Jon Aizlewood
Designer at Clearleft personal portfolio
Designer  Portfolio 
8 weeks ago
Rationale – Design that lasts
Collection of design related resources especially famous designers and examples of their work
Graphic  Design  Resources  Style  Guide  Education 
march 2018
Loading animation GIFs and SVGs
Animation  GIF  SVG  Loading  Web  Design  Service  Free 
february 2018
Design Kit
Thoughts on user centred design. Not sure if it is actually useful?
Web  Design  Research  User  UX 
september 2017
Contract Killer - Template
Web design and development project contract by Stuff and Nonsense
Contract  Business  Design  Web  Agency  Studio  Freelance 
september 2017
Book – Content Design Centre
Former Head of Content Design wrote a book.
Content  Design  Book  GDS 
august 2017
Lecture In Progress
Magazine made by agency who make other magazines. Failed funding by Kick Starter
Design  Blog  Career  Advice  Interviews  Education  Web 
august 2017
How Business Men Think
Example of small business owner being a dick, and not accepting responsibility
Business  Example  Toxic  Boss  Bad 
may 2017
No Divide Studio
Ryan Taylor and Dan Edwards
Agency  UK  Web  Design  Development 
march 2017
Dictionary Stories
Not sure what the point is but I do like the typography scale and mixing of Tiempos and Whitney
Typography  Web  Design  Example  Fonts 
march 2017
Mutual - Design Agency
Formerly Rye Agency started by Andrew and Emma
Agency  UK  Web  Design  Development 
march 2017
Contrast Grid
Excellent tool for checking colour contrast with WCAG standards much quicker than Lea Verous tool
Colour  Contrast  Checker  WCAG  Tool  Style  Guide 
march 2017
iStock Photo
Stock photo library by Getty Images
Stock  Photography  Library  Paid  Service  Commercial 
march 2017
GOV Notify Service
Example of page head billboard mainly text and illustration.
Design  Flat  Graphic  Example 
march 2017
Teacup Analytics
Prefab reports for Google Analytics to make it easier to understnad
Google  Analytics  Reports  Service 
march 2017
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds - The New Yorker
Summary of three books explaining how facts are not enough to change people's beliefs. Also a possible solution to overcome those biases.
Making  Confirmation  Decision  Science  Critical  Evidence  Beliefs  Psychology  Thinking  Bias 
february 2017
Developing UI | Mr Mrs IO
Example of simple, highly readable typography. Like the scale of type. Does not work well at mobile sizes due to padding.
Web  Typography  Type  Example  Simple  Layout  Blog  Article  Post 
february 2017
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