Every pattern on this page is, in fact, a satellite image of our own planet Earth. Which is breathtaking, but strangely unsurprising. Choose one as a wallpaper for your iPhone to always remember who you are and where you come from.
iphone  ios  photography  wallpaper  inspiration 
10 hours ago
Windows 10 – download disk image ISO
If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.
microsoft  support  windows-10  resources 
11 hours ago
Hello, Tab
Hello Tab replaces your new tab page with random thoughts from others.
chrome  google-chrome  extensions  inspiration 
15 hours ago
Send mail from a different address or alias - Gmail Help
Enter the SMTP server (e.g. smtp.domain.com), your username on that domain, and your password for that account. You may also need to adjust your port setting or SSL setting (talk to your other ISP if you need this information).
email  gmail  how-to 
5 days ago
FreeOTP Authenticator on the App Store on iTunes
FreeOTP adds a second layer of security for your online accounts. This works by generating one-time passwords on your mobile devices which can be used in conjunction with your normal password to make your login nearly impossible to hack. These passwords can be generated even when your phone is in airplane mode.

FreeOTP works with many of the great online services you already use, including Google, Facebook, Evernote, GitHub and many more! FreeOTP also may work for your private corporate security if they implement the standardized TOTP or HOTP protocols. This includes great enterprise solutions like FreeIPA.

FreeOTP is open source and free software! Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, you can obtain the source code for FreeOTP at https://fedorahosted.org/freeotp for review or modification. Contributions are welcome!
OTP  2-factors-authentication  security  password  app  iOS  RedHat 
7 days ago
Handpicked code snippets you can use in your web projects. Find web design inspiration with code samples.
code  ui  css  inspiration  design  tumblr 
15 days ago
All of the commenting, none of the comments.

why not just use disqus?

Because then there'd be a chance that someone would read the comments. You might have to read those comments. You don't want that.

When a user submits a comment, echochamber.js will save the comment to the user's LocalStorage, so when they return to the page, they can be confident that their voice is being heard, and feel engaged with your very engaging content. It does not make any HTTP requests. Since LocalStorage is only local, you and your database need not be burdened with other people's opinions.
comments  webdesign  web-development  community 
17 days ago
Docady - Stay Calm. Stay Collected.
With Docady at your service, it's simple to keep tabs on every important piece of paperwork in your life
app  home  evernote  cloud  Docady 
21 days ago
Swinsian — The Advanced Mac Music Player
Swinsian is a sophisticated music player for Mac OS X with wide format support, folder watching and advanced tag editing and designed to be responsive even with the largest libraries.

It costs ~20$
player  app  music  osx  Swinsian 
21 days ago
WordPress Themes | Fikri Rasyid
bellissimi e minimalisti (nonché gratis)
wordpress  wp-themes  resources 
23 days ago
Welcome to GROUPS.IO!
Email groups are one of the best ways to communicate on the Internet.
But they haven't kept up with the times. We're fixing that.
GROUPS.IO is a modern email groups service.
email  collaboration  groups 
24 days ago
SiteGround WordPress hosting
… with a promo code with 60% discount on the first order (thanks to WPExplorer).
SiteGround  promo  hosting  WPExplorer 
24 days ago
Mondrian is a free vector graphics web app like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, available at mondrian.io.
Today I'm open-sourcing it.
web  webapp  illustrator  design  tools  vector  graphics 
24 days ago
Let's Encrypt
Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority:
It’s free, automated, and open
security  ssl  free  encryption  opensource 
24 days ago
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