John Cooper Clarke: 'Poetry is not something you have to retire from'
The one-time Bard of Salford talks to Tim Adams about life in Essex, the state of our high streets and why Pam Ayres was an inspiration
11 days ago
Editing Binaries: Easier Than It Sounds
Editing binaries is a trick that comes in handy a few times a year. You don’t often need to, but when you do, there’s no alternative. When I mention …
24 days ago
How Social Media Affects Our Self-Perception
Not long ago, a friend of mine deleted her Instagram account. I couldn’t understand why one would ever do such a thing, so I asked and her....
4 weeks ago
R.I.P. Tony Benn – 1925~2014
Red Molotov's tribute to one of the greatest politicians who ever lived.
4 weeks ago
The socialism of humanity: A tribute to Tony Benn
"If we can find money to kill people, we can find money to help people," he said once.
4 weeks ago
A beautiful reader-focused WordPress theme, for you.
5 weeks ago
Tim Cook Soundly Rejects Politics of the NCPPR, Suggests Group Sell Apple’s Stock
"When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind," he said, "I don't consider the bloody ROI."
apple  politics 
6 weeks ago
Enemy within: The network of Britons who spied for Hitler during Second World War
To his circle of fervent recruits, he was “Jack King” – the Gestapo’s man in England. While Britons rallied to war against Hitler in 1940, the masterful Nazi agent toured the country signing up those who could be trusted to show their loyalty to the Fatherland when the time came.
news  war  nazi 
6 weeks ago
The early days of 25 websites
As the web turns 25, it's easy to forget just how some of our favourite websites looked back in their early incarnations. Rhiannon Williams unearths the best
6 weeks ago
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: 10 things you didn't know about the film
Here's 10 interesting facts about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, in which Jack Nicholson put in one of the great screen performances
6 weeks ago
Eve: The most thrilling boring game in the universe
a group of good citizens. Spying, scamming and smack-talking were
culture  gaming 
7 weeks ago
So, I actually cleared my massive Steam backlog...
---- **Part One: The Setup** ---- If someone had sat me down and told me, three years ago, when I signed up for Steam, that I would soon have nearl...
gaming  reddit 
7 weeks ago
[no title]
Welcome to the home of the space trading and combat game Flatspace.
gaming  indie 
7 weeks ago
The Echo Effect: How Repeating People's Words Improves Social Interaction
Repeating people's words can be very important in building likability, comfort, and social connectedness. Psychologists are calling this the "echo effect."
7 weeks ago
Instructions For A Bad Day
Words of encouragement for your inevitable bad day. A compilation of worldwide YouTube content, the crowd-sourced documentary "Life in a Day" by Kevin Macdon...
7 weeks ago
A peek inside the camera bags of professional photographers
A peek inside the camera bags of professional photographers
camera  photography 
7 weeks ago
Sir David Attenborough's Alternative CURLING Commentary
Greg James managed to convince Sir David Actual Attenborough to re-voice the Curling... with Team GB and Team USA. Available in the UK only due to rights res...
video  youtube 
8 weeks ago
Changing attitudes about remarriage help create a new Japanese word: maru ni
The “batsu = no good” stigma is so strong that it even affects electronics design. Most international versions of PlayStation games use the X button on the controller for confirming choices, since the button is positioned where a person’s thumb most naturally sits. In Japan, though, using X to signify “yes” is so counter-intuitive that for Japanese versions of the same games, the X button is for canceling, and the circle denotes “okay.”
8 weeks ago
Roguelikes Breakdown
Welcome to the world of Roguelikes. Where games have evolved focusing on mechanics instead of graphics.
8 weeks ago
The blog posts will have no titles. The photos will be random. No text either. Just great photos. (BTW, this is going to be your favorite blog)
photography  design 
8 weeks ago
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