Watch Them Busting Out by manipulant
"Spencer finds out that Brendon's nipples are wired straight to his dick. Oh exploitable." Super hot nippleplay fic :D!
author:manipulant  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  contains:NipplePlay  contains:DirtyTalk  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/spencer  thing:fic  words:1k-10k 
october 2011
Earth Rushing Through my Veins by Sena
"Brendon and Spencer talk about fantasies and play around with ginger root." Super filthy hot teacher/student roleplay with some of the hottest humiliation kink EVER.
author:sena  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  contains:KinkNegotiation  contains:figging  contains:slapping/spanking  contains:humiliation  contains:ConsentPlay  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/spencer  rating:explicit  thing:fic  words:1k-10k 
october 2011
I'll fucking bone you completely by anoneknewmoose
"Pride is for people that don't have four fingers in their ass." Spencer reeeeeally loves cock. Brendon DPs him with his own dick and a dildo made from a cast of Spencer's :D :D :D
author:anoneknewmoose  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  contains:DirtyTalk  contains:DoublePenetration  contains:toys  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/spencer  rating:explicit  thing:fic  words:1k-10k 
october 2011
How To Be A Doper Person (The Answer: Puppies) by skintightsocks
"It's tiny and fluffy and has giant eyes and Puck falls pretty much instantly in love. He's a badass, okay, but he's been learning that he can be a badass and still have feelings, and, well, Puck's always been a sucker when it comes to animals. Which is why he tucks the dog under his arm and scales the fence behind the pound while he's having a "getting to know you" session with her." Best Puck/Lauren in the UNIVERSE oh my goodness. Everything I want out of them & their relationship BUT BETTER. Puck having personal growth :D :D :D :D :D
author:skintightsocks  char:NoahPuckerman  char:LaurenZises  contains:pets  fandom:glee  pairing:lauren/puck  rating:teen  thing:fic  words:1k-10k 
october 2011
This is not my (heart) by Solarcat
"Kevin Lucas is not a girl, even if he did just wake up as one. He's handling it pretty well though; especially once he gets some highly unexpected help from Mike Carden, William Beckett, and Brendon Urie, who isn't a girl either. But with his parents worried, his brothers suspicious, and Spencer Smith apparently plotting his demise, waking up as a girl might actually be the least of Kevin's problems. [JONAS-verse]" One of the best sexswap fics ever written. Hurty, but strangely comforting in its hurtiness. I could read a million words of this, and then a few million of a Brendon-centric companion piece.
author:solarcat  char:KevinLucas  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  char:MikeCarden  char:WIlliamBeckett  contains:sexswap  contains:TransIssues  au:HighSchool  fandom:disney:JONAS  fandom:bandom:patd  fandom:bandom:tai  pairing:kevin/mike  pairing:brendon/spencer  rating:teen  thing:fic  words:20k-30k 
october 2011
Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Us by LittleMousling - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
"Brendon is over the moon that Panic's on the road, playing for real audiences. Now if only he were as good in bed as he is on stage." Brendon is really bad at sex. Spencer is REALLY good at it. Sex lessons ensue!
author:littlemousling  char:BrendonUrie  char:RyanRoss  char:SpencerSmith  contains:crush  contains:rimming  contains:misunderstanding  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/spencer  rating:explicit  thing:fic  words:20k-30k 
october 2011
Touch Me by genee
"Ryan wouldn't have done it if he hadn't known for sure that Brendon wanted it, his dick hard and leaking, jutting out between his thighs." Pretty straightforward filthy hot watersports fic.
author:genee  char:BrendonUrie  char:RyanRoss  contains:watersports  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:explicit  thing:fic  words:<1k 
october 2011
Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) by LittleMousling
"Brent may have tricked Ryan and Spencer into auditioning a girl guitarist, but there's no question that Brendon is the best they've seen. Soon enough she's their new best buddy, too, hanging out at Spencer's house almost as much as Ryan does. The band is finally coming together, and Spencer's starting to think they might really make it as musicians--if she can stop getting distracted by her hopeless crush on Brendon." ummmmmmm only the cutest bb Panic lesbians au in the entire universe.
au:AlwaysAGirl  author:littlemousling  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  char:RyanRoss  char:BrentWilson  pairing:brendon/spencer  contains:crush  contains:homophobia  contains:misunderstanding  fandom:bandom:patd  rating:explicit  words:30k-40k  thing:fic 
october 2011
Take Only Pictures by LittleMousling
"Spencer doesn't only use his camera for audience shots." Ian buys a remote so Spencer can take pictures of them fucking. The best ode to Ian's hips ever ever ever.
author:littlemousling  char:SpencerSmith  char:IanCrawford  pairing:ian/spencer  contains:photography  fandom:bandom:patd  words:1k-10k  rating:explicit  thing:fic 
october 2011
Time to Play by LittleMousling
"When Brendon needs a break from adult responsibilities, Spencer is only too happy to help him out." Filthy hot ageplay/daddykink. Really great balance between the characters being aware of the sketchiness of the kink without being shamey. Also it is filthy hot.
author:littlemousling  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  pairing:brendon/spencer  contains:AgePlay  contains:DaddyKink  contains:slapping/spanking  contains:shaving  thing:fic  words:1k-10k  rating:explicit 
october 2011
Kinky Threesome series by sunsetmog
[Everybody Get Up/Don't Stop Me Now] "That one with the threesome." The first is stupidly hot this-has-been-building-for-a-while sex with some of the best orgasm denial ever; the second is even hotter kink discovery with humiliation and pain kink out the wazoo. And then fluff.
author:sunsetmog  thing:fic  thing:series  words:10k-20k  words:30k-40k  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  char:ZackHall  pairing:brendon/spencer/zack  contains:humiliation  contains:PainKink  contains:OrgasmDenial  contains:Shaving  contains:polyamory/polygamy  fandom:bandom:patd  rating:explicit  contains:slapping/spanking 
october 2011
Patience is a Virtue by iamtheenemy
"He didn’t know how they decided what order to go in – if they flipped a coin or played rock, scissors, paper or what." Panic 2.0 GSF! Brendon has to last longer than the other three combined - while they take turns teasing him and jerking off one at a time - or he loses. Brendon wanting to come so bad he cries a little is one of my favorite things.
author:iamtheenemy  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/jon/ryan/spencer  char:BrendonUrie  char:JonWalker  char:RyanRoss  char:SpencerSmith  contains:OrgasmDenial  contains:FootFetish  words:1k-10k  rating:explicit  thing:fic  contains:gags 
october 2011
You Rolled The Sevens With Nothing To Lose by sinuous_curve - Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
"Dallon decides during the first rehearsal with Brendon and Spencer, and Ian that he's going to do everything in his power to make this tour as easy as possible." Dallon finds cuffs in Brendon's bunk and angsts about wanting in on Brendon/Spencer's thing. Delicious sex and A++ Dallon characterization.
author:sinuous_curve  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/spencer  pairing:brendon/dallon/spencer  char:BrendonUrie  char:DallonWeekes  char:SpencerSmith  rating:mature  words:1k-10k  contains:BDSM  contains:D/s  thing:fic 
october 2011
Everything's Another Excuse (To Keep From Doing From What We Want To) by sunsetmog
"Post-divorce fic. Brendon and Jon try to work things out." What it says on the tin. I always love the way she writes Brendon, and this is definitely no exception; he's a little messed-up and a lot fumbly and I always want him to get what he wants. My favorite Brendon/Jon dynamic, too, faily boys who get a little asshole-y when they're struggling with how they feel.
author:sunsetmog  fandom:bandom:patd  fandom:bandom:tyv  char:BrendonUrie  char:JonWalker  char:SpencerSmith  char:RyanRoss  pairing:brendon/jon  rating:teen  words:1k-10k  thing:fic  contains:angst  contains:post-split 
october 2011
All the Roads We Have to Walk are Winding by Sena
"In which Spencer thinks he might be in love and that having someone to have sex with on a regular basis is awesome. He also learns that Christmas sucks and families tend to implode around the holidays."
author:sena  char:BrendonUrie  char:SpencerSmith  pairing:brendon/spencer  words:10k-20k  au:HighSchool  rating:explicit  thing:fic 
october 2011
Flutter and Wow by fictionalaspect
"We had enough stars in Mexico, he thinks, and Brendon tugs on his sleeve, begins the process of dragging them both home." Jon and Brendon traveling around together. Slow and quiet and really beautiful.
author:fictionalaspect  char:JonWalker  pairing:brendon/jon  words:1k-10k  contains:RoadTrip  thing:fic  rating:teen  fandom:bandom:patd  char:BrendonUrie 
october 2011
It's all right if you wanna get down by lalejandra
Kevin calls Pete for advice about his post-failed-engagement sexuality crisis; Pete sets up a situation for Kevin where he can experiment by kissing lots of people to start figuring things out. I love this Pete and this Kevin a whole lot.
author:lalejandra  fandom:bandom  fandom:disney  char:PeteWentz  char:KevinJonas  pairing:kevin/multi  pairing:ashlee/pete/travie  contains:sexuality  thing:fic  words:1k-10k  rating:teen  contains:polyamory/polygamy 
october 2011
they call kids like us vicious & carved out of stone by lalejandra
Pete & Demi are friends who are fucked-up together, take care of each other in the way only similarly fucked-up people can, and fall in love. Really beautiful, and strangely comforting.
author:lalejandra  fandom:bandom:fob  fandom:disney  thing:fic  char:PeteWentz  char:DemiLovato  pairing:demi/pete  rating:mature  words:1k-10k 
october 2011
Guitar and Drums series by LittleMousling
[Thank You For The Silence/Mutual Admiration Society] First, Ian is really annoying and Spencer gags him and the hottest blowjob ever occurs. Then, Ian and Spencer fail at communicating but succeed at having ridiculously hot sex, then succeed at communicating and continue to succeed at hot sex!
author:littlemousling  fandom:bandom:patd  char:SpencerSmith  char:IanCrawford  pairing:ian/spencer  words:1k-10k  thing:series  thing:fic  contains:FirstTime  contains:rimming  contains:gags  contains:bratting  rating:explicit  contains:crush  contains:misunderstanding  contains:bondage 
october 2011
Plus One by LittleMousling
"When Spencer fills out Brendon and Sarah's wedding RSVP card, he marks that he'll be bringing a date. He doesn't write in a name." Charming Spencer/Ian where they rent a house together and stumble into love with each other.
author:littlemousling  fandom:bandom:patd  pairing:ian/spencer  rating:explicit  words:1k-10k  contains:weddings  char:SpencerSmith  char:IanCrawford  contains:FirstTime  thing:fic  contains:crush 
october 2011
au:AlwaysAGirl au:BigLove au:HighSchool author:anoneknewmoose author:fictionalaspect author:genee author:iamtheenemy author:jedusaur author:katarin author:lalejandra author:littlemousling author:manipulant author:sena author:sinuous_curve author:skintightsocks author:solarcat author:sunsetmog author:zabira char:BrendonUrie char:BrentWilson char:DallonWeekes char:DemiLovato char:GerardWay char:IanCrawford char:JonWalker char:KevinJonas char:KevinLucas char:LaurenZises char:LynZWay char:MikeCarden char:MikeyWay char:NoahPuckerman char:PatrickStump char:PeteWentz char:RyanRoss char:SarahO char:SpencerSmith char:TomConrad char:WIlliamBeckett char:ZackHall contains:AgePlay contains:angst contains:BDSM contains:bondage contains:bratting contains:breathplay contains:cheating contains:collars contains:ConsentPlay contains:CrossDressing contains:crush contains:cunnilingus contains:D/s contains:DaddyKink contains:DirtyTalk contains:domesticity contains:DoublePenetration contains:exhibitionism contains:figging contains:FirstTime contains:flogging contains:FootFetish contains:gags contains:gangbang contains:homophobia contains:humiliation contains:KinkNegotiation contains:misunderstanding contains:NipplePlay contains:OrgasmDenial contains:PainKink contains:pegging contains:pets contains:PhoneSex contains:photography contains:polyamory/polygamy contains:post-split contains:rimming contains:RoadTrip contains:sexswap contains:sexuality contains:Shaving contains:SizeKink contains:slapping/spanking contains:toys contains:TransIssues contains:voyeurism contains:watersports contains:weddings fandom:bandom fandom:bandom:fob fandom:bandom:patd fandom:bandom:tai fandom:bandom:tyv fandom:disney fandom:disney:JONAS fandom:glee pairing:ashlee/pete/travie pairing:brendon/dallon/ian/spencer pairing:brendon/dallon/spencer pairing:brendon/jon pairing:brendon/jon/ryan/spencer pairing:brendon/ryan pairing:brendon/sarah pairing:brendon/sarah/spencer pairing:brendon/spencer pairing:brendon/spencer/zack pairing:demi/pete pairing:ian/spencer pairing:jon/ryan/spencer pairing:jon/spencer pairing:kevin/mike pairing:kevin/multi pairing:lauren/puck pairing:pete/patrick pairing:ryan/various rating:explicit rating:mature rating:teen thing:fic thing:series words:10k-20k words:1k-10k words:20k-30k words:30k-40k words:40k-50k words:<1k

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