The Particular Importance of Not Being Particularly Important
"The people who are important now are not the people who will be important later."
pride  theology  jesus  *  forthechurch  article  dkl 
Do We Overvalue Bike Lanes?
I've been a cyclist for several years now. Although my wife has a car, my primary mode of transportation is a bike for most trips. I accidentally came into cycling in my thirties when a knee injury as a runner forced me to look for an alternate mode of exercise. I very reluctantly started cycling
article  editorial  blog  bike  economics  culture 
4 days ago
“I Self-Identify as a Perfectly Tolerant Person”
A dialogue highlighting a question: If the way I self-identify can determine others' reality, just where are the limits to that effect?
article  blog  epistemology  culture  editorial  sexuality 
7 days ago
Apple Monitoring Blood Glucose
Not all Apple product rumors are equal. Speculation that the headphone jack will reappear with the iPhone 8 has been rightly ridiculed. But the evidence Apple will introduce a glucose monitoring…
article  apple  mondaynote  technology  medicine 
7 days ago
How fake are nature documentaries?
When you're watching a nature documentary, you notice it right away: there's something odd about the sound effects. They seem a
article  editorial  blog  editing  video  nature  bbc 
8 days ago
Leaked moderation guidelines reveal how Facebook approaches handling graphic content
Earlier today, The Guardian published a series of reports about Facebook’s internal rules on moderating graphic content, providing new insight into how the company determines what its users can...
article  theverge  facebook  moderation  freespeech  technology  editorial 
8 days ago
fleshers and intelligences
I'm not a great fan of Kevin Kelly's brand of futurism, but this is a great essay by him on the problems that arise when thinking about art...
article  thenewatlantis  ai  intelligence  editorial  technology 
9 days ago
Sweden Withdraws Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange, but he Still Faces Serious Legal Jeopardy
The Trump administration has vowed to prosecute Assange for publishing documents, and the UK police still vow to arrest him.
article  theintercept  editorial  glenngreenwald  wikileaks 
10 days ago
The Growing Threat of Global Electronic Waste
To understand—and combat—the impact of e-waste, it first helps to understand its scope.
article  waste  electronics  technology  psmag  editorial 
11 days ago
Rod Rosenstein saves the Republican Party from itself
The deputy attorney general poured some water onto a raging political inferno by appointing a special counsel to handle the Russia probe.
article  washingtonpost  politics  editorial  donaldtrump  potus  government 
11 days ago
The coming war on general-purpose computing
Cory Doctorow on how the copyright wars clue us into an upcoming fight over the destiny of the general-purpose computer.
article  history  technology  editorial  politics 
12 days ago
Democrats Push Left as Midterm Campaigns Approach
If you thought that Donald Trump's victory would impel the Democrats to pivot even modestly toward the center, think again.
article  theamericaninterest  editorial  politics  2018 
13 days ago
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