Government funding and the Free Speech Clause
No, private universities that get federal funds don't thereby become bound by the First Amendment (though they are bound by some federal laws, such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act).
article  1stamendment  education  speech  government  washingtonpost  volokhconspiracy 
Millennials will change abortion conversation
They live outside the two-party system and want policies supporting both woman and embryo.
article  abortion  politics  editorial  usatoday 
Fast-Food Ban in L.A. Fails to Curb Obesity
An ordinance ban on fast-food stores opening in the Los Angeles area has done little to curb the rising obesity rate in low-income areas.
article  legislation  health  food  politics  editorial 
3 days ago
RegViz: Visual Debugging of Regular Expressions
RegViz is a tool for debugging JavaScript regular expressions in a visual way. Advanced highlighting helps you to understand the structure and purpose of a regular expression and to detect bugs therein. You can test the regular expression on a sample text and formulate test cases. We tried to come up with a very user friendly tool.
javascript  tool  regex  visual 
3 days ago
Magic Leap and HoloLens Demos Show Augmented Reality Challenges
After trying demos of Magic Leap and HoloLens, it’s clear that commercializing augmented reality technology will be difficult.
article  editorial  technology  ar  microsoft  google 
3 days ago
International Day of Happiness: Does sport make us happy?
Does watching your team win produce the ultimate high? Or does losing together actually help you cope with life?
article  sports  psychology  bbc  happiness 
3 days ago
We need to talk about TED
Benjamin Bratton: Science, philosophy and technology run on the model of American Idol – as embodied by TED talks – is a recipe for civilisational disaster
article  editorial  *  ted  technology  future  culture  politics  economics 
3 days ago
50 Million Users: The Making of an ‘Angry Birds’ Internet Meme
Everyone knows the Internet spread like wildfire. But did it really sweep America faster than radio or television? The answer isn’t clear.
article  wsj  technology  statistics  visualization 
3 days ago
The State of Mobile User Experience
Mobile usability has improved over the past 7 years due to better prioritization of content over UI elements and better understanding of the users’ needs.
article  ux  ui  stateoftheart  mobile  nngroup 
3 days ago
Lead prosecutor apologizes for role in sending Glenn Ford to death row
Stroud: Death penalty is 'abomination that continues to scar the fibers of this society'
article  editorial  deathpenalty  history  law  apology 
4 days ago
Now you can put your keys in the cloud—your house keys
KeyMe mobile app scans your physical keychain and lets you "download" at Lowe's.
article  security  arstechnica 
5 days ago
Ten Major Fears We All Face at Work
What fears do you face at work? Here are ten major fears we all face at work.
article  fear  tifwe  theology  work 
5 days ago
Behind the Suits: Melanie
Looks can be deceiving. Melanie is more than just the fun aunt. She is using technology to fight online sex trafficking of children.
video  ijm  humantrafficking 
7 days ago
A 3-D View of a Chart That Predicts The Economic Future: The Yield Curve
The current flatness of the curve shows investors expect mediocre growth.
visualization  nytimes  economics  germany  japan  usa  bonds 
7 days ago
Bee Doctors: A New Way to Protect Fruit?
The hazards of spraying fungicides and pesticides on fruit and vegetables are well known: increased resistance to their efficacy by pests and weeds, expens
article  entomology  farming  modernfarmer  bees  fungicide 
8 days ago
The Worst Internet Things bracket
There are millions of Internet things. Most of them are great! 64 of them are bad.
article  humor  sbnation  culture  internet 
8 days ago
Visualizing creation
It's easy enough to imagine the universe flashing into existence, but this cannot have a physical meaning. It can, however, serve as a metaphor for creation. Say the universe is five minutes old. Knowing this, now I ask "what happened five minutes ago?" The answer is "whatever was happening then". I, of course, want to talk…
article  blog  theology  creation  philosophy  time 
9 days ago
Why Don’t American Protestants Care That Middle Eastern Christians Are Dying?
Liberal Protestants are remaining silent, essentially condoning the actions of ISIS.
article  editorial  religion 
9 days ago
'Family is not a fad': Dolce & Gabbana spark firestorm in backing traditional marriage
Creators of the luxury Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana sparked global controversy over the weekend after coming out in defense of marriage, saying that children have the right to a mother and a father.
article  culture  editorial  marriage  family  sexuality 
9 days ago
World War II, God And Guinness
For those so inclined, St. Patrick's Day is a great day to enjoy a pint of Guinness. The legendary beer of Ireland has not only a rich taste, but a rich hi
article  history  guinness  beer  wwii  ireland 
9 days ago
Who Was St. Patrick?
Did St. Patrick really drive all the snakes out of Ireland? Was he ever canonized a saint? Was he even Irish? In this short video Timothy Paul Jones answer
video  history  actoninstitute 
9 days ago
Who’s to blame for the digital time deficit?
For all the smart tech, we still feel pressed for time. Are digital services the problem, or are we humans to blame?
article  aeonmag  technology  culture  editorial 
9 days ago
Origami in Space
An origami-inspired deployable solar array developed by Brigham Young University may point the way to the future of space exploration and settlement.
article  origami  h+  mathematics 
9 days ago
‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie
The Justice Dept. report on the shooting of Michael Brown forced me to deal with two uncomfortable truths.
article  washingtonpost  editorial  missouri  culture  police 
9 days ago
First Alan Adler Invented the Aerobie. Now He’s Created the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Meet the canonical maker, still thinking up new stuff at 75. And have you tried the Aeropress?
article  coffee  invention  interview 
9 days ago
“Rules of Business”
These 5 “rules” were originally published in Issue 10 of Offscreen Magazine and are republished here with permission.
article  blog  business  work  advice 
9 days ago
Is your smartphone making you dumb?
I'm not an expert in cognitive research, but this study's sample size seems pretty small to be making all of these conclusions.
article  arstechnica  socialresearch  editorial  samplesize 
10 days ago
The Libet experiment: Is free will just an illusion?
This video does not present a compelling case for why the described experiment disproves free will. How exactly are the people recording when their conscious decision took place? I mean, you have to remove the (claimed to be simultaneous) conscious decision to record the onset of the conscious decision from the experiment somehow.
video  philosophy  neuroscience  aeonmag  consciousness 
10 days ago
Putin Resurrected
Had we listened to far-right conspiracy voices, the end of the world was taking place in Russia. The only thing is, that it was not. Over the past two weeks we were hounded daily for tidbits from many such outlets for photos, videos, and any juicy bit of gossip about the supposed palace coup that…
article  russia  blog  putin  editorial  politics 
10 days ago
The other irrational numbers we could celebrate instead of pi
Today is Mar. 14, or "Pi Day" (really, π Day) when mathletes and numberphiles celebrate the mathematical constant π, which is equal to 3.141592653…It's a particularly special Pi Day because the year is 2015, bringing today's date (3.14.15) two digits closer to π's infinite decimal expansion. But there are plenty of other infinite decimal (and infinitely useful) numbers...
article  quartzmag  mathematics  history 
10 days ago
DLD15 - The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google--Who Wins/Loses (Scott Galloway)
Many factors come into play when you want to win a horserace. Next to the fastest horse, there’s a need for the best team, perfect daily condition, an extrao...
video  via:daringfireball  business  trends 
11 days ago
Product Hunt turned my side project into a startup
How I launched a product that generated revenue from day one.
article  startup  editorial  technology 
12 days ago
Netanyahu and the Settlements
The Israeli leader’s settlement policy resembles his predecessors’, but it is a march toward permanence at a time when prospects for peace are few.
article  israel  history  nytimes  palestine  editorial  politics 
12 days ago
Travel time is the forgotten breakthrough of the past 200 years
A trip that used to take weeks takes less than a day. These maps that show the progress.
article  usa  editorial  history  travel  technology  voxmag 
13 days ago
Bring Us A Cup Of This Kenyan Purple Tea, Please
Could this strange purple varietal be Kenya's first big high-end tea?
article  tea  kenya  africa  modernfarmer 
13 days ago
The Day She Came Out: Why Rob Bell Is Right and the Church Is Being Left Behind
Once again I begin to dread the message that awaits so many Christian kids who desperately want to come out of the closet but can’t for fear of being ostracized by their church.
article  editorial  sojourners  culture  sexuality 
13 days ago
A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source
Researchers at Michigan State University have created a fully transparent solar concentrator, which could turn any window or sheet of ...
article  energy  solar  technology 
13 days ago
How Apple Will Make the Wearable Market
Apple's operations expertise, stores, and devoted customer base make the company uniquely capable of creating a need for a wearable. But it has to be pretty
article  stratechery  editorial  technology  apple 
13 days ago
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