek/Stiles  author:Omni 
october 2018
We Got Something Magic - alisvolatpropiis - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Scott is never bitten, so Stiles never meets Derek or learns about werewolves. He is, however, since a young age, captivated by a recurring dream of a beautiful, red-eyed wolf that he comes to hold dear to his heart. After college, he moves to Seattle and decides to get a tattoo to acknowledge his dream Wolf, finding a lot more than he expected at Triskele Tattoo.
fanfic  TeenWolf  AU  slash  Stiles/Derek  author:alisvolatpropiis 
october 2018
In the Thicket of Things - thegrrrl2002 - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Danny hustles down the narrow path, eyes scanning the undergrowth as he keeps moving, further into the forest. The air is warm and heavy and wet and his hands are sweaty but he's got a tight grip on his gun. He's trying to stay focused as he keeps moving, on and on. He doesn't know how many miles he's covered, and he doesn't want to take the time to check the map. All he knows is that he needs to find Steve before Frankie and his buddies do.
fanfic  Hawaii5-O  Steve/Danny  preslash  author:thegrrrl 
october 2018
God Only Knows - katiemorag - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter still couldn't quite believe he was being made to attend his niece's wedding, reason number one being that her fiancé was Peter's ex, who had cheated on Peter with Laura.

There's also the slight issue of his entire family refusing to believe that his boyfriend, Stiles, actually exists.
fanfic  TeenWolf  AU  slash  Laura!Bashing  Stiles/Peter  author:katiemorag 
september 2018
Five Times Stiles Pulled One from the Oven (and One Time Somebody Else Did) - Chapter 1 - Guede - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Stiles’ baking changed the course of history in Beacon Hills (and one time somebody stepped up for him). Or, Stiles Stilinski: Baking is Magic!
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Peter  magic  author:Guede 
september 2018
white demon love song - hoars - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It was a mystery then and continues to be a mystery now why the Owens sisters adopted the two boys.
fanfic  TeenWolf  crossover  PracticalMagic  Scott/Lydia  Scott/Everyone  Stiles/Derek  author:hoars 
september 2018
Ink Blossoms - Triangulum - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"So, you're going to ruin your niece's baby shower with flowers in the wrong color?" the florist, Stiles, asks when they reach the counter. He pulls out a binder and starts flipping through it.

"Not ruin. Mildly inconvenience," Peter says.

"Right, messing with a hormonal pregnant woman seems like a great plan."

"To be fair, her fiance and the father of her baby is my ex-boyfriend," Peter says. "And we weren't broken up when they started 'dating'."
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Peter  AU  slash  author:Triangulum 
september 2018
Baby Stilinski-Hale - Triangulum - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"You've been avoiding me," Peter says. Stiles just shrugs. "Are you going to tell me why, or do I have to guess?" Stiles would love to glare at him and snark back like they always do, but her nerves are just too frayed and she doesn't have it in her. Peter seems to sense this and frowns, his face morphing into one of concern. "Stiles..?"

He takes a few steps closer, slowly as if he's trying not to startle her and that makes her want to let out a hysterical laugh, but she keeps it in. He sets his hand on her shoulder, the other going to the side of her neck. He frowns at the way her pulse is racing, as if he needs to physically confirm what his ears are already telling him. She lets him touch her, knowing without even needing to think about it that he won't hurt her. She does let out a bitter little laugh at that. Well, physically he won't.

"What is it?" he asks and the genuine concern in his voice almost breaks her. He leans down and stares into her eyes, their faces so close, and she sees his nostrils flare. "You smell...different."

Well, that's her cue.

"I'm pregnant," she whispers.
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Peter  rule63  het  pregnancy  author:Triangulum 
september 2018
The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale - moonstalker24 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Peter  AU  tea  slash  author:moonstalker24 
september 2018
The Black Herald - Sealie - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
King Daniel of Valdemar has a role – a very important one. The Tayledras Healer Adept, Chin Ho, has a calling. Ambassador Grover has an important post. But what role does Steve, a Herald without a Companion, have?
fanfic  H50  HeraldsOfValdemar  crossover  Steve/Danny  author:Sealie 
september 2018
Hook, Yarn, Sinker - pprfaith - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is happy with his store, his hobbies, his friends. Peter's just trying to figure out how to raise his nieces and nephew without fucking them up too badly.

Paths cross.
fanfic  TeenWolf  fluff  AU  Stiles/Peter  preslash  asexual_character  author:pprfaith 
august 2018
The Stilinski Pack - Siria - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"You mean we're going to be bros and we're going to be bros?" Scott said. His smile grew impossibly wider. "This is the best news ever!"
fanfic  TeenWolf  preslash  Stiles/Derek  author:Siria 
august 2018
Show, Don't Tell: The Simple Guide for Writers
If you struggle with the difference between showing vs. telling, you’re not alone. Once you’ve got it, it seems simple. But until you do, this maxim causes as many questions as anything in the writing world.  
august 2018
here is the deepest secret nobody knows - owlpostagain - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Derek,” Stiles groans. “You have me. You’ve always had me, you absolute moron, how many physically impossible feats of life-saving heroics do I have to perform before you get it?”
fanfic  TeenWolf  AU  pre-slash  Stiles/Derek  author:owlpostagain 
august 2018
Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves - owlpostagain - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Derek  pre-slash  AU  author:owlpostagain 
august 2018
Coping Mechanisms - amireal - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Rodney's scream was echoed through the command center, warbling through the radio as it reached its final notes, ending in a ragged whimper.

"Rodney!" John was already running, feet hitting the ground so fast the shock went from his ankles, to his knees, through his hips, and jostled his hand as he tried to open his radio connection. "Beckett, medical emergency in the jumper bay!"
fanfic  SGA  McKay_Sheppard  angst  firsttime  author:amireal 
august 2018
Cleave - amireal - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
v. cleave (klev)
1. To split with or as if with a sharp instrument. See Synonyms at tear.
2. To adhere, cling, or stick fast. Rodney bit his lip and shrugged.

"Welcome to my world Colonel. Want your EpiPen engraved?"
fanfic  SGA  McKay/Sheppard  firsttime  author:amireal 
august 2018
Proposing To Strangers - Chapter 1 - moonstalker24 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he'll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn't know who this kid is, but he's cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He's not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn't really mind.
fanfic  TeenWolf  AU  author:moonstalker24 
august 2018
You Wear My Name Over Your Heart Like It's Invisible - Eudoxia - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Why don’t you ever let me see it? If you have the name already, why can’t you tell me whose it is? I thought we were best friends."

Everyone gets their Name when they turn twenty-one. It isn’t their own name either. It’s the name of their Soulmate. When Wade Wilson wakes on his twenty-first birthday, he looks down at his chest and sees Peter Benjamin Parker. He stares for a moment then shrugs, gets dressed, and doesn’t think about it for another six weeks.
fanfic  Deadpool  Avengers  Spiderman  Spideypool  soulmates  author:Eudoxia 
august 2018
Hide Of A Life War - Etharei - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning...”

The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.
fanfic  TeenWolf  Stiles/Derek  BAMF!Stiles  author:Etharei 
august 2018
WWOMB :: The Wonderful World of Makebelieve
Scribe's WWOMB page. Some of her works are found no where else but it isn't a complete list.
fanfiction  Author:Scribe 
august 2018
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