AutomatedLab - Home
AutomatedLab enables you to setup test and lab environments with multiple products or just a single VM in a very short time. There are only two requirements you need to make sure: You need the DVD ISO images (with product keys) and a Hyper-V host machine.
virtualization  learning  scripts  windows 
2 days ago
MP3sar | Christian Zuckschwerdt's blog
MP3 Scan+Repair for OS X
Validate and fix all your MP3 audio files.
mp3  music  maintenance  tools  mac  osx  utility 
5 days ago
Rember | Kelley Computing
Rember is a front-end GUI to the 'memtest' command line memory testing program. This application will allow the user to select the number of test loops, as well as the amount of memory to test. There is a 'Log' tab that will allow the user to monitor memory testing. The user can toggle a 'verbose' switch to limit the amount of output, and can also choose to quit Finder and other applications.
memory  ram  hardware  osx  mac  test  benchmark 
10 days ago
Josh Jacob - TNEF's Enough
TNEF's Enough allows Macs to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF stream files. The files are usually received by SMTP based e-mail programs from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook users. The SMTP based e-mail program will usually receive either a MIME attachment named "winmail.dat" or a MIME attachment with the type "application/ms-tnef."
mail  outlook  osx  mac 
11 days ago
How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name
WRITTEN BY Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini
design  apple 
12 days ago
Branded.me | Create a Personal Website in Seconds
Generate a fully customizable personal website in seconds.

(sign up via LinkedIn)
linkedin  brand  design  crm 
17 days ago
Poolga. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch wallpapers for the rest of us.
Art for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch created by selected illustrators.
19 days ago
Sketch Plugins – Bohemian Coding
Sketch’s functionality is extended thanks to our fantastic third-party developers who have created some of the plugins below for you to download.
Sketch  software  plugins  graphics  tools 
24 days ago
For years we’ve trusted
the postman to deliver our
mail without reading it.

Why should this be different for email?

Soverin is the honest email service that doesn’t sell your data.
service  privacy  email 
25 days ago
State of Web Type
Up-to-date data on support for type and typographic features on the web.
Search or choose from the features below to get started.
webfonts  development  resources  design  typography 
4 weeks ago
Grav - A Modern Flat-File CMS
Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, opensource CMS that requires no database
framework  cms  html 
4 weeks ago
Voice and Tone
Before you write for MailChimp, it’s important to think about our readers. Though our voice doesn’t change much, our tone adapts to our users’ feelings. This guide will show you how that works.
copywriting  strategy  guidelines  content  writing 
5 weeks ago
Get daily backups of the apps you rely on, a permanent archive of your data, and insane search across all of your online files and data.
backup  tumblr  cloud-storage  evernote  mailchimp  ConstantContact  Dropbox  Google-Drive  Highrise 
5 weeks ago
Use the power of WordPress to transform online content into an electronic book.
WordPress  wp-plugins  books  ebook  converter 
5 weeks ago
Awesome OS X Command Line
A curated list of shell commands and tools specific to OS X.
osx  bash  mac  CLI  shell  reference  resources  sysadmin  devops  mh 
5 weeks ago
HashtagTodo — A todo list inside your Google Calendar
Simply tag any calendar event with #todo and we will automatically keep track of it until you mark it complete.
gtd  calendar  google  Google-Calendar 
5 weeks ago
Shady for Mac (an alternative to Flux)
Shady puts a shade over your screen to help soothe your tired or dazzled eyes. You can use it to reduce your Mac's brightness far below the usual minimum, without any risk of damage to your screen.

Shady works on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), and Snow Leopard (10.6) or later. It's completely free, and if you're a developer you can grab the source code too.
apps  software  osx  mac 
6 weeks ago
MacPerformanceGuide: Checking RAID-1 Mirror Status in OS X El Capitan (now that DiskUtility is toast for RAID)
Checking RAID-1 Mirror Status in OS X El Capitan (now that DiskUtility is toast for RAID)
RAID  osx  mac  how-to  El-Capitan  10.11  storage 
6 weeks ago
Origami — Design Prototyping
Origami is a free tool for designing modern user interfaces. Made by Facebook
prototype  facebook  ios  design  prototyping 
6 weeks ago
Benchmark contro esperienze reali: gli A9 di iPhone 6s non sono poi così diversi
Per scoprire chi è il produttore del SoC sul vostro iPhone 6s basta scaricare l'app gratuita Lirum e leggere il codice nel campo "Model", il quale può essere: N71AP su iPhone 6s ed N66AP su 6s Plus per Samsung o N71MAP su iPhone 6s e N66MAP su 6s Plus per TSMC.
iPhone  iPhone6S  hardware  specs 
6 weeks ago
wal-e/wal-e · GitHub
WAL-E is a program designed to perform continuous archiving of PostgreSQL WAL files and base backups.
postgres  backup 
6 weeks ago
Java per OS X 2015-001
Java for OS X 2015-001 installs the legacy Java 6 runtime for OS X 10.11 El Capitan, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and OS X 10.7 Lion.

This package is exclusively intended for support of legacy software and installs the same deprecated version of Java 6 included in the 2014-001 and 2013-005 releases.

Quit any Java applications before installing this update.
Java  osx  10.11  El-Capitan  downloads 
6 weeks ago
The Best Free Stuff for Startups — Medium
Whether you’re wondering how to build a social media following, attract press attention, build a great mobile app, or find non-cheesy stock photos for your investor deck, you’ll find a bunch of useful tools on this list of free (and cheap) stuff for startups.
startup  tools 
7 weeks ago
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