Barbecue joint’s Odor promotion angers Blue Jays fans
Heim Barbecue’s promotion over the Odor punch brings out the worst in people.
article  sports  texasrangers 
Calvin's Mom lets him smoke
One of the greatest Calvin & Hobbes of all time
comic  dkl  humor  theodicy  parenting 
2 days ago
6 minutes in a Augmented Reality future
video  ar  vr  future  humor  scifi  dkl 
5 days ago
Probiotics Won’t Fix All Your Health Problems
"If you don’t have a disorder, why are you taking" probiotics?
article  health  538  leahlibresco 
7 days ago
A Loss of Trust
"When parties don’t trust one another, they need a concrete yardstick to ensure that the contract holds"
article  highereducation  economics  trust  editorial  firstthings  dkl 
8 days ago
A Former Transgender Person’s Take on Obama’s Bathroom Directive
Obama is championing the insanity of eliminating the traditional definition of gender.
article  dailysignal  transgender  editorial  gender  sexuality  culture 
8 days ago
Smart doorbell owners saw video from other houses thanks to a weird bug
At some point I think we need to start putting "Smart" in scare-quotes
article  theverge  iot  dkl  technology 
9 days ago
Would You Eat Liquid-Silk-Dipped Strawberries?
Sorry liquid-silk, Silk™ is already a non-dairy milk replacement
article  dkl  modernfarmer  fruit  protein 
9 days ago
Philosophically Curious George and the Limits of Empiricism
Philosophically Curious George and the Limits of Empiricism by @existentialcoms
article  philosophy  humor  empericism  dkl  comic 
12 days ago
South China Sea: How We Got to This Stage
History of the South China Sea from WWII to the present via @niubi
article  history  china  politics  vietnam  philippines  us  japan  taiwan  dkl 
12 days ago
Theranos Is Wrong: We Don’t Need More Blood Tests
Even if it worked, Theranos wouldn't be a good idea (from @fivethirtyeight)
blood  information  538  medicine  theranos  healthcare  epistemology  editorial  article  dkl 
12 days ago
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