Weight Teasing is Just as Harmful as Other Forms of Bullying
When the bullying is based on obesity or overweight status, the outcomes can include disturbed eating, extreme diet and weight control methods, anorexia, and bulimia.
march 2013
Eating disorders still a problem among teens
Eating disorders, some of which can be life-threatening, continue to plague many, especially during the teen years.
march 2013
Anxiety, Depression & Suicide: the Lasting Effects of Bullying
A Duke University study reveals the lasting effects of bullying on both victims and the bullies themselves.
march 2013
Parents Hear Stark Story of Cyberbullying, Depression and Suicide
Rapt attention given to parent who tells how cyberbullying was one factor that led to his son's suicide.
march 2013
Teens turn to plastic surgery; experts tackle the when and why
Experts say plastic surgery can be necessary for teens in some situations, but they question many of the procedures and worry that plastic surgery won't cure underlying problems.
march 2013
A year later: Bullied girl struggles to survive
A 13-year-old girl purportedly beaten by four classmates in a video that ended up on YouTube last year is now fighting for her life. Since the incident, the teenager has been in and out of hospitals and is receiving around-the-clock treatment for several serious mental illnesses, including body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD.
march 2013
Bethany Storro Poured Acid on Own Face Because of Body Dysmorphic Disorder
A Washington woman who threw acid on her face and blamed her injuries on an unidentified black woman said she performed the suicide attempt because she suffered from body dysmorphic disorder.
body  dysmorphic  disorde  shattered  image 
march 2013
Nevada's medical marijuana distribution law called unconstitutional
A District Court judge declared the state's law allowing medical marijuana distribution unconstitutional on Friday, calling it "ridiculous" and "absurd."
Medical  marijuana 
march 2012
Silence Gun: Strange weapon of the future immediately quiets you, whether you like it or not
A strange and unsettling new gun being developed by Japanese researchers shoots sound waves in an effort to disrupt and silence anyone who dares speak out of turn.
march 2012
Suicide rates fall when states legalize medical marijuana, says new study
A University of Colorado economics professor has co-authored a study, just released by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany that concludes that suicide rates among young males declines markedly after states legalize medical marijuana.
february 2012
Banking Bill pushed by medical marijuana industry goes to pot
Medical marijuana proponents watched in earnest on Tuesday as their only hope this year for a formal banking and payment system went up in smoke.
february 2012
AZ bill threatens medical marijuana college students
Despite the laws meant to protect those whom need treatments for aliments, AZ lawmakers want to prohibit students from receiving desired health care and an education at that same time.
february 2012
Did ESPN Cross the Foul Line Into Racism?
There has been an angry and growing reaction to the use of the phrase “chink in the armor’’ on ESPN — once on air, then again on the network’s mobile Web site — in connection with New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, the Taiwanese-American sensation.
february 2012
Is a Valentine a Free Speech Issue?
Sheboygan School Superintendent Joe Sheehan is standing behind the action taken Tuesday at Madison Elementary School when a student was not allowed to distribute valentines with a religious message.
february 2012
Judge Strikes Down Law Banning Sex Offenders from Facebook
A federal judge in the Middle District of Louisiana has struck down a state law barring sex offenders from using Facebook and other social media on First Amendment grounds.
february 2012
New lawsuit aimed at Arizona medical marijuana
Just when it sounded like things were on track for Arizona’s medical marijuana dispensaries, another lawsuit has been thrown into the mix.
february 2012
Judge Rules Michael Jordan Ad Protected by 1st Amendment
A federal judge has all but thrown out Michael Jordan's lawsuit against Jewel-Osco for an ad featuring his number.
february 2012
Arizona finalizing medical marijuana dispensary rules
This week, the Arizona Department of Health Services is putting the finishing touches on the revised rules for medical marijuana dispensary applicants.
february 2012
Indiana Bill Would Allow Schools To Punish Students For Off-Campus Behavior, Online Speech
A bill that would allow schools to punish students for off-campus activities -- even while at the mall on weekends -- reached Indiana's state Senate
february 2012
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