alloy/terminal-notifier · GitHub
Send notification center messages from the command line with this handy custom app to do just that
april 2013
1.0 DRAFT Spec | x-callback-url
Inter-app communication via chained URL schemes on iOS
april 2013 · Launch Services Woes
more voodoo that might help a slow mac
april 2013
YAPC::NA 2013 talk schedule
It's the talk schedule for YAPC this year. Hooray
perl  yapc  schedule 
april 2013
NYTProf v5 – Flaming Precision | Not this...
Hey look, the Perl profiler just got flame graphs (and, for that matter, alpha subroutine call tree tracking)
perl  nytprof  graphs 
april 2013
Git Tip: How to "Merge" Specific Files from Another Branch []
Ever wanted to cherry-pick a file rather than a commit? That's what checkout is for....
march 2013
Tupperwolf - Wealth, risk, and stuff
Wealth is what gives you the ability to live lightly
march 2013
Helping or hurting? (keynote talk at jQuery Europe)
On holding onto old tools and techniques that are no longer applicable for modem web dev
longread  web  from instapaper
february 2013
Getting rid of Open With duplicates
Handy tip for getting rid of duplicates in finders 'Open With..." menu icon. Why doesn't the OS do this itself?
february 2013
kraih/perl-raptor · GitHub
The Perl 5 rapto logo, as a svg
logo  perl 
february 2013
Match fixing in Football
Well, that's that for the beautiful game then...
february 2013
ignacysokolowski/SublimeVintageNumbers · GitHub
Increment / Decrement the next number. I don't use vintage mode, so I have it bound to F19,= and F19,- respectively
february 2013
ν42: Large gzipped files, long lines, extracting columns etc
Interesting that split was a slowdown here. In the follow up post the author postulates it's to do with memory allocation and presents a very very fast XS version that makes use of knowing that the data is in ASCII and which fields are wanted
longread  from instapaper
february 2013
MA state of emergency 2013-02-08
Oh, look, a state of emergency getting all cars off the road. Guess I'd better check this if I can drive the kids to ballet this week, eh?
weather  state  of  emergency 
february 2013
What Happened with LEGO
Is Lego more expensive? Price per brick is pretty consistory the same, but they do now offer much bigger and more expensive sets than yesteryear
toys  statistics 
february 2013
Dropbox tools - movieos
Tom's dropbox tools. API scripts that let me do things like un-delete in bulk
dropbox  backup 
february 2013
bradleyboy/TidyTabs-Sublime · GitHub
Plugin for the Sublime Text 2 editor close all old background tabs (i.e. those that aren't modified, edited in the last hour, opened in the last minute, aren't scratch.) Installable directly from package manager.
january 2013
abrookins/GotoLastEdit · GitHub
A plugin that makes cmd-' move the cursor back to the last edit you made
january 2013
Inbox Zero For Life
Essentially use gmail web view, use starred for todo, archive everything.
january 2013
Generate SQL entity like diagrams for very large datasets. Outputs HTML that contains clickable image maps that show you part of the diagram at a time. Java tool. Works okay with postgresql
sql  diagram 
january 2013
Calvin and Hobbes Snowman Theme Cartoons
For inspiration for all my UK friends who are covered in snow (less than here, but they're not geared up for it)
snowman  snow  calvinandhobbes  comic 
january 2013
Term::Choose - Choose items from a list. -
Perl module that allows users to Use the cursor keys to select something from a list in the Terminal
perl  perlmodule  terminal 
january 2013
Monkey Island - Insult Swordfighting Game
Look it's that bit from Monkey Island, re-implmented in JavaScript. Looks good (not that I've had time to play it)
game  html5  monkeyisland 
january 2013
XMPP notification from irssi
Allows my irssi in a screen session to prod adium on my desktop when someone mentions my name. Requires a non-SSL jabber account (I used a dedicated throw away free account on to send the message from.
jabber  irssi  notification  irc 
january 2013 :: Start memcached with launchd [Updated]
Load memcached when you log in. Path to memcached is now /usr/binmemached, but aside from that change it works.
memcached  osx  launchd 
january 2013
NYS DMV - Delays, Cancellations, and Closings
Something to check tomorrow morning if this bad weather continues
dmv  driving 
december 2012
Romantically Apocalyptic
Webcomic. WW3 happened, the earth's a radioactive nightmare and...well, these guys are idiots. Good art.
december 2012
Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up -
Pay no attention to the incredible hard work behind the curtain
longread  from instapaper
december 2012
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Neatorama
History of the first Charlie Brown Christmas special. CBS hated what the creators had done and thought it was going to be a flop
christmas  tv 
december 2012
Electricity Outage Information
A live list of electrical outages in upstate new york
nyseg  electric  power  outage 
december 2012
Five Geek Social Fallacies
Oh, that's why mailing lists always implode
december 2012
Derek Powazek - I’m Not The Product, But I Play One On The Internet
Powaazek points out that the "You're the product" isn't as straight forward a some people might have you believe
startups  funding  biz 
december 2012
Google Maps verses Apple Maps
The difference between the new Google Maps and new Apple maps on my phone in a screenshot of where I live (spoiler: Google Maps is much much better)
maps  googlemaps  applemaps  iphone 
december 2012
Handy JS code to make using a webcam from JS easy
js  wecam 
december 2012
CPAN::U experiment
People who liked Perl module X also liked Perl module Y...
perl  cpan 
december 2012
Minimal Mac | TV Is Broken
Pretty much how my kids see TV. And increasingly, us parents too
tv  netflix  cablecutters 
december 2012
Finding Duplicate Code in Perl | Ovid []
handy dandy script that uses heuristics to find duplicate code in a Perl codebase
december 2012
Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap
Extension to twitter bootstrap with, er, more bootstrapping
css  bootstrap  js 
december 2012
Breno G. de Oliveira's piece on hash randomization (Ricardo SIGNES (rjbs): if you only read one blog post about the upcoming perl 5.18.0...)
More hash randomisation changes are coming to Perl in 5.18. This makes subtle bugs apparent - check your code!
december 2012
Another f$&%@ queue system. By Theo.
fq  queue 
december 2012
The Autism Advantage -
Story about an agency for high functioning autistics to capitalise on advantages they have over the neurotypical
longread  autism  from instapaper
december 2012
Arguing about pseudoscience: a useful analogy
Apparently arguing with idiots sounds idiotic
november 2012
Subcompact Publishing — by Craig Mod
On cheap, lightweight, online publishing rather than heavyweight porting of dead tree (via @siracusa.) I have both The Magazine (lightweight) and The New Yorker (very heavyweight) on my phone. The former is much better than the latter and I probably wouldn't pay for the latter (it's free with the dead tree)
november 2012
Cool things you can do with Perl 5.14
A list of a bunch of modules that use Perl 5.14's ability for XS code to "easily" add new keywords. There's a (actually useful) switch statement here and function parameters...
november 2012
Emmet (aka Zen Coding)
New improved Zen Coding. Sublime Text 2 can install this from Package Control
sublimetext2  css  html 
november 2012
The Heart of Darkness
The story of a father who forgave his son's killer, and set up a foundation for non violence
longread  from instapaper
november 2012
Perl module, port of the YUI CSS compressor in Perl
perl  perlmodule  CSS 
november 2012
why you should turn off motion smoothing on your TV
I disagree about the plasma verses LCD (my kids verses burn in? yeesh) but there might be a point about the color correction and motion smoothing
tv  hypercritical 
november 2012
Perl Advent Calendar 2012
Perl Advent Calendar for 2012. Twelve years ago I wrote the first one of these, and I've since handed it off and haven't touched it in years. However, this year I've submitted an entry.
perl  adventcalendar 
november 2012
Master Sale List - Berkshire MA bikes skis snowboards rentals repairs
Sales list for the bike / ski shop in Pittsfield where we got Mia and Ada's bike. I need a warm jacket, and I might get it from here. Brr, NY cold.
jacket  shopping  pittsfield 
november 2012
Circonus | Resources - API Documentation
The API documentation for the new Circonus API
circonus  api  documentation 
november 2012
Boom - Mac volume booster and system-wide equalizer
Make your mac speakers louder (by doing funky things with the levels). Payware. via
app  osx 
november 2012
Lightweight JavaScript Date Picker
javascript  jquery  datepicker 
november 2012
Ingredients :: Cocoa Documentation Viewer
Yep, I agree on this one. XCode's built in document browser is a pain to use
cocoa  ios  xcode 
march 2011
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